Rescue effort in Mexico:
Text in English:
Mexico is hurt, moved and united. Thousands of rescuers and volunteers are working in evacuation and assistance to victims while the civilian population organizes to share cars, cell phones and their homes. They are offering food and necessities. even wifi.
- Post from La Jornada online ...
Telmex opens its networks Ad Infinitum to anyone who wants to connect. The password is 8032361. #Mexico United
- The population is cooperating with firefighters and police, bringing them tools, food and water.
- Post by Joss:
I'm going to bring the rescuers flashlights and lighting and sugar water. How horrible that Mexico is living through this again.
- Adhesive fabric, gauze, antiseptic,, bandages, helmets, tools, etc.
- Come on.
- We're on our way.
- Yes ​​thanks.
- What I like is that people are helping each other. In a situation like this you help your neighbor. There is no other choice.
- I was evacuated from a building, I started walking, and I saw that help was needed. That's why I came.
- The Rescuers use a raised fist to ask for silence amid the listen for people who are trapped.
-The earthquake, measuring 7.1, on the Richter scale, has left 225 dead, (Note: the death toll is now more than 230). It is the second quake to shake Mexico in 12 days.

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Posted by PlayGround

Los mexicanos se ayudan entre los escombros.

World leaders clash. Hurricanes, tropical storms and tsunamis assault the globe. Earthquakes shake humanity at its core The force unleashed by the quake in Mexico has left death and destruction on a grand scale in its wake. I looked this morning at the Facebook page of Ioan Grillo, journalist ally in the search fro Harry three years ago and found this:
"I am sure she is under there, alive."
I report from the tears and solidarity after the Mexico City earthquake.

I speak for my son as well as myself as I say our thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Mexico as they live through this catastrophe.
- The Spirit of Harry and Ann, his mother, whose hearts ache for all children desperately searching for their parents and all parents desperately searching for their children.

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July 14th

When Harry was little he didn't like loud noises. I wasn't sure how he'd react to the fireworks display on the 4th of July but off we went to sit with the crowd by the lake at New Rochelle High School. We didn't do much sitting. I sat some but mostly knelt. Harry stood the entire time, his eyes riveted to the sky. "Mommy!" he cried. "Boom pops!!!" Later, "Oh, Mommy, the boom pops!" he sighed, half asleep already as I kissed him goodnight way past his bedtime. He nev...

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Brincamos de Alegría! WONDERFUL NEWS !!!

Shared on Ellen Sharp (of J M's Butterfly B & B) Facebook Page

"Such good news! Cerro Pelon once again has full-time, fairly compensated forest protection. Thank you to everyone who signed and shared the petition!"...
Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU ALL !!!
The Spirit of Harry surely is alive in the world giving un gran abrazo and kisses on both cheeks to everyone who signed the petition.
Ann, his happy, grateful Mom

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Fathers Day, Father's Day, 2017

Georges had nicknames for Harry his whole life long. When Harry was a baby, he was "Baby Boo" pronounced "bah-bee boo" with a French accent. At two he became "Haricot vert" (string bean), a pun on Harry Devert. He was "Chaton" (kitten) and "ma biche", (my doe), when Georges would explain things to him or comfort him throughout his life, though this was increasingly rare as Harry grew older and less vulnerable. He called him "le plus beau" (the ...handsomest one) and "beau, intelligent et modeste comme son père" (handsome, intelligent and modest like his father) from the time he was in elementary school and "le fils du génie" (son of the genius) when he was in high school. Harry, "le fils du génie", would then address his father as "le père du génie", (father of the genius).

Georges once told me, "Lui, c'est moi." ("He (Harry) is me.) He always treated Harry as he wished he had been treated when he was growing up. He adored his own father but applied for a scholarship to Jesuit boarding school on his own when he was ten to escape his deranged step mother and made certain he was #1 in his class each year to be assured of keeping that scholarship. In so doing, he believed he saved his own life.
Georges's idea of success was to be active, healthy, curious and informed, to be skilled at something and live a rich, full and good life. He believed the memories he created for Harry were as close as he, Georges, would get to immortality. He died before Harry, believing Harry would carry those memories with him and plant them in his own children and they all would have rich, full, good lives. Georges's life, by his own standard, was a success. He liked to say his goal was to be "respecté, respectueux et respectable," (respected, respectful and respectable). He was.

Georges lived his life with passion. He was a good person who learned from every mistake he made. He loved and he was loved with abiding love. Alone or with others, Harry carried his father with him wherever in the world he was. As long as Harry lived, Georges lived in Harry. I believe Georges's energy was there for Harry when Harry needed him most, when I could not be there for him, when Harry died. It is that thought that allows me to breathe.

Here are Harry and Georges, a son and his father, at the Parc de Marly-le-Roi in Louveciennes when Harry was two. It was one of our favorite places. Georges gave Harry roots and he gave Harry wings.

Their energy lives on.

So does yours.

Happy Fathers Day to you and your own fathers, to the fathers, past, present and future, of your children, and to your children. Happy Fathers Day to you all from the Spirits of Georges and of Harry and from

- Ann, Harry's lucky Mom

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Now some good news!

