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Stroll into a relaxing weekend #RightHere at Hilton Sanqingshan Resort 📷IG: @vicky_liuchang

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Watch Times Square transform into a winter wonderland #RightHere from Hilton Times Square.
Start 2018 with a clear mind & clear water when you stay in an overwater bungalow at Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa 📸 : Beautiful Destinations
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Kathryn Puetz
· February 1, 2018
I made a reservation with Hilton back in November for April 6-8 and received an email saying that if my plans changed, so long as I cancelled by 03/30/2018 it was a free cancellation and there would b...e no charge. My plans changed so I called today, 02/01/2018 only to be told that there would be $25 charge for cancellation. I read the person the email from Hilton saying there would be no charge, but the lady who I was speaking to, who barely spoke English and called me by the wrong name the whole time, kept insisting that there was nothing she could do and I would need to call another number. I tried calling the number she gave me and it would ring once and then disconnect. So I called Hilton again and asked for a manager, I had to explain the whole situation again before she would transfer me. Once I was transfered I had to explain what was going on for a third time. The lady, who at least this time seemed to speak English, at first told me that the reservation was cancelled and there was no fee. But then she read some notes and said that accord to Hilton's company code if I cancelled by 02/01/2018 there was $25 fee, but she said that since it was 02/01/2018, that she didn't "think" I should be charged a fee, which wasn't terribly reassuring. So apparently as far as Hilton is concerned "free" really mean $25-75. If this is the level of honesty and transparency I can expect from them I don't think I will be staying with this chain ever again. See More
Natalie Whitford Jenkins
· February 1, 2018
If I could give a Zero I would but here is why, I’m staying at the Hampton inn and suites Chicago downtown right now we booked a 90 day stay as we are in between homes And I had to have a Hip replace...ment and we were referred to this location by a aquantance that said we should stay here they would take great care of us (boy that could not be further from the truth) so we made arrangements for our stay and let me say it’s been a nightmare the billing was not the way we arranged with them we had our room flooded so we had to move rooms also the toilet tank busted my I had a employee make a rude remark about my kids that they over heard and when brought to managements attention they acted as if we were making a big deal out of nothing! the General manager never returned my request for a return call was the lady at the front desk couldn’t tell me why they charged my card and she even sent a email to the manager about my issue and he still never got in touch! We are Hilton Honors members and I’m said to say I will never use my points and I’m in the process of finding a new place for the next 60 days that will appreciate my business! See More
Erikka Wooller
· January 26, 2018
I booked to stay in a room at the Grand Islander Hawaii with my family. I booked directly with them as they claim to price beat if you find a cheaper rate online. Boy was I wrong. I filled out a form as instructed but was told they couldn’t match my price online as they had found it to be more surprises since they compared the WRONG room type and claimed it to be more expensive. I clarified this issue however the response I then received was “we had tried to validate the claim within 24hrs” so since they tried to verify it that’s all that mattered? They didn’t care about getting it right or honouring their word of a price beat. I had proof of the lower rate with screenshots. But this didnt seem to make a difference as they were never going to honour their statement anyway. Next time. I know to not waste my time or my money on the international calls trying to sort this. See More
Sherrie Aggarwal
· January 24, 2018
We booked our reservation online for the Hilton By Sea World in California. No where online did it state there was a resort fee let alone parking fee. My husband checked in and it was only then that w...e were informed about a parking fee of $30 a night. The guest service employee told us it was up to us if we wanted to stay at the hotel or not but we would still have to pay for the hotel room. At the end of our trip we received the checkout paper under the door and we were charged another $40 a night for a resort fee as well. We had to ask the front desk every day to have the housekeeping clean the room. The first day they did and the second day they just got the garbage and left the towels on the floor & and did not replace any. It is honestly ridiculous to have to pay that much money for a better hotel and still have all those issues. We could’ve stayed at a cheaper hotel and not had any of those problems. To say the least that is the last time we will stay at Hilton! I Knew we should have made a reservation with the Marriott. I hope this review helps people and determine their hotel stay with the Hilton. See More
Edina Waggoner
· February 11, 2018
Appalling and frustrating customer service experience with Hilton. I am so disappointed with the "bottom line is more important" mentality than taking care of their customers.

