New Year, New Beginnings, New Memories. Here's to an exciting 2018!
Easy Holiday Home Improvements
Holiday Home Decor

If you have a sweet tooth you just can't cure, then you should call one of these five cities your new home!

Got a sweet tooth that won't come loose? Satisfy your sweet tooth with these best cities for chocolate lovers.

We are living in the era of low-interest rates, but how much longer will they last? Our 2018 mortgage rate outlook has the answers.

Mortgage rates have a significant impact on the cost of buying a home. When the rates increase, your monthly payments go up. When rates go down, the cost of a home declines. Be prepared with this 2018 Mortgage Rate Outlook.

Changing your address is so much more than just informing the US Postal Service; we have a list of other institutions you'll need to notify, too!

There's more to changing your address than making sure your mail will be delivered to the right place. Your address is an important piece of information for everything from your voting rights to your driver's license.

Here's an interesting analysis of The Bachelor contestants for all the #BachelorNation fans! #Herefortherightreasons

Spring is coming; that means one thing, it's curb appeal season. Plan a trip to your favorite home improvement store because we have four fun weekend projects for you!

Buyers take a broad, quick glance at your home and lawn. What they see in those first few seconds colors their impression of the home.

It's easy to think of renovations that'll increase the value of your home, but don't forget to factor in how the improvement will age with you too!

These improvements can not only help the elderly, they can also dramatically improve accessibility for someone recovering from an injury or surgery, increase access for the disabled, and help manage workflows for a busy family.

Whether you're moving across town or cross country, relocating is no easy feat. Here's how to handle it like a pro!

Instead of getting frantic, use these life tips and resources to handle relocation like a pro, or at least, with a spirit of adventure.

When you're ready to leave your rental, getting your security deposit back can ease expenses moving into your first home. We have eight ways to get that extra cash!

There is no guarantee you'll get your security deposit back when vacating a rental, but these tips will make it easier.

Thanks for the pick-up of our Airbnb study Southern Living! With our headquarters in Hampton Roads, we're not surprised by the city that took the top spot. #Hometown

New York and LA have nothing on this southern beach destination.

Read this article to make the most of your time as a renter before transitioning to home ownership!

Millennials are most likely to rent rather than buy a home. Millennials are also clever when it comes to renting outside the box. See how.

Worried you won't be able to save for a down payment on a home? We have four cost-cutting ideas to help you budget now!

Renting is a great way to save for a down payment on a home. Ready to save big? Here are top tips to help you save while renting.

Did you know the Commonwealth of Virginia is the birthplace of eight US Presidents? Test your Presidential knowledge with our article on all things POTUS, past and present! #HappyPresidentsDay

Presidents Day is right around the corner. We've compiled some popular birthplaces of US presidents. Can you guess which state has the most?

If you're planning to Visit Washington DC for #PresidentsDay or just want to plan a fun weekend trip, check out these six ways to enjoy our nation's capital!

With more companies offering work-from-home opportunities, having an exceptional home office space is more important now than it ever was! Browse these tips.

Individuals and companies are both realizing the value of having a flexible workforce that can work from home, taking a blended workplace/home office approach to their job.

Looking to relocate and need a good public transit system? We've compiled the top five cities with the best transits in the country!

If you're a commuter, these cities with the best public transit will make your ride to work a breeze. Find out which cities top our list.

Don't let the winter blues get you down; perk up your space with pops of green! Our guide will help you find the right houseplant for your space.

The winter months can be hard to get through for people who live in cold environments. Select the right houseplants for winter.