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See more of Herman Chan - Real Estate Broker at Bay Sotheby's International Realty by logging into Facebook
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is 'dual agency' a bad word?

Thrilled to share that I've been named a 2017 Inman Influencer. Humbled to be included along such dazzling Real Estate celebrities!

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the rise & fall (multiple times!) of SF's storied Cliff House. (look how precariously it sits! yikes!)

In the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in the northwestern corner of San Francisco, California stands a restaurant that has been in business, on and o

Podcast for Jason Havey, former General Manager for Hilton and Sheraton, interviews me about my time at UC Berkerley, real estate, bullying and more!

Spinning Logic 58 – Herman Chan Apr 18, 2016 | Spinning Logic | 0 comments Herman Chan is a real estate broker extraordinaire who has taken over...

Prankster Son Pulls Off Biggest Prank...Buys His Dad a House! Very sweet

For the past few months, Bridgette and I have been taking Grandpa house hunting with us. The idea was to make him believe we were searching for a...

1980's gay guys try to buy a co-op! hilarious and still true. luv Tracey Ullman

David and William find the apartment of their dreams. Dan Castellaneta, Sam McMurray, Tracey Ullman.

Realtors hired drag queens to sell their listing!...only in SF!

Serving urban eleganza, Michael Minson and Danielle Lazier are proud to present 52 Mirabel Ave, The Belle of Bernal. This tour is hosted by the...

Are u gonna brave Open House Tour during PRIDE? Find out where to avoid gettin' ensnarled! @SFGate

Throughout San Francisco’s Pride weekend, hundreds of thousands of revelers will be streaming in for the city’s massive and iconic street festival,...

Chinese woman holds real estate agent at knifepoint b/c apt sq ft was smaller than advertised sq ft!

"You have to help me resolve this problem today, otherwise you can’t walk out."

Wells Fargo: Critics of Ad Featuring Gay Couple Are Ignoring 'Demographic Reality' -

Wells Fargo is speaking out about the company's "controversial" ad featuring a gay couple learning sign language as they prepare to adopt a deaf...

Your Chance to Ask Herman Chan #1 Bay Sotheby's Realtor for 2015 *anything*! w/ @climbsf @BaySothebysRlty @redoakrealty moderated by @BerkeleyHillsRE

A Hermanity Experience | Herman Chan | Bay Sotheby's International Realty

Uptight homeowner complains about her neighbors “relentlessly gay yard” ?!?

"I opened my door, and found a note from my neighbor regarding a set of rainbow jar solar lights hanging in my yard that spell out "Love" and...|By The Gaily

Catch me on MasterSeries: Local Real Estate Celebs share their secrets!

For the truly affluent Chinese, of which there are hundreds of thousands these days, having a home in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong is passé....
The latest battle over skyrocketing urban rent has produced "artisan roach bombs," 5 Hour "Slow Roasted" Energy drinks, and "grass feed" tuna.|By Jim Dalrymple

Toronto Real Estate Is So Preposterous People Are Protesting Condos That "Only" Cost $500K

Not in their backyard.|By Lauren Strapagiel