From 23 years ago today, this episode of The Awesome Two's show on WNWK (105.9 FM).

The Awesome Two November 19, 1994 WNWK (105.9 FM) New York, NY, USA Cold Cruch IntroSlick Rick - Sittin In My CarTalk BreakCraig Mack - Get Down (Q-Tip Remix)Tha Alkaholiks ‎– Daaam!Method man - I Get My Thang In ActionNine - Whutcha Want?Ice Cube - What Can I Do? (Eastside Remix)Talk BreakMobb Deep...

Can't get enough classic @djchuckchillout, right? Here's one from December 1987 (again courtesy of Dutch).

The Chuck Chillout Show December 1987 WQHT (97.1 FM) New York, NY, USA Chuck Chillout and Johnny Allen on KISS FM NYC, December 1987. DJs/Hosts: Chuck Chillout, Johnny Allen Archive notes: Probably December 11 or 18, 1987. Credit: Dutch Download E-mail additions/corrections

Kool DJ Red Alert hosts Hot 97's 5:00 Free Ride in December of 1999. (peace to Dutch for the contribution)

5:00 Free Ride December 1999 WQHT (97.1 FM) New York, NY, USA Kool DJ Red Alert hosts the 5:00 Free Ride on Hot 97, probably from December 1999. DJs/Hosts: Kool DJ Red Alert Archive notes: Estimated December 1999 based on their giveaway of a pre-release copy of Jay-Z's album and $97 in Christmas cas...

Another shout goes to Matt Wright (DJ Butterfingers) for his contributions that have found their way onto the site recently, including a pair of CM Famalam episodes as well as his own college radio show from the late 90s.

Reminder: if you had a hip-hop college radio show back in the day and used to tape your shows, drop a line so they can be added to the archive.

Wanted to take a moment to shout out Dutch (from ) who has kindly contributed a number of episodes to the HHRA (Chuck Chillout shows, Capital Rap shows, and some early Jazzy Jay/Bam broadcasts). More from him to come!

More then 250 tapes from my old school hip hop live shows and radio shows collection to keep the spirit of the early days alive! Do you have tapes to share? Mail to

The Archive is happy to welcome Random Rap Radio as a partner/contributor to the project! Craig at RRR has been active for years, posting from his deep collection of US and UK hip-hop radio shows, complete with through descriptions and scans of the tapes and J-cards. His collection will be a great addition to the Hip-Hop Radio Archive.

The first contribution from "Irish Craig" is from 34 years ago, spread over two September mornings in 1983. It's over 60 minutes of the iconic... Frankie Crocker breakfast show, on WBLS in New York. Frankie Crocker, while not a hip-hop DJ, was an inspiration for many of the hip-hop DJs that followed him. Crocker set a tone on New York radio with his wide variety of music that he dubbed "urban contemporary." This initial selection sounds great and takes you back to the early, formative days when hip-hop radio was still in its infancy.

Be sure to follow @randomrapradio on Twitter and visit the site at to get a feel for what we'll be adding to the HHRA. (He also shares radio from 2000-on, so there's plenty of that material to enjoy as well.)

(Fun fact: Craig and I realized, after we started talking, that we both wrote for the same hip-hop magazine back in the mid-1990s.)

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The Frankie Crocker Show September 10, 1983 WBLS (107.5 FM) New York, NY, USA This classic is a 34 year old recording of the Frankie Crocker breakfast show on WBLS! Just like Grace Jones' The Apple Stretching, this is a beautiful snapshot of early morning early 80s New York, this time, from 1983. Th...

This 25-year-old episode of Raw Deal is quite dope, with wicked sets by Jay-Ski and DJ Kam... great NJ flavor. Includes an interview with Suicide Posse/Nation of Riot.

Raw Deal October 1, 1992 WPRB (103.3 FM) Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University) Lots of folks in the studio for this last portion of the show, including Suicide Posse and their new collective Nation of RIOT. DJ Kam and Jay-Ski are both in the house this week (Jay-Ski goes IN on his set on side A....

The HHRA is very east coast and UK-centric thusfar. If you've got tips on tapes from the midwest, west coast, deep south, overseas, etc., drop a line!

Peep some Philly flavor with this late summer 1993 episode of the Q102 Hip-Hop Review featuring DJ Jay-Ski, Mike Elliot, and Shelly Shel. A young Souls of Mischief come through to hype up their debut album.

Q102 Hip-Hop Review August 1993 WIOQ (102.1 FM) Philadelphia, PA, USA Yet another unlabeled tape (should I make "YAUT" an official acronym?). This one is from Q102 (WIOQ) Hip-Hop Review on a Sunday night in 1993, sometime before September. The hosts are "The Funky President" Mike Elliott (heard earl...

Added a changelog to the site to track additions (since not every one will be tweeted).

Changelog Items added since launch day... 2017-10-18 16:21:00: The Chuck Chillout Show (December 4, 1987) 2017-10-18 13:56:03: Return to the Attic (April 22, 1998) 2017-10-17 11:40:19: Hip-Hop Hangover (September 29, 1998) 2017-10-16 20:44:48: C.M Famalam (March 4, 1999) 2017-10-15 21:19:35: C.M Fam...

Small college radio is important, too. Check some of the 90s shows from tiny WMWC in Virginia.

Shows: WMWC TitleDateStationLocation7 episodes found Sounds from the AtticApril 9, 1995WMWC (540 AM)Fredericksburg, VA (Mary Washington College)Sounds from the AtticFebruary 12, 1995WMWC (540 AM)Fredericksburg, VA (Mary Washington College)The PhlavorApril 14, 1998WMWC (91.5 caFM)Fredericksburg, VA (...

Let's kick off the week with a pair of C.M Famalam shows from '98 and '99. This was Bobbito's show (under the nickname Cucumber Slice) on KCR in the late 90s. Peace to Matt Wright (DJ Butterfingers) for these.…

Shows: C.M Famalam TitleDateStationLocation2 episodes found C.M FamalamDecember 18, 1998WKCR (89.9 FM)New York, NY (Columbia University)C.M FamalamMarch 4, 1999WKCR (89.9 FM)New York, NY (Columbia University)

New: Another partial Club Krush episode, this one from March 15, 1990.

Club Krush March 15, 1990 WPRB (103.3 FM) Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University) This is on the flipside of the March 8th tape, so it's likely this is the start of the March 15 episode. G shows some jealousy over Tone's new '89 Supra but disses Eazy's "Mess-cort."Side AIntro AirbreakBaby, You Nas...

Three new shows to share:

Club Krush (Princeton, NJ): March 8, 1990


Club Krush: June 7, 1990

Chuck Chillout (New York, NY): August 29, 1986 (via Dutch)

Plenty more on the way!

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I’m happy to announce the launch of the Hip-Hop Radio Archive.

And we're live!

The goal of the Hip-Hop Radio Archive is to preserve recordings of hip-hop radio from the 1980s and 1990s from both college and commercial stations and to use the collection to document the spread of the culture via radio during that period. Learn more...

Launching soon! If you've found your way here, I'm impressed.