Please help me boycott Wells Fargo Bank for deceiving me into thinking I was getting a loan modification, and caused my home of 15 years to be Foreclosed on within six months, even though I had paid several years of principal in advance at 1080 Noble Lane, San Jose, Cal, 95132, and only owed 219,000 on my loan, and today on Zillow it's estimated at $1,2 Million dollars.

Please close your bank accounts, and sell your Wells Fargo stock!. John Stumpf, Wells Fargo's CEO may have... been raised Catholic, but he and his bank are true Scrooge's and I was even served my 5 day eviction notice on Christmas Eve.

In my opinion Wells Fargo Bank should pay for new homeless shelters to be built for all the people they have made homeless, isn't it a tax write off for them?

I have been unemployed nearly seven years and had a nervous break down from this ordeal, the stress from living in my car for the past 5 years also caused a heat stroke and heart attack. I have reason to believe that members of the Knights of Columbus working at at the U.S Post Office may have been were stealing my notices and unemployment checks from my P.O Box and forging my name on them, EDD ignored my complaint asking for an audit and trace on who cashed my bi-weekly checks.

Please help me bring these individuals involved to Justice for their criminal actions, my complaints to then Attorney General Jerry Brown, Santa Clara County District Attorney, FBI and the Postal Inspector fell on deaf ears and they did nothing to help me and the government agencies that are suppose to protect consumers only rubber stamped what the bank and Fidelity title company did.

If we allow this to continue, and Wells Fargo to get away with it and not change the foreclosure laws to prevent so called real estate investors from stealing your home's equity, when will it happen to you, your family members or friends when they lose their job, and have medical related issue's preventing them from working?

Merry Christmas to you and your family and God Bless.

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Can you believe that the Populist are blaming the Democrats for so many homeless encampments, when the second Great Depression was due to Corporations that sent our good paying IT & Engineering jobs to India and manufacturing jobs to China, and and food processing jobs to Mexico and Canada and decimated the American working class. Neither the Republicans or Democrats have passed any import tariffs to level the playing field and make U.S manufacturing competitive, instead we i...mport crap from China that is designed to break and be thrown away in a few years. I almost forgot, God Bless America, Oorah!
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