Our Navigators are ready for the Whitmore Lake Invitational this morning. Let’s Go Navigators! Wish them good luck!

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HFA's SAT Saturday session that was cancelled due to the snow has been rescheduled for Saturday Feb 24, 9-12noon. This is optional. The next regularly scheduled session is Saturday, March 3rd 9-12noon.

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Mita J Lewis
· June 25, 2017
It is a great school. I was in the first graduating class. I don't think I would have advanced as far as I did academically without the preparation from Henry Ford Academy. I received my Ph.D by 30 an...d that's because my research skills were grounded in me as High school student. By the time I entered Michigan State University, I was very prepared beyond academics. My communication skills, personal development skills, and ability to work with people from different ethic backgrounds and cultures -all came from my experience and exposure at Henry Ford Academy. It is rare you find a charter school principal that is there 20 years. I had the pleasure to go back and teach at Henry Ford Academy for 10 years. As a teacher at the school, I can truly attest the staff are concerned about kids academics. Henry Ford Academy market plan is mainly on word of mouth and that's because people rarely have anything bad to say about this institution, the teachers, or the leadership. The fact parents continue to enroll their younger children into this school says a lot. There is no school like this one. -Class of 2001 graduate. See More
Brandi Alexander
· June 25, 2017
I really didnt enjoy going to HFA. From what i can tell less than 20% of my graduating class actually went on to college after high school and became successful. The ones that did probably weren't pr...epared or had a lot of work to do. I left in the summer of my softmore year and went to John Glenn where I received endless opportunities. They even paid for me to go to cosmetology school, CNA classes and book keeping courses. I now have 3 degrees bachelor in accounting, international business degree and masters of taxation. I currently own 5 businesses and have made over 6 figures since the age of 25. While HFA has some things to offer. I would never have done as well in life had i not left. Make sure you are considering all aspects of your childs future before sending them to this institution. I think this school is great for children who don't get much cultural exposure or are socially awkward. There is diversity but the quality of the people attending and running the school could be questionable. You absolutely get what you pay for... if you are from Wayne Westland send your child to John Glenn or Wayne Memorial. You will definitely have a better chance. I can guarantee they will have a lot of work to do if they go to HFA. See More
MeAnd Dakidd
· December 13, 2016
My mom wanted me to go to a good high school. She put in the application to the lottery and said a prayer.....I got accepted. Little did she know she did more than put in me in a good school. She help...ed me to be apart of an extraordinary high school that gave me not only the foundation but courage to believe I could do anything I set my mind to. Henry Ford Academy is where I began to evolve into the woman I am today. I was not only prepared for college but the global society! Forever I am grateful for my mother taking a leap of faith for my education. See More
Tametra Cureton
· May 18, 2017
My Son was place in a lottery, and then I got the number!! He was on the short wait list!! A little worried because this is the school that my son picked himself!! As a parent, I was very surprised I had never heard of this school before!! Boy, was I impressed!! I'm glad that he was Accepted in!! We prayed and now we are here!! Class of 2021!!! See More
Brontae Williamson
· May 11, 2016
If there is anything HFA has taught me, it's who I really am as a person. The school is always working to improve the opportunities available to the students. Coming from a student who was previously public school, I've seen a complete attitude change in myself. Personally, I went from someone who went unnoticed and didn't really like school, to someone who has become better prepared for college and more open-minded by their senior year.

The required 40 hours of community service and 75-hour practicum allowed me to receive scholarships based solely on community involvement, has helped me impress colleges, and even impressed jobs I have applied to. The communication skills and empathy for people that I have gained through my practicum experience, has better prepared me for my future college and career experiences. International exchange programs are also available to the students that offer them a whole new perspective on life. The school has expectations for the students, but it will greatly impact them IF they choose to take advantage of them. Yes, like any high school, they have students who don't realize how helpful these opportunities are, but they will definitely benefit the students if they take them seriously. I would and have recommended this high school to other students. High school is what you make it, and the teachers at HFA truly care about the students more than any other school I have been too. The school wants its students to continue to improve themselves, but also works to encourage students who begin to fall behind.

There is NO student who falls through the cracks here. They try to work with students to make their high school education better at assisting their needs. The teachers are well-aware of the situations going on, even if the students don't think they do. They DO NOT tolerate kids who are disrupting teachers or causing issues with other students. The teachers truly work to help the kids, whether they like it or not. The care the teachers have for other students is nowhere like any other high school in Dearborn. This is a high school; NOTHING is perfect, but my experience there has been a great one.
See More
Tameka Benning
· June 23, 2017
Best high school of all time. The scenery is awesome ....The expectation to be great is in full demand for higher learning at this school. Class of 05
Danielle Brione Peterson
· June 23, 2017
The experience I got while attending this high school is like no other. It was a great school and paved the way for my future
Dawn Lavette
· March 16, 2017
I graduate from here in 2014. Wonderful place to attend. Great teacher. If I didnt have the help of the principle and all the staff. I don't think I would be attending the Art Institute of Michigan. B...ecause of them I am able to graduate this year with my Bachelors in Culinary Management. Thank you all of you See More
Arie Honey
· June 23, 2017
I absolutely loved attending Henry Ford Academy! I learned so much and I was able to duel enroll and take college courses at Henry Ford Community College. Class of 2009 graduate and proud of it!
Trevor Gordon
· June 23, 2017
How many kids can say they experienced a high school like this. I met some great friends here "2010" 🙌🏾
Daniel Graves
· November 16, 2016
HFA is an amazing school. It's pretty amazing to go to school at The Henry Ford in Dearborn. The teachers, staff, and students all work together and achieve results. Students are all positive and g...row academically and socially in their time here. See More
Dy Namic Heights
· June 23, 2017
Great high school class of 2005 and have a lil brother class of 2020 there now
Regina Maslakova
· January 6, 2016
All these ratings are bs! I love my best friend but that's all that is good about going to hfa!
Amanda Carter Laws
· January 26, 2016
Love this place. Excellent high school program. Great opportunity for your child to further their education byond basic high school classes. Plus it's ina museum. How cool
Grace Butler
· September 9, 2016
The ladies in the office very rude and kinda insulting. Other than the HFA is awesome
Fenkell AndManor
· November 12, 2013
I miss it. Lol I miss them hooping days. Kiing
Learning to play the piano in Mr Cain’s class.
Happy 20th Anniversary Henry Ford Academy!