Image Privacy Rights
This part of the Help Center contains information about privacy rights as they relate to photos and videos posted on Facebook. Sometimes, people reading this section are actually looking for help with other things. If you see your issue below, click on it for help:
Remember that you can report abuse by using the Report links located near most pieces of content on Facebook. If you're tagged in a photo or video you don't like, you can remove the tag by clicking the Remove Tag link next to your name. Your name will be removed and the content will no longer be associated with your Timeline. We also encourage you to get in touch with the person who posted this content in order to resolve the issue with them directly. Learn more.
Reporting Photos & Videos That Violate Your Privacy Rights

Facebook provides people with ways to report photos and videos that they believe to be in violation of their privacy rights. We'll remove photos and videos that you report as unauthorized if this is required by relevant privacy laws in your country, as long as the reported content involves you, your child (under 13) or another person for whom you are the legal representative or guardian. Photos or videos involving anyone else will need to be reported by the individual themselves.

  • If you're under the age of 18 and you think a photo or video on Facebook should be removed because it violates your rights, please fill out this form.
  • If you're an adult living in a country where the law may not require the removal of unauthorized photos for privacy rights reasons, we might not remove the image you're reporting. We encourage you to contact the person who posted the photo or video in order to resolve this issue. If you have any questions about this, please review our Data Policy.
Remember that if you're tagged in something you don't like, you can remove the tag. If the photo or video goes against our Community Standards, you can report it to us.
To learn more about our policies, please review our Community Standards.
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  • If your child is under 13: If you'd like to request the removal of an image of your child aged under 13, please fill out this form.
  • If your child is between 13 and 17 years old: While we understand your concern as a parent, unfortunately we can’t take action on behalf of your child if they are over 13, unless they are mentally or physically unable to report this to us themselves. We encourage you to talk to your teen about this issue and help them submit their own request to have this content removed. You can learn more about keeping your kids safe on Facebook by visiting our Safety Center.
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If your friend or family member is mentally or physically unable to report this post to us, we may be able to help you.
If you're the legal guardian or representative of this person, please fill out this form. We'll review the information you provide and let you know what action we can take.
Keep in mind that if your friend or family member is mentally or physically unable to maintain their Facebook account, we may be able to help you remove it.
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If you’re not happy with a photo you’re tagged in, you can remove the tag.
Facebook can’t make people remove photos that don’t violate our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. In addition to removing a tag, you have a few options:
  • Send a message to the person who tagged you asking them to take it down
  • Block the person who tagged you, which removes the tag and prevents them from tagging or contacting you on Facebook
  • If the post is abusive, report it to us
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