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Lane Buck
· May 27, 2017
I love how the answer is that because it's canceled (and I understand, safety over concerts) that you can just use the ticket for any other show. Okay well how about the people who drove from out of t...own? I drove four hours in.
I can't take off work to just come to see some other show I don't really care to see.

I can't come to any other show this week. I don't live here.
You need to change your policy. Or maybe don't sell tickets in advance. Sell them at the door, so no one is out money.
I'm out 80$ and the gas to get here and back.
Herrin fest sucks once again. Great job, you should be proud.
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Tina Fuzzcro Barclay
· May 26, 2017
Starting the bands on a Thursday night is quite disrespectful of the working residents. Ending the bands on Monday night...same. People have to work...some even have to work Saturday/Sunday and holida...ys but I would be much more accepting if the start up screaming started on Friday night and ended on Sunday night OR even early Monday afternoon/evening. Preferably the whole venue could be moved out of the middle of the town...or start reimbursing the taxpaying, working citizens for motel rooms so they can get out while the noise and trash take over. Last year the volume was toned down but this year I think they are making up for it. See More
Robin L Guthrie Simpson
· May 27, 2017
First time going to this fest. We attended the concert for John Spicer and Gary Allan. Amazing!!! Downfalls were a few but were important.. seating rows too long. Maybe 3 sections, if someone needed o...ut you were basically climbing over people. The rows were super close together. People were smoking in these rows. I know it was an outside venue, but in close quarters it would have been nice if there was a designated area. Last but not least, I thought being a local home town event I would not have to worry about taking my 11 year old to the show to see his fave country artist. It was great in the seat area. Unfortunately, the crowd in the general section in the back were for the majority were acting inappropriate. It was worse than being at a big city venue. I had to apologize for him having to walk thru them to use the bathroom. It was sad that most were intoxicated, stumbling around. Beer was on the ground everywhere, even though there was an large amount of port o potties, men urinated on the ground all over the general section. I would say patrol was needed, heavily. However, after we were able to grab a bite to eat and the vendors were nice and courteous. Overall, we were glad we attended, and the concert was amazing. See More
Lexis Pettinger
· May 28, 2017
Extremely disappointed with how the cancelled concert situation was handled last night. This is the first time I've ever bought tickets for this event after hearing such good things about it. I paid f...or two reserved seat tickets for Old Dominion and cancelling the show and then not offering a refund is ridiculous, I understand that if I were unable to attend for personal reasons but screwing everyone out of their money for the show is unfair. Especially those of us that live out of town and were making the special trip just for the night. I'm unable to attend another show nor do I want to seeming how I paid specifically to see them. It's very frustrating knowing I'm not going to get a penny's worth of my money out of the festival or see any of it back. Next year I won't be buying a ticket until the day of, weather permitting of course � See More
Naomi Hubbard
· January 18, 2018
went past 2 years loved it got to see few bands was worth every second
Nickie Jasionowski
· May 27, 2017
we drove a hour to come to the old dominion concert scheduled for 05/27/17. we ordered seat tickets, which weren't cheap..we completely understand being concerned about storms and the safety of, but we should be able to be refunded our money if we don't wish to see another performance or aren't able to attend another event tomorrow or monday. they will not refund our money, which is ridiculous. this was our first time attending this festival, and we will never attend again.. nor recommend or promote it. very disappointed. the festival staff also stated the band might go on earlier, but then they never updated us! from approximately 4pm > 8:30pm. i checked the website, as well as the fb page, for updates nonstop and saw NOTHING. the only reason i rated one star is because i couldn't rate any lower. See More
Tim White
· May 28, 2017
Had a great time at the Gary Allen show set in the seating area they were too close and some people should buy two seats people were smoking and drinking which I don't care about you have to expect at an outdoor concert Hell even Gary Allan was drinking like at all his concerts people that are big fans of his should have known that before they went to the concert stupidity on their part and then they want to bitch about what other people do that they don't believe in all I got to say next time go to a church concert and you won't be offended and your feelings won't be hurt See More