Zena is Harry's cousin, the daughter of Harry's American godparents, Larry and Helen-Andrea Cardman.…/biographies/zena-cardman/biography

Zena Cardman has been selected by NASA to join the 2017 Astronaut Candidate Class.
Help Find Harry updated their status.
May 16, 2017

Recent News From Mexico Breaks My Heart

On May 10th, Mother''s Day in Mexico, Miriam Rodriguez, who had succeeded in her personal search to identify those responsible for the 2012 kidnapping and murder of her 14-year- old daughter Karen, was murdered in her home in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. She was the founder of an active support group for families of disappeared relatives.

Yesterday, Javier Valdez, a heroic, internationally respected journalist who specialized in reporting ...on organized crime, was shot dead in Sinaloa.

• Tragic news from Mexico: Veteran reporter Javier Valdez was shot dead in Sinaloa on Monday, the Associated Press reported, making him the fifth journalist to be murdered in Mexico in just over two months. Valdez was a well-known figure in Mexico for his investigations into organized crime; he won the Committee to Protect Journalists’s International Press Freedom Award in 2011.

The news hit reporters who cover Mexico hard. “One by one, Mexico’s bravest and best journalists are being murdered for doing their jobs,” wrote The Post’s Nick Miroff on Twitter. Just a few months ago, Valdez himself had spoken out after another colleague, Miroslava Breach, was murdered. “Kill us all, if that is the sentence for reporting on this hell,” tweeted Valdez. “No to silence.”
- the Washington Post…/veteran-journalist-javier-v……/mexican-woman-who-uncovered-c…

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Amazing News!

Few things surprised Harry. This would have!

Film maker and writer Terry Jones discovers a colony of penguins, which are unlike any other penguins in the world. Making of:

March 13, 2017
Happy Birthday to Jackie Burrell, the spearhead of Help Find Harry, from the Spirit of Harry

Thinking of you on your birthday. Thinking how, for you, Friend is an action word. Thinking how you go the distance, how you never stop, you never quit, you Just Do It. You get the job done.


Because John was my friend, because you and Mark, his parents, became my friends, you took my band of brothers and created an army of support that would not be denied. Each member of that army is a personal hero to me and to my mother. Thank you, Jackie Burrell. Thank you and Gracias. From the bottom of my heart. Del fondo del corazon.

I lift my glass to you and your family, to your friends and your life, but most of all, today, to you. I kiss your face on both cheeks and I give you un gran abrazo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND.

Forever grateful,
the Spirit of Harry

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March Full Moon

"You came and the robins came and spring came," I would tell Harry about the world after he arrived on the scene. I was thinking of that last night as I looked at the moon, the March full moon. I learned it's called the Worm Moon. How great, how fun is that?!

- Ann, Harry's Mom

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Post by Ann, Harry's Mom
Conversation with a Stranger

Molly was skunked the day before Harry's birthday. I went to the drugstore to get hydrogen peroxide to make a mixture of a quart of that, 1/4 cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of dish washing liquid to soak her in for five minutes before giving her a bath. It did the trick, I'm glad to say.


A woman came into the drugstore waving a bill and saying, "I need to win this lottery! I need money and it's my turn to win!" We left at the same time and I wished her luck, adding that tomorrow was my son's birthday and if she won, would she please drink a toast to Harry? She assured me she would. She would not forget. "A Pie-see," she said. "That's a water sign. The ocean is deep and Pie-sees go deep. They avoid the hook. Is he smart? I bet he's smart." "Well, he was," I said. "I'd like to think he still is." "Don't worry," she said, "He'll get his brain back." "That may take some doing," I said. "He died." "Dying? What is that?" she said. "Remember what The Book says: 'I will never leave you. I'll always be with you.' That goes for everybody. Love um. They never leave you. You love somebody, they're always with you. You think about your son. You asked me to think about him too. You see? He didn't leave you. He never will."

- Ann, Harry's Mom

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Post by Harry's Mom, Ann

Harry's Birthday Balloons

Harry's birthday was a warm, sunny, sky-blue day. Tina came back from school with two Happy Birthday balloons. We wrote messages on the sides to Harry. We sang, "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Dear Harry! Happy Birthday to you," and shouted, "We love you! We love you! We'll always love you! You're with us every day!" as we let them go, our hearts full of Harry. ...
Up they went. At first they stayed together. Then one paused and turned back to us, suspended for a moment as if looking at us. That balloon floated on parallel to the earth below, turning back toward us several times. Mary said, "That's Harry letting us know he's still here, watching over us all." The other balloon soared high and higher and out of sight, Two Harrys, Harry here with us and Harry out in the world he loved. "Harry's Magic," said Mary. "He's sharing his Magic."

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Post by Harry's Mom on Harry's 36th birthday, March 9th, 2017.

Here is his birth announcement and an excerpt of a letter written to my stepmother and brothers. This is how Harry's life began. It's my first letter written as Harry's Mom.

Dear Family,

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One of Harry's thoughts about women on International Women's Day. He was "a man's man," but Oh! He appreciated women.

- Harry in Laos, 2012, explaining why he and his stellar friend and world-class traveling companion, Pau, would be taking different paths:

"Every woman has her own magic. The first time Pau saw Marcela, the first time they spoke, it started. He's not letting that go."


- Ann, Harry's Mom

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Breaking news Incredible shift in policy regarding illegal immigrants…/poli…/trump-address-congress.html…

Signaling a potential major shift in policy, the president told news anchors that he is open to a broad immigration overhaul.