From Taylor ham (or pork roll for us southerners) to the Jersey Shore, New Jersey has a lot to offer, see what the state has to offer towards your new solar investment!

We have a comprehensive list of useful resources for home solar incentives, rebates, grants and loans.

Some solar install companys offer free and simple system monitoring! Just another way #solar can help you save more money, and electricity! #gosolar

Learn how most reputable solar for home companies now offer monitoring and maintenance solutions. Click and see if you qualify for incentives.

What will your new bill be like after installing solar? The answer may shock you!

Find out what it means to have solar but still be connected to the grid. Learn about "offsets" and what they mean towards your home (and electric bill):

A reputable solar installer with design a solar power system that will generate electricity based on historic kilowatt consumption. Learn about...

Solar has a lot of incentives and not all are state sponsored. See how your panels can create a greener future for generations to come:

Your source for information on solar energy incentives

Solar is solar, the same way that coal is coal. At the end of the day your solar panels will generally produce the same amount of energy, however it is picking your provider that will influence your experience overall. Don't get drawn in by big corporations just because of their flashy advertisements! See some tips on how to chose the right solar provider.

Hands-on solar panel companies that have systems of managing the solar construction lifecycle are typically the most successful. Large,...

So, how much does solar REALLY cost? Well, that depends on a lot of factors, but we have the basic estimates depending on how much energy you'd need to produce.!

Learn about the real cost of solar for home. It's not just about tax credits and kilowatts! See if you qualify for the No Cost Solar Program in NJ.

Any fan of The Walking Dead will know that when the zombie apocalypse comes, it will be very difficult to trust others. At least you can trust your solar panels to generate electricity...

Solar panels came in handy during the walking dead. Solar is an important component to the future of clean energy and energy independence. Click...

Even though you can go solar to maximize savings and efficiency, you can't always trust some of the companies that offer it. Check out these tips to avoid solar scams and let us help you find a trustworthy installer in your zip code:

Not all NJ solar companies are created equal. HSI has partnered with reliable and reputable local installers.

Yes we like Pina Coladas! And getting caught in the rain! That’s because rainy, cloudy days can actually help keep your panels efficient and clean.

Learn about solar panel production on cloudy and rainy days.If you’re eligible for solar, we’ll help you find a reliable local installer.

Solar is here to stay
So if your electric bill has you feeling blue
Just because it's National 'Bad Poetry Day',
See how much you could save by 'going solar',
It's easier than pulling a molar! ...

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Learn about solar energy in NJ and see if you are eligible for incentives. If you're eligible, lock-in your low electricity rates & start saving...

While doing your research have you seen situations where homeowners weren't saving money? Unfortunately solar isn't ready for every home yet, check out these 5 reasons not to go solar and see if they apply to your home!

Learn about the top 5 things people get wrong about solar. If you’re eligible for solar in NJ, we’ll help you find a reliable and reputable local...

See how New Jersey is working to keep #solar affordable for consumers as the industry begins to establish a dominating presence in the country!

WHEN… The sun hits your roof like a big ball of muzz that’s 'solare'

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Windows can illuminate your home using sunlight in more than one way! See how this Dutch tech startup is integrating solar tech into their windows!

Trying to make large buildings energy-neutral, companies are taking advantage of building windows' surface area to harvest solar energy.

See how NASA is using this summers Solar Eclipse to better our understanding on #solar radiation and energy! Their study could even expand our use of solar technology! #solareclipse #NASA #science

Did you know that solar power has been around since the 1800’s? Or that In 2016, there was one new solar panel installation every 84 seconds? Click below to find out all sorts of neat facts about solar power and make the switch today!

Solar power is the future of energy production as it is a renewable resource. Read on to learn 25 interesting facts about solar power.