Carlin Raye Smock
· May 29, 2017
We went to see Halestorm and sat in the Premium Seating area. The show was terrific; he put on one of the best shows I've seen! The seating was a great seat because we had a great view but had a place... to sit down when we needed to. HOWEVER!-- The seats were WAY too close together. They were smaller-than-normal folding chairs, and they were zip-tied together as closely as they could get them, making it more than uncomfortable. We even had to stand sideways during the performances. That should be a minor fix for next year, so definitely bring back that seating! The price was worth it! � See More
Ryan Huelsmann
· January 9, 2018
Had a great time and amazing show. I saw Drew Baldridge and Thomas Rhett. Such excellent shows
Barbara Tilford
· May 31, 2017
Saw George Thorogood and he was great, however I agree that the seating is too close. And where was the Italian food, did I miss it? Disappointed. Also bummed that I paid full price for tickets only... to see coupon code given out the week before on TV. If I go again I'll wait to purchase tickets and buy general admission. See More
Sarah Orrell
· May 27, 2017
I have been twice to Herrin Fest and we have had a good time both times. The seating was new this year so I understand there is a few things that need worked out with that and my only suggestion is PL...EASE make a designated smoking area towards the back because all the cigarette smoke and vaping made my nephew sick and gave the rest of us headaches. See More
Josh Finney
· May 28, 2017
I can show you post after post of what people who live in this town really think but it doesnt matter. It doesnt matter that you invade their property, their homes. It doesnt matter that you have mus...ic that keeps them up all night when they have to work the next morning. All that matters is that you bring in a few dollars to a town that's not going anywhere anyways. Way to show the people you care See More
Stephanie Ponder Watson
· May 28, 2017
I think it is awesome that you're allowing people to use their old dominion tickets for other shows. when you purchase tickets for an outdoor venue anywhere, you're taking a chance of being rained out.... It rains EVERY year during Herrin Festa Italiana. Kudos for allowing people to get something out of the tickets. See More
Terry Dale Raffidy
· May 28, 2017
We lost out on REO two years ago but have had some good times at other shows there !! That's one of the bad things about outdoor concerts. How is the weather looking for Halestorm tonight ??
Anyone w...ant to sell last night's tickets ?? Thinking about driving up from Paducah, Kentucky this afternoon !! See More
Stacy Lynn Bruce
· May 29, 2017
Halestorm was the best show I've ever seen at herrinfest. I've seen alot of great shows. Even was there for REO and I could careless it was rained out because the memories I have will last me forever!... Thank you for another great year! See you again next year. See More
Adam Floro
· March 16, 2018
Squadfathers should open for The Beach Brothers!!!
Donna Kenny Swan
· June 18, 2017
This is the worst place for wheel chair users. They block off handicap parking spots with dumpsters and also they block off the ramps to the side walks. It is very difficult for wheel chairs and strol...lers to get around. I would like to thank the Dentist there by The Bank of Herrin for his parking lot being for the handicap. That is very thoughtful of him and very much appreciated. See More
Jessica Rush
· May 27, 2017
I bought these tickets for Old Dominion months ago as a gift. We both requested off work and won't be able to make it to any other showing, when the headliner cancels last minute a refund would have b...een more appropriate for my $80 purchase. See More
Al Paone
· December 6, 2017
I felt like I was home again and going to the festival with my relatives
Chris Sanders
· May 24, 2017
I have ALWAYS been big fan of Herrinfesta. This year not liking it so much... I have the trailers for workers right outside my house. I hear generators run all night long, can barely back out my drive...way Nothing like opening blinds and seeing in carnival workers living quarters. Guess they can see in mine too. You would think I would be compensated in some way for all the inconvenience. No way. See More
Swamp Tigers in the HerrinFesta Walker's Bluff Giardino Free Tent today. 1-4 pm
#backstage with Halestorm & they have a message for you! #herrinfesta
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Dotted with farmland, forests, rolling hills and wetlands, the Midwestern state of Illinois is a nature lover's paradise. But the so-called Prairie State – a nickname that dates back to a time when it was covered with prairie grasses - is also home t...

We kicked off Festa season today with the 2018 HerrinFesta Italiana Chamber Luncheon. The Civic Center was full of green and red and great spirits! Pictured here is the Moreland/Bishop Family - our 2018 Corporate Honoree and also longtime sponsors. Many thanks to all who joined us today. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Festa! #herrinfesta

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