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We are a small foster based Rescue,run entirely by volunteers. It may be that we cannot reply straight away for that reason, but we try to be as quick as possib...le.
We are registered at HMRC and have been since 2014 under their Small Charities Provision. We are not large enough for the Charities Commission.
We foster pets for those in hospital, and we take Death Row dogs, yes British Dogs Die Every Day in our pounds.
We take stray cats, and some foreign dogs that we are asked by very Special People to help.
We are trying to save for a centre, where we can have emergency housing, so that we do not need to turn away needy animals, and those threatened under BSL.
We rely entirely on donations to survive, We are very tiny, and as a volunteer run Rescue ALL MONEY GOES TO THE ANIMALS
TO HELP : VOLUNTEER to foster, it gives a safe place for an animal in need. We pay vets bills. We all have pets, so having your own pet is ok.
VOLUNTEER to fund raise. Sadly we are always in need of vets fees, transport money, and we are still needing to pay off Kennel bills for emergency boarding.
DONATE: We have paypal
Bank, mthly or a 1 off, Natwest, 60-13-23, account Hope Animal Rescue 46304177
FOR ALL THE ADOPTED ONES,owners are free to post as much as they like
The goods cost you the same, but we get a donation from the retailer.

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We are a small charity who foster animals for those in hospital or made homeless. We care for pets whose owners have died. We take stray cats and Death Row dogs. up for all the animals we also find all the animals loving homes. At Hope Animal Rescue we have all shapes sizes and colours and we all do...

Tash and Pepper are both looking for their forever homes .

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Photos of Prince enjoying the snow
B RSPCA!!!!!! Poor John foster carer for Prince, was sitting having coffee with Prince in a dog friendly cafe. Customer starts ranting at him about disgusting state of thin old dog Next thing RSPCA and Police there to seize abused dog Have you ever known RSPCA to act that quick when actually needed Poor John couldn’t get a word in edgeways Luckily the police officer knows John and knows he fosters and knows this is a new dog, so he has a word to RSPCA officer who finally let John tell them the story He has only had the dog since Sunday, we have spent £500 in him at vets locally who can confirm if they care to check. He is under a rescue ... us , not they checked, and we can prove he was a pound dog just5 days ago. We are going to get him a coat saying Foster Dog. Maybe those who see bad condition dogs, and especially b Rspca, should actually ask about dog before calling in cavalry to seize in cafes. Luckily John is ok about the hassle, but other foster carers may be put off taking the needy ones if going to be attacked by even the authorities. Yes he has been abused and neglected, BUT NOT BY US WE ARE HELPING. Where were RSPCA when he needed them? Grrrrr how I hate that Organization
Hi Sue just an update on Prince he's doing very well put a larger breakfast and he's been having cheap pasta chicken and peas and some mashed carrot even with his bad teeth it didn't touch the sides he seems to be more relaxed and settled he's enjoying his walks took him up to Snowden Hill rotatech Enzo and he was like a Youngster he was running around anchored two- Tia hopefully all fingers crossed toes and everything else when he goes to the vet's tomorrow it will be all systems go and they'll be able to sort his teeth out and bits and pieces because Justin is last two days he's been amazing he really has I've got a couple of photos and a video
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Nikki Fretwell
· July 3, 2017
HARC have changed the life of so many animals. The Bosnian street dog Toby for example, was due to be killed like many stray dogs there. Rescued by a lady and brought to England, HARC have found him a... new home and a new life. See More
June Talbot-Bloor
· September 17, 2017
Worked so hard to find my dog a home thank you sue xx
Fiona Fuller
· June 12, 2017
A fantastic humane charity for aninmals, a wonderful cause support them as much as you can!

