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Pam Arquette
· May 13, 2014
Love your posts. Prayers to you in the loss of Nathan. May you receive all the support and help to keep your farm going.
LoveLights to you and the children .
Hank Will
· May 12, 2014
The real deal.
Our sow Greta did awesome! Sometime between 1:30 am and 6:30 am she delivered 6 purebred #oldspot piglets! All very clean and on the boob. We are off to a great start! #gos #gloucestershireoldspot #hillhollowfarm #nongmo
Time to eat! Our early spring pork customers are going to be spoiled... These pigs love their non- GMO feed combined with waste milk and whey. They are addicted!!!
Happy and heathy young piglets enjoying a Friday afternoon. Enjoy. Happy weekend!! #hillhollowfarm #gos #gloucestershireoldspot #oldspot

This is what I love about old spots! This 6 week old piglet had never met me until today but she hunkered right down for a ear scratch/back rub/belly rub. This was after I roused them out of their hut where they were all snuggled up with their boar daddy. #oldspots #gloucestershireoldspot #gos #piglet #heritagebreed #purebred

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In memory. RIP 4/29/14

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This is Zeke, a Romney x Scottish Blackface ram born on the farm this winter. He was born a triplet and has been the sweetest little bottle baby, but needs a new home. Please let us know if you are interested!

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I hope this girl farrows soon, she was due on Friday. I've never had a sow go this far overdue. Her teats are practically touching the ground! #largeblackpig #sow #farrowing

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Beekeepers I need your advice! Just did my first hive check of the year and my best hive is completely empty of bees, there are hardly any dead bees. All the brood cells throughout every box look like this. There is no indication of larva formation. The hive was very active when I harvested honey in the fall but none of the winter stores I left behind were eaten. Can anyone offer knowledge? I have a theory but I'm still a novice... #beekeeping #bees #colony #brood

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I almost let the whole day go by without my #ilooklikeafarmer photo. Had to pull one from the archives as I have very few photos of me farming and in most of them I'm pregnant. This one is from this past July 2015, explaining the finer points of chicken evisceration. Thanks to @tdavidson for taking the photo and for helping out that day.

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3 plump sausages snoozing in yesterday's sunshine. It has been nice being home in Hill Hollow for a few days. Over the past few months I have been working on moving my children and my farm to Maryland in order to pursue a relationship with a farmer who lives there. Transitions have never been easy for me and this is no exception, but I am hopeful for new beginnings and the opportunity to learn to open my heart again to give and receive love. We are still making decisions about how things will evolve, as my family will still farm here in Petersburgh. If you want to continue to follow my animals, kids and other adventures I'll also be posting at Sovereign Soil Farm and if you want to buy a bred sow, get in touch.

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Hill Hollow Farm updated their cover photo.
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I get so excited to eat dinner when I pull chops that look like this out of the freezer! I love how Hilltown Pork (in Canaan, NY) cuts these t-bone style. And since this is a #latergram I will say they tasted as scrumptious as they looked. #porkchops #oldspotpigs #pork #hilltownpork #getemwhileyoucan

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"Makin' dough for daddy's doithday" #mathildamarie

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Happy Birthday in the great beyond dear Nathan. Everyday I wish you were here to see what a spunky little girl our Nathalie is becoming. Born on the 5 month anniversary of your fatal accident and the same age now as Mathilda was when you died, she has been my gift and blessing to help pull me through the cumbersome times.

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