Here's the latest news on our upcoming HND: Overwatch Invitational I tournament on April 22 - 23. Many thanks to GosuGamers for all the support!

Europe is slowly but surely becoming a competitive scene again, both in terms of the team standings and the availability of tournaments.

Hey everyone! HND Open VI is now official! Mark your calendars for the 5th and 6th of May and check out the news channel on for more information!



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Check out out new HND Trailer which will be used in all our HND Tournament Streams!

HND Tournament News

Due to a large tournament being announced on April 1st & 2nd we have moved our HND: OW Invitational I to April 22nd & 23rd. We will host the HND: Overwatch Invitational I Qualifiers on April 1st & 2nd instead. The top two teams from the Invitational I Qualifiers event will secure places in the Invitational against 14 other top teams in Europe for a total of 16 teams competing for our largest prize pool yet!

HND: Overwatch Invitational I Qualifiers Sign-up:...

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Welcome to HND Gaming's latest Overwatch tournament! We are a...

HND: OW Invitational 1
We're excited to tell you guys that we are running our first Invitational Tournament. Meaning that we'll invite the best teams to play in this tournament to provide for more intense games.
We will still have the "Open" events but for now we're gonna focus on Invitational 1.

The Tournament will be on April 1st & 2nd. As always we will have prizes for our viewers, and bigger awards for our winning participants! We hope to see you there!

We're back! HND: #Overwatch Open V Qualifiers begin at 19:00 CET followed by streamed Finals on Saturday at 14:00 CET, featuring teams like Method, Helsinki Reds, Grand Danois and Pale Golden Rod! Check out our Battlefy:

Welcome to HND Gaming's latest Overwatch tournament! We are a...

HND: Overwatch Open IV is going live in a few minute. First game of the day will be Team Vitality vs. Normandus. Tune in at

HND: Overwatch Open IV. 9-10th of December. Register your team for a chance to win €300 at

HND Open III is currently live. If you're not already watching, tune in at

Check out this awesome 4000+SR game posted by our lovely Nikolaj Sørensen Also featuring razorcuts and halin!

Sick game. Hit the sleep darts of my life -- Watch live at

Hey guys! Don't forget to sign up for our next tournament. Check out for more information!

Registration for HND Gaming: OW Open III is now live. The tournament will be running November 10th - 12th and will be played on the North American servers. Visit for more information.

CruSuhDude wins the grand final and takes home €300 in a great series vs. Normandus in the HND: OW Open II. #overwatch

Join us for the end of the Grand Finals as well as the Lioncast Mouse Giveaway!!

CruSuhDude manage to beat Tribunal eSports e.V. in an amazing series. This means CruSuhDude moves up to play the grand final vs. Normandus at 17:15 CEST. Be sure to tune in as we expect this to be another great series between two fantastic teams.

Good morning to all of you Overwatch fans. I hope you're all as excited as we are to start the 3rd and final day of our HND: Overwatch Open II. We have some epic games planned for today. So head on over to as we start the day with Tropic Gaming vs. CruSuhDude at 12:00 CEST.