The People of Seattle Took on Big Money, and Won
Big money's influence getting worse in Seattle. Yes on I-122
Big Money in Politics Town Hall (w/Special Guests)

Did you use your Democracy Vouchers? We want to hear from you.

Seattle is the first city in the nation to use an innovative Democracy Vouchers program to limit big money's influence and empower more small donors to support the local candidate(s) of their choice. Share your story.

Another victory for fair elections! Voters in D.C. have made it clear: big money doesn't belong in democracy.

After Landmark Vote, Groups Delivered Petitions to Mayor Urging Her to Support Public Funding of Elections


More than half the countries in the latest update of a democratic-health index saw their scores decline

"Thanks to Seattle voters who chose this program and the SEEC’s efforts to bringing as many Seattleites into the process as possible, there is more and more evidence that the Democracy Vouchers’ first year was a success at expanding and diversifying the Seattle donor base and, in the process, making the city’s campaign finance system more inclusive."

In Just One Election Cycle, Vouchers Have Changed Campaign Finance in the City of SeattleCatie Kelley and Maggie ChristJan 23, 2018 Share: Last November, Seattle’s Democracy Voucher program completed its first election, and post-election analyses to date have been extremely encouraging. Consistent...

Way to go, Seattle!

How was the participation in the #DemocracyVoucherProgram by city council districts?

Of the 72,065 returned Democracy Vouchers, here is the breakdown by distric...ts:

Council District 1 - 11.4%
Council District 2 - 14%
Council District 3 - 19.6%
Council District 4 - 13.8%
Council District 5 - 11.2%
Council District 6 - 17.4%
Council District 7 - 12.7%

Way to go, #Seattle!…/program-…/participation-by-district

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Democracy Voucher program data - Participation by District

"In Washington state — and in many other cities and states all across this country — creative policymakers are rewriting the political rules to limit special-interest influence and help their constituents have a stronger say. Thanks to them, our democracy has a fighting chance."

It seems poetic that the antithesis of Washington, DC’s political corruption and ineptitude can be found in Washington State, 2,493 miles away. Ma...

Seattle is leading the way to help every day people make their voices heard!

“If we want a government that is of, by, and for the people, we need to address who can run and who can give."

Do Seattle's Democracy Vouchers offer hope for a reinvigorated democracy post-Citizens United?

"Around 25,000 Seattleites made campaign contributions. Driving the big tally, 18,000 Seattle residents gave nearly 70,000 Democracy Vouchers to 2017 candidates. For comparison, roughly 8,200 donated in 2013."

One of Seattle’s many progressive experiments, the Democracy Voucher program proved effective for balancing the scales between everyday people with limited money for campaign donations and large co…

Incredible overview of voucher impact in our city!

"I’s clear: in just one election cycle, the program changed the campaign fundraising game for both candidates and donors."

Candidates rely on small donations from donors across the city.

Seattle's new Democracy Voucher program greatly increased the number of people participating as small donors in the 2017 election.

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A historic number of Seattleites participated in the 2017 election as campaign donors! 84% gave to a candidate for the first time.

Seattle's new Democracy Voucher Program strengthened the role of small donors, reducing the influence of big moneyed interests and wealthy donors who typically dominate our local elections.

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NEW REPORT: Seattle’s Democracy Vouchers reduce the power of Big Money and expand political participation.

Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program is achieving its intended goals by generating historic numbers of new and small donors, diversifying the makeup of campaign supporters to better reflect the people of Seattle, and limiting the reliance on big money in local elections, according to an initial analy...

Did you use your democracy vouchers this election? We want to hear from YOU!

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"King County Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus wrote in a ruling issued late Thursday afternoon that Seattle's democracy voucher program does not violate Seattle residents' First Amendment."

She says public campaign financing doesn't violate the First Amendment.

Exciting news! King County Superior Court dismissed a lawsuit challenging Seattle's Democracy Voucher Program.

Our coalition's statement:

We are pleased to see King County Superior Court dismiss this misguided lawsuit and side with the people of Seattle who enthusiastically approved the Democracy Voucher program in 2015. Seattle is the first city in the nation to use an innovative Democracy Vouchers program to limit big money's influe...

Philadelphia might be next in line for a Democracy Voucher program!

“People like me can contribute in ways that we never have before. We can participate in ways that Big Money always has.”

The Philadelphia City Council is considering a proposal that would help give everyday people more of a voice in local politics and allow candidates from all walks of life to run and win city elections without relying on big campaign donors.

With the help of democracy vouchers, small donors in Seattle are participating at historic rates and are far more representative of city's demographics than donors giving to Seattle's mayoral candidates.

As the influence of wealthy Americans and corporations on politics continues to grow, communities are fighting back with public financing programs at the state and local level.