I needed to change a r...eservation from a Hampton Inn to a Hilton Garden Inn in order to be with my minor daughter during a soccer tournament. The problem was because I booked a Honors Discount Advance rate they refused to refund, credit, or simply move the paid funds to my existing reservation (which is a higher rate). I was even willing to pay the change fee. I was told this was impossible and I either ate the Hampton Inn reservation or re-booked for one night at another Hilton property that offers Honors Discount Advance even if I have no plans to use that one night. Hilton was willing to offer a refund of $200 as long as I paid for $125.00 for one night ($100 + 25.00 change fee) that I can't use. How is that good business?? See More
Alexandra Charlotte
· January 16, 2018
During my stay at the Hilton Doha (Qatar) in the beginning of December 2017 I was given room 814.
Unfortunately, my excitement over the beautiful water front view was short lived. The music blasting f...rom the ground floor open air club “Society Lounge” was so incredibly loud that sleeping was impossible. When I addressed the issue after a long days travel at around 11:30 pm, I was given the “brilliant” solution by the front desk staff to simply use earplugs!!
After I explained that the music literally pounded through the entire room they tried to console me by saying that the club was “only” open until 2:00 am!!!!
It is important to point out that this was a Tuesday night (opening hours of “Society Lounge” are practically every other night plus Friday to Sunday night).
That being said I barely got 5 hours of sleep on any given night during my stay which resulted to anything but a relaxing and pleasant stay.
This hotel sadly only cares for their clubbing crowd and not for their expensive paying hotel guests.
Also thank you for never actually setting up a Hilton Honors Points card as promised by the blond lady at reception upon my arrival!
I hereby respectfully request some kind of refund for the duration of my three night stay.
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Anna Edison
· January 22, 2018
I stayed at the Hilton Boston/Dedham this past Saturday 1/20 as part of a VIP Patriots weekend getaway sponsored by the Hilton. It was quite possibly the most memorable trip I have had so far in my li...fetime, as my boyfriend and I were invited to help display the flag on the field at the Patriots Championship game! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that we will cherish for a long time to come. It was thanks to your company that I was able to treat my boyfriend and myself to a fantastic weekend! My only wish is that I was able to get off of work earlier on Saturday so that I could have spent more time at the hotel. Everything inside was beautiful, and the staff so friendly. The room itself was very comfortable and enjoyable. I cannot begin to thank the Hilton enough, and look forward to choosing your hotels on my next vacation. I hope that this reaches someone who was a part of making all of this possible. See More
Julie Gauld Meyer
· February 15, 2018
Only 1 star because I can't give 0! I was on chat with Iris yesterday and she quoted a rate for the Hilton in Salt Lake City in May. Although I would still be paying more then I would have at another... hotel, I was so excited because I was going to be able to stay with my team. She transferred me to another operator, Heather, so she could re activate my Honors account, I was then transferred to Dary who informed me I would not receive the rate that Iris had offered. It was then that I decided to take a quick picture of the chat just in case it disappeared. The whole process was over a 30 minute period of time. As far as I am concerned they should honor the offer. Such a disappointment from a company that I thought had more integrity and respect for their customers. See More
Atul Gupta
· January 13, 2018
