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"Become a regular and somewhere in the barman’s mind is an airline-style loyalty program. Every drink bought and tip given earns you a couple of tier points. Earn enough and for a while you’ll get treated like a human being."

Seeking affirmation isn’t new and it isn’t rare. We probably do hundreds of things a day that are in someway dictated by us thinking someone else will be impressed by it. Even if just through some game-theoretic dance of logic in our heads; “If I do this, then he’ll think that. And if he thinks that...
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"Of course there's a queue of double-denim clad hipsters; no self respecting brunch place worthy of a mention in a top 10 list takes bookings these days."

To qualify yourself as an explorer, you used to have to discover a continent or at least some precipiced waterfall somewhere at the edge of a vast plain. These days it’s easy; no 3 month sail around the world to traverse some uncharted land. Just whip out Google and search for “10 best cold brew bru...