Home! And I'm so so tired- one of the shots in the video is of the two bags I'm too tired to unload for y'all! Lol! Treasure hunt was successful and I should have all I need to prep for my fall shows! (While keeping my Facebook chicks happy- y'all get first dibs on everything you know!) xo Kerry
I've been working on fixing my website- can I tell you how much I love creating and how staring at a computer makes my brain swell and throb?? A few more changes to make- but I added new pieces as part of the revamp! Bunches more to be added. You can visit pieces you haven't seen in awhile! :)
Guess where I am? Here are some of the more hilarious moments! A day at the flea!

Excited to get rolling! Hope to see you at one or two!

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Antique Gods Mission badge with a tassel of disciples! Been looking for the finishing touch on this one for quite awhile!
Packing my suitcase for a fun trunk show at East River Trading in Dothan, AL tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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