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Vote Yes on I-122 to limit big money interests and give ordinary voters a stronger voice in our government.
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  • Am so glad I don't live in the city of Seattle, where they are now f...orcing speech through the dishonest election initiative. Now people are forced through their property taxes to fund politicians they don't like. See More
  • Hey how about you spend resources on trying to get I-122 passed inst...ead of sending me some kind of shaming bullshit message about my voting record. I did vote in general elections in 2010 and 2012 I just didn't live in this passive aggressive state so you wouldn't know. Not sure who thought that the "Official Voting Record" mailing was good idea but I'm giving those consultants a "Below Average" rating and reminding you that "as a [campaign advisor] it's important that you set an example and [try not to piss off your potential supporters on the eve of a close vote]." See More
  • Could you teach your canvassers what "No Solicitors" means? I can't ...think of a better way to change someone's opinion from positive to negative than to ignore their posted requests (and then their verbal request). See More
The People of Seattle Took on Big Money, and Won
Big money's influence getting worse in Seattle. Yes on I-122
Big Money in Politics Town Hall (w/Special Guests)

Seattleites! Check your mailbox when you get home. Your $100 in Democracy Vouchers arrive this week.


How to use your democracy vouchers? Here's one take!

You remember democracy vouchers, right? Last fall, Seattle voters passed a brand new public campaign financing system that gives everyone who lives in Seattle free money to donate to local candidates. Now, even broke people get to harness the most powerful weapon in American politics: cold hard cash...

Way to go Liza Campbell for saving your democracy vouchers! If you're a Seattle voter, make sure you put yours in a safe place. #honestelections

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How powerful are you? I mean really, do you feel like your voice or opinions are directly influencing city, state or federal decisions? Do you feel like students generally are

Why are democracy vouchers important? Because they're a tool to transform local politics! Have you received yours in the mail yet?

A look at how democracy vouchers work and what they could mean for the future of politics.


Residents received $100 in taxpayer-supported coupons to give to city candidates of their choice.

Event this Wednesday on how to use your Democracy Vouchers! Panelists include Heidi Groover with The Stranger, Alan Durning with Sightline Institute, and Wayne Barnett with SEEC's Democracy Voucher Program.

Wednesday, February 22nd 6:00-7:30PM
Smith Hall Rm 205 (1911 Skagit Ln, Seattle, WA)

Wed 6:00 PM PSTSmith 205
89 people interested

Did you know you can now drop off your Democracy Vouchers in person? All you need to do is visit one of the 7 Customer Service locations around Seattle.

Learn more about where you can return Democracy Vouchers.
Since January 3, the City of Seattle has been sending out democracy vouchers to all eligible city residents. Every envelope has four vouchers, each with a $25 value for a grand total of $100 that residents can donate to candidates throughout the year. The program’s intent is to make the campaigning…

Have you gotten your Democracy Vouchers in the mail?

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“Vouchers make just about everybody in town a political player, breaking the grip of big money and special interests on local races, and amplifying regular people’s voices in city decision-making.”

Seattle voters are the first in the nation who can use taxpayer-funded $100 “democracy vouchers” to donate money to local candidates.
The Seattle Channel
January 4

Democracy vouchers are in the mail. What is this new tool to engage in city government and how did it come to be in Seattle? Citizen University TV breaks it down. #campaignfinance Democracy Voucher Program, Citizen University, Honest Elections Seattle

What are Democracy Vouchers and how can you use them?

Have you received "democracy vouchers" in the mail? Here's your guide to what exactly they are and how you can use them.

Have you gotten your Democracy Vouchers in the mail? KUOW Public Radio explains how to use them.

If you live in Seattle, four democracy vouchers will soon arrive in the mail. What to do with them? Ideally, you would be inspired by a political candidate

Starting today, Seattle voters and lawful permanent residents start getting in the mail their $100 in Democracy Vouchers! These vouchers are the result of the successful Honest Elections Seattle Initiative 122 that passed in 2015. Democracy Vouchers are a new tool we all have access to, giving each of us a stronger voice in government and limiting the influence of big money interests in our local elections. In past local elections, less than 2% of Seattleites gave to a political campaign. Now, everyone is a potential small donor.

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"On Tuesday, Seattle’s grand experiment with providing eligible residents $100 worth of vouchers that municipal candidates can use to fund their campaigns will begin going out." #SeattleVotes

Little slips of civic engagement are heading to a mailbox near you.