Puppies all cosy in new homes

This little princess is Pepper . 5/6 months . Like her brother Tash, she has had a long journey from Greece . The smallest of the Greek puppies, she is a little more confident then the rest of her bigger siblings. Again a blank canvas and with love and attention from a family she can call her own, she will grow up in to such a fine lady

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This gentle fellow is Tash approx 6 months old . He has had a long journey from Greece . Although a very shy chap at the moment, he is a blank canvas and with the right love and attention he will flourish

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Pups are in the UK, Phil has them on the van, all well and on his way here

The puppies arrive today, think the wee or not so wee souls will need coats tomorrow. From sunny Greece to the artic

Coffee morning , table top sale 7 th April, 10 am till 2 pm
St Lawrence church hall, opposite NatWest in Long Eaton.
Face painting and other activities for kids, crafts
Anyone wanting to book a table please message the page

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HARC - Hope Animal Rescue Centre
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This is Skye. Her mum has escaped domestic violence and is awaiting rehoming. Her two dogs are in foster. However Skye has just come out of season and is not enjoying the attention of her castrated brother.
She likes her own space. She is crate trained and likes to be able to go in and get peace. She can’t where she is.
She needs a foster for a few weeks till her mum gets her own place
Mum would like to be able to visit and walk her as they are so close to each other.
If you can help please contact us. She is ok dogs usually, but foster carer said she was grumpy with her brother so doesn’t want to keep both.

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Then we have the cats. Almost all very sweet loving and cuddly. Bella not so much so.Bella wants to be loved, loves to sit on me. She just gets scared if there are any fast movements. So may bite. I haven’t been bitten in a year now, but we have an understanding.No biting= she can sit on me at night and get stroked.
Everyone else is vet loving, some are quite nervous. So they need quiet homes in quiet areas where they can go out.
Pet protect fencing keeps cats in your garden ...away from danger
Roads ,dogs ,evil people ,getting shot at ,stolen by baiters, poisoned with antifreeze etc. Too dangerous these days for small friendly creatures
These are Tabitha the care home cat who raised her kittens on pizza to keep them alive
River the absolutely gorgeous who likes to sleep under the duvet
Jonesie whose owner died
All need loving homes

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Image may contain: cat and indoor
Image may contain: cat and indoor

As well as the 5 puppies, we have Sparky and Busta the staffy looking for homes. Both about 2 yrs old, vaccd chipped and neutered. Sparky was a Greek dog, Busta was local.

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Thank for the donation today to the bank. There was no name for me to thank you. Much appreciated as every penny counts. We still have a lot to repay, there are wonderful people out there who made sure these wee souls lived.
Thank you everyone

UPDATE, He has found a home at a local petting farm where he can have lots of tummy rubs
The chickens also have a home offer. There are two bantam cockerels who need a pet home left
A lady has died, leaving this dear little pot bellied pig,and a few bantams. They need a new loving home
Spike is 3 yrs old, castrated and very friendly, always been a loved pet

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Elaine Karmasyn added 5 new photosfeeling happy.

From a cardboard box, these little babies were dumped in the gorge of KATYFIKI here in Ermioni a few months ago. Their fate was very slim. They had NO chance ...of survival at all. Everything changed for them, when some tourists decided to take a walk through the picturesque gorge. They were saved, but it has been at a huge cost. Where could I honestly put 7 puppies, especially with all the cats? It was an impossible task. Luckily for me, Silvana Schildt and her husband Alexandros Borouklou helped and they were fostered, nurse, cared for and prepared for travel.

Now as I write they are on their way to the UK, where fosters/adopters are waiting. My thanks go to all the people involved, who have helped in this huge financial operation, adoption and fostering. Barbara Robson at the ARK and all their team will be helping, Susan Buck and her team who have offered to adopt/foster some of the puppies and Silvana Schildt and Alexandros Borouklou, and Vida of PAWS PELION. If I have missed anyone, then I apologise, but thank you to everyone. These 'then' little babies are not so little now. They are big babies now and have been so lucky. 😺😺😺

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The 7 dwarves have grown up and are heading to the uk to lovely new families
Some still need forever families
They will be here late Saturday. Chicken and nice cosy beds await

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The puppies have left the pension , starting the long trip to the Uk.
Exciting times