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People talk abouthorrible service, crab legs and few minutes
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Michelle Sexton
January 19, 2018
Every time we have gone there they are spot on with service. Love love love there wings. See you all this weekend. Bringing some friends and going to eat lots of wings. See you saturday
Michael Underhill
November 14, 2017
I went on Saturday November 11th which was Veterans Day. They were running a special for active and retired military personnel. When I entered the place appeared empty except for the bartender and a f...ew people sitting at the bar. No one greeted me as I entered or told me where to sit. I just grabbed a seat at a table. Then I saw several girls sitting at a table in the corner with the manager. I waited and waited, but no one came to take my order. I went up to the bar and asked the bartender if anyone was working that table. She said have a seat and someone will be with you shortly. I went back to my table and waited and waited. I went back up to the bar and asked for a menu. The bartender handed me a menu and I wnt back to my table. FINALLY one of the girls came over to take my order. (Wings and a draught beer) My beer came quickly but it took 25 minutes for my wings to arrive. Like I said, the place was practically empty so this was unacceptable. By the time my wings arrived I needed another beer. I ate about half my wings and had to leave. Not that I wanted to leave. I HAD to leave. After waiting forever for service and another 25 minutes for my wings they were making me late and I had to be somewhere. I asked my waitress for a box. She said I'm sorry, the Veteran's Day special is dine-in only. You can't take it home with you. I had no choice but to leave the restaurant and leave half of my wings on the plate. Is this any way to treat a Vet who served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq on Veteran's Day? Is this any way to treat ANY customer? With service like this it is completely understandable why the place was empty. See More
Lucas Jones
October 7, 2017
Service was sub par. Waitress greeted us and brought out the drinks relatively fast. She said she would be right back to take our food order. Ten minutes later she was bringing out drinks and taking t...he food order for a table that came in after us. Ten minutes after that, still no waitress. I looked around and she was on the other side of the restaurant talking to several guys who I don't think were her customers. She finally took our order and eventually our food came out. When we were done she just dropped the check on our table and walked away. She never asked if we needed anything or wanted dessert. See More
Emily Gray
September 24, 2017
I took my nephew to Hooters to celebrate his birthday along with several of his friends. They were all excited about their trip to Hooters. Their excitement was short lived when we got a server who ap...peared mad at the world and acted like she didn't even want to be there. She complained and moaned when she took our orders. She complained and moaned when she brought our food out. She never checked in on us once. We had to get the attention of another server when we wanted to get refills on our drinks. When she brought our check I asked her if all the girls could sing the Hooters birthday song for my nephew. (I've seen them do this before.) She just walked away without giving an answer. When she came back I asked her once again. She said "Not today. I asked around and the other girls are too busy." I looked around the room and saw two girls folding silverware and napkins and another girl playing with her cell phone. Too busy, huh? See More
Mary Brooks
November 19, 2017
We sat at a table for about 20 minutes. EVERY waitress in this place walked by us at least 2 or 3 times, looked at us, made eye contact with us, but no one stopped to take our order. We were flat out ignored.
Mike Jeandell
October 28, 2017
Cold Miller Lites & the boneless naked spicy garlic wings were amazing..highest heat level but great flavor as well.
Chris Swanson
September 15, 2017
food was ok service was ok i would of left this place 3 or 4 stars but then the manager turned out to be a real d!ckhead. i am only leaving 1 star i would leave 0 stars if i could. how do you like tha...t mr manager you costed your restrant several stars just for being a d!ckhead. See More
Lawrence Turner
August 20, 2017
I sat at the bar for 10 minutes and was totally ignored by the bartender. I know she saw me. She looked my way a few times. She was at the other end of the bar talking to 2 guys. After 10 minutes anot...her customer came in and sat down at my end. She came down and waited on him right away. I got up and left. Never again! See More
Sandy Fecca
July 12, 2017
Terrible experience!!! We sat at a table for a good 10-15 minutes waiting for someone to take our order. There was a waitress sitting at a table talking to two guys and we didn't know it at the time b...ut she would turn out to be our waitress. While we were waiting another couple and a party of three came in and sat near us. After 10-15 minutes, that waitress came over and waited on the two tables that came in after us. She greeted them, took their drink order, brought their drinks, took their food order, and entered their food order. You would think she would wait on us next, right? No, she went back to the table with the two guys and started talking to them again while totally ignoring us. By now 30 minutes had gone by and we hadn't even been greeted yet. My boyfriend and I decided we had enough an would leave. As we were getting up, she came running over to our table and asked if she could help us. My boyfriend explained to her that we sat there for 30 minutes while she talked to two guys, waited on tables that came in after us, and went back to talking to the two guys again while completely ignoring us. We were leaving and going somewhere else to eat. All she had to say was "Oh, okay." That was it. No apology. No concern she was losing two customers. Just "Oh, okay." Unbelievable!!! See More
Benny Panella
September 29, 2017
Great service! Good food and the beer is ice cold! Great place to watch a game!
David Johnson
July 3, 2017
Waitress was very nice and polite. Doing her job correctly and with a pleasant smile and manner. Did not take long for the drinks and food to arrive. The burger was way over cooked, the fries were raw... in the middle, my son's chicken tenders were like cardboard or like really bad jerky. ( guess the chicken tenders were freezer burnt ) The best part of the whole meal was the Beer and Soda. If you want bad food this is the place for you to visit. I do not recommend it. See More
Ed Robbins
May 21, 2017
