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Because why NOT a giant hole in my tire?

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I told ya'll that I would write about the Barbie sleeping bags... here ya go. Post/tutorial is up.

My daughters decided that they needed sleeping bags for their Barbie dolls. I couldn't find a pattern online that I liked, so here is what I created for them.

Our little fella, Gideon, was born seven weeks early back in December and had to spend nine days in the NICU. Since then, he's done so well - and has managed to get back on the growth charts, according to today's doctor visit. 15th percentile weight, 10th percentile height... but doing so well overall!

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Donna Suddeth

Just got 4 month shots. Up to 10% in height and 15% in weight. Dr says he looks great!

You know that you have a large family when you kill an entire loaf of bread making grilled cheeses. Especially if this pile doesn't even cover one person!

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I can't even count how many of these dolls my girls have. They are played with every single day in my house.

Carry along a fairytale favorite with this Rapunzel Mini Doll Play Set. Inspired by our Disney Animators' Collection dolls, this play set includes a glittering Pascal figurine, plus art and play accessories, all in a clear snap case.

Decided to go ahead and write up the post that goes with one of the images in my page banner above - the Peach Cobbler I baked for Donna a week or so ago. The blog post includes pics and the complete recipe... and yes, you can do this one yourself!

A week or so ago, I baked one of my wife's favorite desserts - peach cobbler. It's super easy to make; here's how.

Made a Barbie Doll sleeping bag/pillow combo last night for Wynter. Will be making at least one more for Elowyn, though I can see demand for a lot of these in my house. I expect that I'll be doing a blog post/tutorial on these at some point.

Last night, we fried chicken fingers. Sadly, we were out of the best sauce - which, as we know, is honey mustard. Fortunately, you can fix this at home; here is the secret.

Take a spoonful each of mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and honey. Mix well. The color will be weird, but the result is delicious!

You can adjust the mustard and honey to get the flavor balance you prefer. Just add a little of whichever, taste, repeat until you get it the way you want it.

These were easy and fun, and the girls have absolutely loved them.

As a fun first sewing project for my new machine, I decided to sew blankets for my daughters to use with their dolls or stuffed animals.

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I noticed that the blog was acting a little wonky for images on mobile. That has been fixed.

Here we go - the first post to the new blog.

For Easter this year, we decided to do a Suddeth Big Breakfast. This post catalogs what that breakfast entails.
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