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Larry DeHaan
· February 14, 2018
Fantastic, they might very well be the best independent company working in the horror/ fantasy genre out there! Owlman lives!
Iain Mitchell Leslie
· December 29, 2017
Outstanding business, company and a group of people to work with!! No what t-shirt do I want?
Matthieu Lindsey
· December 29, 2017
Grate grate I love you vid wish I could meet you in person well the owlman in person
Bryan Fitzgerald
· December 28, 2017
Great ordering experience! They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy!
Andy Green
· April 19, 2017
Fantastic, refreshing, mad for it! More!
Steve Bothamley
· May 6, 2017
Ordered both of their fantastic releases and they arrived quickly. Great stuff.

Hex Studios & Hex Media kindly invite you to check out (my remarkably cheesy but hopefully endearing) video on behalf of the Owlman! Where I gather new followers for the ancient feathery ones twitter at

Follow the Owlman on twitter at for tweets and dark musings, from the ancient feathery one himself!!! From time to time The O...

Any fans of this Craven flick?

Voodoo has had an interesting relationship with popular culture to say the least. Often, it’s portrayed as an archaic cult, with depictions of an evil witch doctor performing esoteric rites or transforming people into zombies. Even Baron Semedi, one of the key figures in its pantheon of deities...
CANNE Day One: So our team for the festival consists of me... and our lovely writer Sarah Daly and my quietly spoken serial killer cousin Michael Brewster! Our adventure begins at Edinburgh airport where we've painlessly got through security and are eating breakfast noms awaiting our flights! And so begins our video diary! In the meantime if you have any favourite distributors or cable channels are for your horror movies then let us know who they are! We can try to speak to them since most of them are at the Canne Film Market!
The Unkindness of Ravens [2nd Trailer]
INSANE Raven Man Prank

We just unleashed our most absurd and outrageous Owlman prank yet!! What do you think??

Support our channel on Patreon for exclusive goodies and to help us make more videos You can get the NEW OWLMAN MOVIE at htt...

Great interview with Hex Studios Director/Producer Lawrie in The List magazine!!

"Brewster hopes to break down the barriers between fans and filmmakers. 'Traditionally there's always been a big divide between the audience and creators. We want it to be your studio too and with our YouTube channel, Kickstarter and even Facebook, we're accessible, we're trying to have this new openness so fans feel like they are part of the studio.'"…/99087-lawrie-brewster-in-a-night…/

Scottish director discusses his latest film The Black Gloves and reveals big plans for Fife-based Hex Studios

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Was anybody else a bit let down by this?

Well, here’s a pleasant February surprise. We had heard rumblings about a Paramount Pictures deal with Netflix regarding the Cloverfield franchise for several weeks now, but the assumption was that the fourth film (Overlord, which has already been shot and wrapped) would drop on that streaming...


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Author Tim Lebbon remembers his friend, Jack Ketchum.

Dallas Mayr and I weren't best friends. It must be ten years since I've seen him, and we'd sometimes go a year or more without an email exchange. Such exchanges were usually a quick catch up -- what have you been writing? How's the new book coming along? That sort of thing. But Dallas was once...

Behold, 'Mom and Pop' Episode 03 of our creepypasta series, produced and performed in collaboration with Sarah Daly and Michael Brewster

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If middle-America had a healthy turnover of weekend double-features at the local flea-pit, here in Australia a kid was more likely introduced to Alan Rafkin’s 1966 The Ghost and Mr. Chicken as a matinee or early-evening feature on black-and-white weekend TV of the early 70s. Australia lacked...

Any fans of this classic chiller?

Peter: Aren’t you hungry? Joan: No darling, are you? Peter: Of course not. Joan: Are you sure? Above is the first exchange of dialog in Edgar G. Ulmer’s The Black Cat (1934). A newlywed couple, Peter (David Manners) and Joan Alison (Julie Bishop) are aboard a train in Eastern Europe, and just as...

A good wee piece on the superstition and folk horror in Salem's Lot. In honour of Hooper's birthday as well

Bram Stoker’s Dracula contains many underriding themes, but one of the most obvious, certainly one of the most talked about, is the heavy element of xenophobia that the author injected into the text. Dracula is, after all, about a foreign figure—a nobleman, no less—inflicting himself on Englis...

If you're looking for some morning reading, here's some spooky trivia.

In honor of Edgar Allan Poe's 209th birthday, I have amassed this list of 13 (spooky!) facts about Poe's life and death that may be unfamiliar to you. Odds are, most genuine Poe enthusiasts are familiar with some of these, but I'm hopeful that this piece may enlighten my readers, who may be new...

BREAKING NEWS - Big thanks to Bloody Disgusting for sharing our fantastic sneak preview of our new poster for The Owlman : Chapter 2 (our VOD release title for The Black Gloves) along with some fantastic vintage film stills taken by Michael Brewster

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The latest poster for director Lawrie Brewster's Gothic Noir The Owlman: Chapter 2 (also known as The Black Gloves) firmly cements the film's status as the