I called and placed an order for pickup. When I got there they told me to see the bartender she handles all the to go orders. I go up to the bar and this bitch blows me off and ignores me for 15 She looked at me several times so I know she saw me but she ignored me while she flitred with two other customers. Not even talking about food or their order just flirting and making small talk. After 15 minutes she finally came down to me and asked how she could help me. I told her my name and said I had an order for pickup. She looked around and said she didn't have any orders for pickup. Then she remembered my name and realized she was the one who took my order. She apologized and said she forgot to turn my order into the kitchen and asked if I wanted to wait 15-20 minutes while they prepared my order. Obviously this bitch has no concept of why you call ahead for a pickup order. No I don't want to wait another 15-20 minutes for an order that wasn't prepared especially after you wasted another 15 minutes of my time after I arrived. Maybe you should do your job instead of flirting with customers. See More
John Mitchell
June 21, 2017
We sat down at a table for 10 to 15 minutes but no one came to take our order. Then a girl came along and asked if we had been helped yet. We said no but she just walked away. She never came back and ...didnt get anyone else to help us. After about 10 more minutes we walked out. See More
Brianna Robin
May 7, 2017
We entered as a party of 8. We were told it would take a few minutes to be seated which we kind of expected. What we didn't expect was to be seated at 2 different tables. We tried to push the 2 tables... together but we were stopped and told we couldn't do that because 2 different servers had the 2 tables. We asked if we could be seated somewhere else where we could all sit together and have the same server but they said no they couldn't do that. Mind you the place was 90% empty. We discussed it amongst ourselves and decided to leave and go to Buffalo Wild Wings. BWW was happy to seat all 8 of us together and I'm sure they appreciated our business. See More
Bob Holmes
April 13, 2017
Food was bad and the service was horrible. It took forever to get waited on and it took forever for our food to come out. The wings came out luke warm and greasy. Our waitress just flew by once and "I see you're doing okay" and kept moving. Problem was I nned a refill on my drink. I was not doing okay. I had to flag down another waitress to get a refill on my drink. Our waitress did not check on us the rest of the time we were there. When I was ready for the check I had to send another waitress to look for her. See More
Kristine Cagan
October 8, 2016
I went with a friend who has celiac disease and can't eat anything that contains gluten. Celiac disease is quite common these days and many restaurants have gluten free selections on their menu. Not H...ooters. We looked over the menu a couple of times. My friend is tired of eating burgers without the bun and we didn't see anything else he could eat. Just then the server came up to us to take our order. When we told her of our situation, she literally pulled up a chair, sat down at our table with us, and went over the menu one more time. I couldn't believe how nice, friendly, and helpful she was. She suggested the "naked" or unbreaded wings. But when she said Hooters didn't have a dedicated gluten free fryer we had to rule them out due to possible cross contamination. When we finally decided there was nothing on the menu my friend could eat, we paid for our drinks and left a HUGE tip for our server because she was so nice and helpful. I would have easily given the restaurant 5 stars based on how nice, friendly, and helpful our server was. Then as we were leaving, the manager, who was standing behind the bar, yelled "Maybe next time you'll order food!" I couldn't believe it! He had no idea about my friend's condition or why we didn't order food. I'm sure he had no idea about how nice and helpful his employee was or how big the tip was that we left her. He just wanted to embarrass us in front of all the other customers! Well, with that outburst, my opinion of this restaurant went from 5 stars to 1 star, and they just lost two customers for life! See More
Grace Elizabeth
March 28, 2017
If I said poor service that would be an understatement. More like non-existent service. We sat in a both for 20 minutes and no one waited on us. Then a server came along and cleaned off the table next... to us. She never looked at us, never said anything, and never mad eye contact. When she was finished cleaning off the table she walked away and left us sitting there. With that we got up and walked out. See More
Karen Hartis
March 19, 2017
We went with seven 17 year olds for my son's birthday. We had best waitress and the other girls were great. They came out with the came singing and took pictures with the boys. Great place
Brian Dougherty
January 25, 2017
There were four of us sitting at the table and one was from New Jersey and didn't drive so when the waitress carded us he showed her an official State of New Jersey non-drivers ID card issued by the N...ew Jersey DMV. She said she didn't think they accepted it but took it into the back to show the manager. She came back and said they didn't accept it because it wasn't government issued. We explained our friends situation and told her it was government issued because it came from the New Jersey state DMV. She went into the back again and checked with the manager. She came back and said they wouldn't accept it because it wasn't a drivers license. Realizing we were getting nowhere and you can't argue with stupid our friend ordered a soft drink while the rest of us enjoyed an adult beverage. I think it's pretty sad when the manager of a restaurant doesn't know a government issued ID when it is shown to him. I think it's even sadder he sent his waitress back and forth to be the messenger because he didn't have the courtesy to talk to us face to face. See More
Kathy Fentress
February 25, 2017
Very, very, very slow service. It took forever for our server to greet us and take our drink order. It took forever for our server to bring our drinks and take our food order. We placed an order for w...ings and it took 45 minutes for our wings to arrive from the time we placed our order. And wings are supposed to be their specialty? People who were seated after us ate their food, paid their check, and left before we received our order of wings. Pretty sad! See More
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It's National Margarita Day just in case you needed a reason to leave work early and join us at Hooters

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Sudden craving for wings? 馃槈

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Watch The Daytona 500 with your favorite Hooters Girls today starting at 2pm! Help us cheer on our very own Chase Elliot driving the #9 car.

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Join us tomorrow to cheer on Chase Elliott as he races the number 9 car at The Daytona 500!

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Only 24 hours until Chase Elliott takes the No. 9 onto the track at Daytona!

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Stop in today and celebrate "Fat Tuesday" with us!
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Our food promises not to stain your shirts today!

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Watch UFC 221 with us TONIGHT at 10pm when Romero takes on Rockhold for the Interim Middleweight Championship! 馃馃

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馃馃 UFC 221 is TOMORROW NIGHT! Make some plans and watch the fight with your favorite Hooters Girls. 馃馃

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