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Alisha Darwent
· October 30, 2015
I had a destination Wedding in Hawaii and ordered 24 cupcakes from Hokulani for the day. We were contacted just before the wedding started to say that half of the cupcakes had melted. They contacted we were getting married to get them to supply something at their expenses, however the place only did this when we pushed it with them. I was very looking forward to having the cupcakes and very disappointed by what happened. We were offered a refund, which we had to chase and when we got it they only refunded the cupcakes and not the hire of the cupcake stand (which was not used) or the set up which did not occur. I would think that a place who mainly sells cupcakes in a hot location like Hawaii would know how to get them to a wedding in one piece. Very disappointing. See More
Lexie Tee
· March 13, 2016
Last 2 or 3 times I've had them my coworkers and I all agreed they were really dry and dense, completely opposite from what cupcakes should be and what Hokulani used to taste like. Flavors were and overall the cupcakes did not look or taste fresh. Extremely disappointed, especially since they are not cheap. And like some other reviewers mentioned, practically burnt (which might explain the dryness). See More
Sue Feleciano
· November 29, 2015
Really lost faith in the standard, taste, and look to these cupcakes. When these cupcakes were on Cupcake Wars and won they were the best on island - now they are no better than Foodland cupcakes sh...ipped from the mainland. Total disappointment! Especially when they sell burnt cupcakes... See More
Cyndi Costa
· September 21, 2015
Cupcakes aren't what they used to be. I just bought some on Sunday and cupcakes were dry and one was not cooked enough. They were the bomb when they first opened in windward mall but i now they are av...erage and over priced. See More
Rosanna De Ria
· June 9, 2017
Absolutely heavenly! Love the lilikoi and the guava cupcakes, the best ❤️
Susan K. Gonzales
· February 7, 2014
their cupcakes are yummy! My daughter looooved her cake ♥ I went back for my sons too! This year Ill be going again for my 2nd sons 1st birthday party ^_^
Tammy Kamerer
· July 13, 2015
These cupcakes are sooo delicious. Strawberry guava is the best!!
Sheenal Singh
· August 3, 2015
Lilikoi is my favorite!!! Love your cupcakes!
Keep up the good work!!!
Kai'ulani MakoaHekili
January 14, 2013
loved any cupcake w/ creamcheese frosting sooo delish & peanut butter/jelly cupcake yummy-pearlridge location is awesome ♥
Alison Lyman Hession
June 12, 2013
Go get a cream filled red velvet cupcake! So ono!
Karin Watanabe Choi
· November 25, 2014
The best cupcakes in town!
Sydney Esperas
· January 14, 2014
Not only love it, but my children love it, allof ot!
Margo Townsley Ardoin
· April 24, 2014
The red velvet cupcake is awesome!!!
Mokihana Luvz Freddy
· January 16, 2017
I've never had a bad experience with Hokulani! I LOVE THEM THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!
Tameka Flemming
· November 30, 2013
I had the salted Carmel cucake and it was great!
Amber Gill
· February 26, 2014
Best cupcake I have had in the longest time!
Stacy Kawakami
March 4, 2013
I think you should open a shop in Kahala mall where Cinnabon was!!! I ❤❤❤ HOKULANI BAKERY!
Isabelle Reney
· February 9, 2014
Love your strawberry guava cupcake
Dave Moskowitz
· November 14, 2013
The whole kit and kaboodle

⭐️We are helping out the Hawaii Food Bank! Today and tomorrow, make a donation (canned food or money), make a purchase and get a FREE cupcke or decorated cookie ☺️ @hawaiifoodbank will be having their own food drive on Saturday at Restaurant Row too so come on down and check it out! #hokulanicares #foodrive #donations #supportlocal

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Everyday should be CUPCAKE DAY :D
We are working on some very special cupcake cakes for our friends at the #waikikiaquarium
Oh you know just making some toasted coconuts for our paradise toasted coconut cupcakes :) stop by and enjoy some today