I am a Hilton Honors member from past few years now. One month back when I tried to login to my account I realised there was a possible account breach and someone changed the details like email id and... phone number making it impossible for me to retrieve the account back. I provided all the necessary details to the Hilton fraud detection team as well as their customer care, but to my surprise even after my multiple follow ups on all channels like email, chat and Twitter, I haven't got any kind of response or timeline on this matter from past one month. This was totally unexpected and disappointing for me to face this kind of unprofessional response from a reputed chain like Hilton. The interesting thing is they have had similar account breaches earlier as well and their attitude was similar towards those complaints as well. You can google Hilton account breaches to check for yourself. I would recommend everyone to not become Hilton Honors member and share your personal details with them because they simply don't care about you. I learnt it the hard way and will avoid recommending Hilton to anyone. See More
Phoebe Gisele
· February 18, 2018
My room, a king riverview, was booked and paid for. I arrive to the hotel and I am told that they unexpectedly became busy today. I am like ok so great. What does that have to do with you giving my bo...oked and paid for room away. The manager who is always rude could not explain why they gave my room away. In the last 4 days, I have stayed in 2 different Hilton Hotels where my room has been given away. They offer no accommodation for the inconveniences. I am disgusted with the service at these hotels. Definitely not getting what I pay for. Hospitality, management and professionalism is failing on so many levels at the Embassy Suites Sacramento, Ca and Home2 suites Palmdale, Ca. Avoid these properties. See More
Dave Branks
· January 15, 2018
During 2017 after 23 reservation's, 30 room rentals, 32 night's I have spent $4301.95. For Hilton Honor status Silver is 4 stays or 10 night's, Gold is 20 stays or 40 nights, and Diamond is 30 stays o...r 60 nights. I've been loyal to Hilton brands for years. I was told I do not qualify for Gold or Diamond status because I didn't have a 24 hour break in between stay's. If this is how Hilton Loyalty works then I will take my business elsewhere. My wife and I are extremely disappointed. Their response was no better and makes no sense...Per our Hilton Honors policy, a guest must check out and go to a different hotel or allow 24 hours before returning to the same hotel for it to be considered a different stay. Consecutive nights at the same property are considered one stay. We pride ourselves on having a very attractive loyalty program and this policy is pretty standard. If you are seeking multiple stays for one trip, consider visiting several of our properties to be upgraded quicker. One sided loyalty...... See More
Kristi Corwin
· February 16, 2018
I’m a Diamond member staying at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. I’ve been here since Sunday for a conference. There’s a raging party on my floor and the manager and security choose to do nothing about i...t. As other guests and I stand in the hallway, trying to get sleep, after multiple calls, a belligerent party guest comes down the hallway to tell me that he has the party every year and to get over it. The night manager Christian. tells me that they will allow the party and it’ll probably go until 1am. He also tells me that they don’t have a sound/noise policy and that they are above police officers foin abiding noise rules. Thanks for NOT looking after your guests security or comfort Hilton!!! See More
Carol DeGraffenreid Singhi
· January 28, 2018
We had a booked and had a guaranteed handicap accessible room for a person in our party that is in a wheelchair. When we arrived they told us our room wasn't available and offered us a room with bunk ...beds . ADA law is that they should give it to us even if we didn't have a reservation but didn't even care. We wrote to Hilton and they really were not outraged that a kid in a wheelchair waited in the lobby at midnight for her room that was given away. They will give us some points! Wow , what an organization, they ruin our weekend and broke ADA laws and only want to give points. I guess they only care if we file a lawsuit . See More
Andrew Shumate
· January 28, 2018
Let me share my thoughts on Hilton hotels based on my last five years of being a bit of a road warrior. From being able to book government per diem rates at the Hawaiian Village (back in my Navy days)... to the front desk staff at the Hampton Inn Newport/Middletown helping me fix a booking error for three rooms to my most recent stay.

