Here's my periodic reminder: if you (or someone you know) had a radio show (or obsessively taped others' radio shows) and you want to get episodes preserved for the future, DM me. Doesn't matter if tapes have been digitized or not. Let's make it happen.

The most enjoyable things to share about the HHRA are new partnerships and newly added long, lost episodes. But often, what's happening is much less outwardly exciting. It's bulk updating metadata for 50 shows at once (like what happened this weekend) or quietly adding a new section that is setting the stage for something bigger down the road (also happened this weekend), or prepping a giant spreadsheet to import (happening this week).

None of this stuff is terribly thrilling or worthy of a post every time it happens, but something to keep mind. The gears are always grinding. The archive's steadily growing and improving.


A new gem by way of DJ Step One: London's Friday Rap Show with Dave Pearce (perhaps best known as the guy from the intro of Nation of Millions). Likely from the summer of 1989.

Friday Rap Show 1989 GLR (94.9 FM) London, England, UK And so we have the first appearance on OB4ZL for Dave Pearce's rap show on Greater London Radio. Most people in the UK are familiar with Dave as he spent the latter part of the 90s and early 00s doing big things on the dance music side of things...

DC heads, relive an Albie Dee "Club 95" episode from PGC in March of 1994, courtesy of Matt Wright (DJ Butterfingers).

Club 95 March 25, 1994 WPGC (95.5 FM) Washington, DC, USA Albie Dee rocks Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang, and plenty of other classics including a few reggae and club tunes. DJs/Hosts: Albie Dee Archive notes: Dated based on college basketball scores given during breaks. Credit: Matt Wright (DJ Butterf...

Excited to be helping out DJ A-L in getting Boulder/Denver, Colorado's "The Eclipse Show" archived! The show's been running for nearly 40 years (!!) which makes it "the longest running hip-hop show on the planet!" Here's a dope one from May 5, 1996.

The Eclipse Show May 5, 1996 KGNU (88.5 FM) Boulder, CO, USA "The Longest Running Hip Hop Radio Show On The Planet" DJs/Hosts: DJ Chris Nathan, DJ Chonz, Francois, Apostle, D the Man Credit: DJ A-L Download E-mail additions/corrections

Yesterday I posted what was my very first radio tape, a Roxanne mix, presumably from Lady B's "Street Beat" on Power 99 in Philly in 1985. My cousin gave it to me when I was 10 and it changed my life. Features great live Roxanne spinoff track by Philly's Disco C.

Street Beat 1985 WUSL (98.9 FM) Philadelphia, PA, USA A 24-minute Roxanne mix that aired on Power 99 (WUSL) in Philadelphia. Excellent for its simplicity -- from the basic scratches over the dub version of Sparky D's "Sparky's Turn (Roxanne You're Through)," to the heavily echoed Lady B "oh my good....

Just added a great episode of the Radio 1 Rap Show with Westwood just after Big L's murder. Features a solid tribute mix from Max Glazer. Rob Swift is also in studio with Gudtyme promoting Rob's "The Ablist." (credit to @PaulDJStepOne).

Radio 1 Rap Show February 19, 1999 BBC Radio 1 (97-99 FM) London, England, UK Bit of a significant show this as Big L's death 4 days earlier is announced at the start.Rob Swift is in the house promoting his album The Ablist with his MC Gudtyme......and then there's a tribute to Big L with Max Glazer...

Thanks to Matt Wright (aka DJ Butterfingers) for contributing nearly 11 hours of 90s radio to the archive this weekend!

Changelog Items added since launch day... 2018-02-11 17:55:04: Hip-Hop Hangover (April 9, 1999) 2018-02-11 17:26:13: The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show (July 24, 1997) 2018-02-11 17:14:12: The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show (January 16, 1997) 2018-02-11 16:34:38: Boogie & The Barber (March 2...

This classic episode of Club Krush from 28 years ago today features Tony D (RIP) at his promotional best.

