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Melissa Woodrow
· December 28, 2017
I was going to buy a house using Karl's help, never got around to sing what I needed to do, but Karla is a fantastic person and dedicated to get work.
Lance Luckow
· September 12, 2014
Karla goes above and beyond for every one of her clients. working for you and with you She will give her very best 100 % of the time. (and I don't just say this because she's my wife, I have seen her action with all of her clients, too) This woman NEVER ceases to amaze me ♥ See More
Christine Padgett Brown
· January 6, 2017
Karla is an exceptional lady who will go to the mat for you whether it's in your personal life or real estate.
Kathy Fencl
· December 9, 2013
Absolutel the best. She listened to our needs as well as our wants, then found us the perfect home! Along the way, we became great friends.
Karla Luckow
· September 8, 2016
I think we can all only get better with time and learning so I give myself a 4. Just makes me work harder for you! :D Have an amazing day.
Michael Parker
· December 26, 2013
Karla came in on short notice and designed our latest brochure which turned out completely Awesome! She has one of the greatest attitudes of anyone we have met in the Treasure Valley in the last year.... We only wish we could have her on our staff full-time. See More
Alicia Schuller
· August 30, 2016
she will do anything in her power to help anyone get the home they need
Ray Bowyer
· December 23, 2014
Karla has a heart to serve! She serves her community & friends & will do a great job for any customer!
Nemwel Musa
· October 25, 2014
Its awesome to boost the people who seem to have lost hope realise their dreams too.
Thanks for everything you are doing and be blessed.
Shay Short-VanderLinden
· June 4, 2015
A+ friend! A+ business woman! Karla will go out of her way to represent you, and ensure your needs are met!
Lois Centanino
· December 18, 2013
Wish I could find a ride!