I'm writing this from my room at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Casino in SanJuan Puerto Rico. I wasn't even sure if I'd have a reservation after hurricane Maria, but imagine my surprise when I received a call to CONFIRM my reservation! Now the fact that it was a cash stay for one night, and I'm a multi-year Diamond member might have something to do with it, but I was thrilled. In fact, if you're the Hilton Facebook admin, you need to tell your management that the staff at the Embassy Suites in San Juan is just fantastic! Even with everything going on on the island, they are all friendly, cheerful, and helpful; and after speaking to many of them and finding out what Hilton has done to help them, it has just re-enforced my loyalty to the brand!

Things like staff going out of their way to fix things are why I'm a Diamond member! I could tell horror stories like the sour milk smell in a suite at another major chain, or the fact that the 'hot breakfast' at the same hotel was instant oatmeal in the lounge, a far cry from the waffles at a Hampton Inn. Or the time that someone walked into my room at 4 AM a value chain! All things I don't have to worry about at a Hilton property! In fact when my wife travels with me "If it's not a Disney resort it's a Hilton property."

Have I had less than ideal experiences? YES, I have! But here's the thing, everyone has an off day, and I'm willing to bet that a lot of the 1-star reviews here are people who don't travel often, or who don't have a lot of loyalty to a single chain. Over my five years of Hilton loyalty, they get a solid 5-stars from me.
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Angela Clinton
· January 20, 2018
Below you will read an experience a Black Friend of mine had at @EmbassySuitesPalmDesert (by Hilton)

"Standing in line and a lady walks in from back and takes the two Caucasians that are standing beh...ind me. When I inquire why she served them before me, her response was, "I didn't see you." My response was, "So, you didn't see the 6 foot 285 lb black man standing in front of the 5 foot 5 white lady and 5 foot 6 white guy??? Really now?" I ask for a manager and was politely told she was unavailable."

It's 2018. Time for people to do better and businesses to hold their employees accountable for their racist ways.
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Bruce Walbert
· February 11, 2018
Had a friend who was staying in your Phila Homewood Suites. Had been there most of the week. Using hotel to go back and forth from hospital. Child had infection and Doctors predicted the worst. Middle... of the week, after they had been paying 150/night they are told that because of the Super Bowl parade, they would have to pat 887 dollars for the evening before parade. Most of the family had to leave because of this GOUGING practice. Most unbelievable, if this wasn't bad enough, when they reached out to management they received the most unsympathetic letter I have ever seen, and defended what they did, shameful...All about money, well believe me I will be sharing this story and over and over...when I travel I will be doing a little more research to make sure I never stay in a building owned by Hilton See More
Keith Watkins
· 18 hours ago
Very frustrated with the loyalty program. We always stay at Hilton properties when we travel and we booked a two night advance purchase stay in Feb and unfortunately got the flu. Of course we called c...ustomer service and they could not do anything for us, but worse than that is we paid for rooms and received ZERO rewards points because we cancelled the reservation ( first time we ever had to cancel by the way).

Lesson learned - being loyal isn't really worth it with Hilton and we'll start shopping hotel stays in the future.
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Brittany Berry
· January 23, 2018
To be honest I am completely shocked at the service that I am receiving from Hilton. I honestly expected more from this hotel and it’s employees.

I made reservations back in August for a trip I am t...aking next week (feb 2-feb 5). Because I booked so far in advance, I was able to secure a room big enough for me and my 5 friends at a really good rate at a hotel they were affiliated with (Vintro Miami Beach). This booking was done through Hilton’s website. In October I received an email saying they are no longer affiliated with the hotel I made reservations for, but my reservation still stood. The email told me to ONLY contact the hotel if there was an update I needed to make. Because I did not need to make an update until yesterday, I did not contact the hotel immediately. However, once I contacted the hotel yesterday, they told me that they were unable to locate a reservation under my name. With this information, I immediately contacted Hilton. Hilton also told me that they could not locate my conformation number. In fact, the customer service reps even told me that they were never affiliated with Vintro. Hilton passed me around from department to department. Finally I was able to speak with someone that opened a case for me with guest relations. I was beginning to feel hopeful until about 10 minutes ago. Guest relations sent me a non-chalant email telling me that there is nothing they can do for me. REALLY?!?!?! Hilton, it is your fault that me and 5 other people do not have anywhere to stay next week. Plane tickets are already purchased and all you can do is basically tell me “oh well”! I am appalled and white frustrated with the way I have been treated. Imagine if there was no update that needed to be made and we all flew to Miami thinking we had a room reserved to find out that Hilton canceled our reservation without knowledge. I need to be compensated for this inconvenience. As of now six women are coming to Miami with no place to stay thanks to Hilton. What a way to start off my birthday. See More
Doug Duncan
· January 29, 2018
Be aware when calling The Hilton reservation line. I called today to confirm an existing reservation and I was transferred to Hilton Grand Vacations. Truthfully I felt I was in the Cancun airport bombarded with time shares. I was trying to be polite but the rep started questioning me about my personal life and questioned why I wouldn’t confirm with my wife this morning if we had already booked a hotel for our next trip. I finally had to hang up after two reps tried to sell me something I didn’t want or need. See More
Ludka Fedo
· February 14, 2018
Is this what we call customer online support these days?

Angel (19:15:24 GMT) : This chat is being recorded, we have determined that your conduct is inappropriate and we request that you do not make ...any additional contacts to our customer service center. If necessary we will take additional steps that are necessary to protect our associates.

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