Club Krush February 8, 1990 WPRB (103.3 FM) Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University) Eazy M was off DJing a party somewhere in Jersey, so his partner from “Too Smooth” (later “Sounds from the Underground”) Fresh J filled in as a co-host. Eazy’s absence meant that Tone was given a full two...

Thanks to Dutch for today's KDAY Supermix from 1985 featuring none other than Dr. Dre on the mix.

KDAY Supermix 1985 KDAY (1580 AM) Los Angeles, CA, USA A KDAY Supermix from 1985 featuring Dr. Dre. DJs/Hosts: Dr. Dre Credit: Dutch Download E-mail additions/corrections

Big up to @randomrapradio for this Tim Westwood Capital Rap gem from 30 years ago today.

Capital Rap Show January 29, 1988 (95.8 FM) London, England, UK Tim Westwood on Capital Rap in 1988. DJs/Hosts: Tim Westwood Credit: Irish Craig - RandomRapRadio Download E-mail additions/corrections

Peep this great 1998 episode of the Dutch Masters/Mastaz show featuring guest @BizMarkie ("Oh, you can curse on the radio?"), courtesy of DJ Step One and Tobes.

Dutch Masters June 14, 1998 Radio 3 (96.8 FM) Amsterdam, NL Biz is in the house for this edition of the long running Dutch radio show. While I was searching for a bit more info I came across this mixcloud page with a bunch of other shows, including this one which is where I took the date from. Origi...

We've got a bonkers addition thanks to Irish Craig from Random Rap Radio: the UK Fresh '86 performance that aired on Mike Allen's Capital Rap Show. Word of Mouth, Steady B, the Real Roxanne, Mantronix, Sir Mix-A-Lot, World Class Wreckin' Cru... Imagine the vibe!

Capital Rap Show August 29, 1986 (95.8 FM) London, England, UK If you are from outside of the UK, this may be the first time youve heard of the UK Fresh 86 shows. These were at Wembley Arena [NB: ARENA Rap in the UK in 1986] and were billed as 'The event of the decade'. Following the Fresh Fest temp...

From 25 years ago today, this solid "Best of '92" episode of London's "KISS FM Rap Show." (peace to DJ Step One)

KISS FM Rap Show December 30, 1992 KISS (100.0 FM) London, England, UK This is what was going on down 20 years ago yesterday on London's Kiss FM. Max LX & Dave VJ (accompanied by DJ Biznizz) run through some of the best tracks of the year, including Cypress Hill, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, K Solo, Grand...

Added a handful of shows yesterday well worth checking including a pirate radio show from Kent, England and two more mid-80s Awesome Two eps. As always, peep new stuff at...

Changelog Items added since launch day... 2017-12-20 15:25:35: TRC Hip-Hop Show (May 22, 1994) 2017-12-20 13:01:28: The Awesome Two (November 23, 1986) 2017-12-20 12:51:30: The Awesome Two (November 2, 1986) 2017-12-20 12:39:43: The Hank Love & Half Pint Show (July 1997) 2017-12-17 18:52:46: KISS FM...

Stretch Armstrong's "Cassette Culture" pieces on Medium were so dope, like this one discussing hip-hop radio in NYC in the mid-80s.

"In terms of their radio programs, just about the only thing that Red Alert and Marley Marl had in common was that they were both presenting hip-hop music in a mix-show format. Other than that, they couldn’t have been more different."

WBLS Rap Attack • December 18, 1987

Added a couple of new mid-80s NYC shows courtesy of new contributor Ted Sonnenschein, including this Awesome Two episode from July 1986 featuring an interview with Eric B. and an 18-year-old Rakim. More goodness to come from Ted's collection.

The Awesome Two July 27, 1986 WHBI (105.9 FM) New York, NY, USA The Awesome Two conduct an interview with a young Eric B. & Rakim on WHBI. DJs/Hosts: Teddy Tedd, Special K Featuring: Eric B., Rakim Credit: Ted Sonnenschein, Ralph D Download E-mail additions/corrections