The People of Seattle Took on Big Money, and Won
Big money's influence getting worse in Seattle. Yes on I-122
Big Money in Politics Town Hall (w/Special Guests)

Do you have questions about Seattle's new Democracy Voucher program? We have answers.


"This is democracy in action!"

The Young Turks

Seattle is experimenting with a new voting program.


Did your dog eat your Democracy Vouchers? No worries! It's easy to request replacement Democracy Vouchers online if you lost or misplaced your vouchers:


Ballots are out this week! Want to start using your vouchers? Need a refresher on the qualified candidates? Find your answers here.

Learn more about the List of Eligible Candidates

The SEEC has lifted Democracy Voucher fundraising caps for City Council position 8 candidates Teresa Mosqueda and Jon Grant

The candidates are subject to fundraising caps under the Democracy Voucher program. But the cap goes away when opponents raise big bucks.

Democracy vouchers give a voice to low-income workers, seniors, and people experiencing homelessness!

Experiment comes at a time of seemingly new possibilities for election financing after Bernie Sanders demonstrated that small donors can float a campaign

"Seattle is the courageous city that has tried out a new way to fix a big problem: the immense amount of money, particularly from wealthy interests, that infiltrates our elections. The court should let that local democracy-enhancing experiment play out."

Seattle can serve as a model for the rest of the country — most Americans favor campaign-finance reform.

Democracy Vouchers support inclusivity in the electoral process, empowering people whose voices have been barred from local politics. When Seattle voted for democracy vouchers, we voted for diversity!

Supporters hope the program boosts the diversity of people involved in politics either by getting behind a candidate or by running for office themselves.

Democracy vouchers are working the way they're meant to, and they will stand up to this lawsuit.

A libertarian-leaning group is suing Seattle, saying its democracy vouchers program is unconstitutional.

Did you misplace your Democracy Vouchers? Now you can request replacements online.

Please fill out this form to request replacement democracy vouchers by mail or email.

Seattle is leading the way in campaign finance reform - Honest Elections Seattle has sparked a national conversation, inspiring similar programs across the country.

In a system driven by big donors, a pioneering Seattle program hands the campaign-finance purse strings to average and even voters experiencing homelessness.

Election day is months away, but Seattle's new Democracy Voucher program is already reshaping city elections.

In 2015, 4,570 Seattleites contributed to a city council or city attorney candidate. In 2017, 5,276 people have contributed to these races, including 4,343 using Democracy Vouchers.

Through campaign events and door-to-door canvassing, Seattle political candidates are stepping up their search for so-called “Democracy Vouchers.” So far,

Who will you vouch for? These campaigns are eligible to receive democracy vouchers!

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Go Minnesota!

With election vouchers, “municipal officials will be encouraged to look to the entire electorate rather than large contributors,” says Ruth Cain.

Make your voice heard. Use your Democracy Vouchers.

Did you know that on average, only about 1-2% of Seattle residents contribute to candidate campaigns?

How to use your democracy vouchers? Here's one take!

You remember democracy vouchers, right? Last fall, Seattle voters passed a brand new public campaign financing system that gives everyone who lives in Seattle free money to donate to local candidates. Now, even broke people get to harness the most powerful weapon in American politics: cold hard cash...