Happy Birthday. We love you. We miss you.

Wishing everyone a warm and happy holiday. Craig, we miss you so very much.

I can't believe it's been more than 4 years. I think of Craig every day. This video is from a Canadian reporter so it focuses on Diego, who is Canadian.

I am having trouble sharing the full video of the report from 16x9. This is a link to the page. The video clip starts with the photo of Craig and Diego we have at the top of our page. They did a good job. Please watch.


Craig, I guess it is supposed to be easier to live without you. That's what everyone says. Well, it doesn't get easier. Everyday I hope for news. Someone, somewhere knows. I will never stop waiting, never stop looking. I have forgotten what it is to sleep all night. I see you in the shadows. I hear you in my dreams. 😢.

Another birthday is here . we all miss you Craig we hope you come home soon. 🎂😞

It's been 4 years today. I delude myself that the phone will ring or I will get a knock on the door. I just wait and hope...

Please let this year bring our sons home. Happy New Year to all.

Merry Christmas.

I really don't have words anymore to express my grief and disappointment that Craig has not been found. There are some songs that express it better. This is one. Always on my mind in my heart baby brother.

I decided to make a lyrics video to this song, because it is a very beautiful song, hope you enjoy. Rate, comment, subscribe. Lyrics: In this world you tried...

Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes to Craig. 35 years ago I held my son for the first time. I hope I will have the chance to hold him again someday.

I would love to make a video of different photos of Craig and add it in honor of his birthday. Maybe some photos we have never seen. Anybody that has a photo of Craig please message it to me or add it in the comments. I'll collect them all and make one slideshow.

Happy Birthday. We love you. We miss you.

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Tomorrow will be 3 years since Craig and Diego disappeared. I still hope that one day Diego's mom and I will get notified they have been found. Mother's Day is harder on me than any other day of the year except for Craig's birthday. 3 years ago I sat waiting for Craig to drive up surprising me with a visit for Mother's Day. Craig is like that. He grew into a special man. I can still feel his arms around me as he hugs me. I miss him so much sometimes I don't know how to handle... the pain. I know I couldn't function without the support I receive from my family. Brenda, you are an amazing sister and I am so proud you are my daughter. I also want to give a special thank you to my niece Nicole and her boyfriend Matt for all the time they have spent trying to find Craig. To all the families who are missing a loved one--please don't ever stop hoping.

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Most days I'm ok. I can talk about Craig and the situation and remain calm. Then I'll get into a drawer open a box that belonged to him to get something out. A box that hasn't been opened maybe once since we came smells like him. Like my little brother. If you had asked me back then what he smelled like I'd have had no idea. But when I opened the box, I started to cry. That easily. We push the pain aside on a day to day basis. But it never goes away.

Also missing in Mexico. Pray for the family.

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