Admittedly, this page is not utilized as well as it could be, but we're still your number one call for independent live record production. Here is our backstage dual redundant rig in action!

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Every great band needs a quality live recording, don't ya think? Here's one that's in my playlist. - Greg

Live Performance
Many of us are prone to using the Shazam music-identification service whenever we encounter unfamiliar songs. After all, it's just so easy to whip out our phones, open an app, and know everything about a mystery song in seconds. But how does Shazam gives us all this information so quickly?

Book your live concert recording with us! Bar and club gigs, concert bands, orchestras, recitals, or any location session you can dream up. Here's one of our favorite Jazz recital recordings from years gone by.

Recorded in 2011 at Middle Tennesse State University. Rick Mraz, Doug Mosher, Scott Mulvahill, Stephen Lewis, Joe Davidian, Derrek Phillips

The early days of our mobile concert recording rig! These Alesis ADAT XT units recorded 8 channels of 16 bit digital audio to each of three Super VHS tapes. We used them as back up recorders, and boy were they HEAVY! Tapes had to be changed about every thirty minutes. Recording start was delayed by a few seconds on each of the slave decks as they sync'd to the master.

Alesis ADAT XT in action. No audio, but you can still see the slave decks chase the master. I show how to check head hours, and demonstrate why we love DAWs,...

The science of sound! I'm big into impulse responses for replicating acoustic spaces, but this is extreme! 40.3 surround in an anechoic chamber. Woah. - Greg

In the search to accurately reproduce the acoustics of any environment ranging from a car to a concert hall...

Until now, there’s been no convincing way of truly replicating the sound environment of different locations from the comfort of one room. That's now changed.

The royalty ecosystem. Get it?

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The beauty of a Rhodes piano is too often overlooked in today's modern music. Enjoy this bit of solo improv playing of the great "Green Dolphin Street"

Rhodes Mark I 1975, improvisation

If you are looking for the Hopkins Impulse Responses, including our EMT 140 impulses, and found this page by following a link to our website, please pardon our mess while we move our site to a new server! Impulse responses are here:

Please observe Creative Commons Attibution-Any license for these. Enjoy!

V-Day freebie for ya! Mastered by HMS.

A brand new track "(1+1)-1=(-1) or THE POET" 4 U to share with ur beloved Valentine. Lonely hearts welcome.

(1+1) - 1 = (-1) or THE POET by MantraMantraMantra, released 14 February 2016 I thought a 'broken heart' was just something that poets said Oh oh I had no idea what they actually meant: Oh no A broken heart can never love again Oh no Well, it's been that way ever since you left Oh oh But that's okay…

Taking delivery of a '64 hammond a100 tube organ today! Woot woot!

This promises to be an excellent live show, and I'm pleased to be recording it! I have worked with these performers before. If you appreciate musicians with an appetite for a good groove, a high skill level, and an involving stage presence, you won't want to miss this! -Greg

Fri 9:30 PM EDTRhythm & BrewsChattanooga, TN
58 people went

Put this one on your schedule!

Recording “LIVE” on… March 20th. Chattanooga Live Music welcomes the return of New York recording artist Jocelyn Arndt and her band to Sugar's Ribs downtown. Chattanooga's singer/songwriter and recording artist Jordan Hallquist will open the event. Also, just confirmed Webb Barringer, singer/songwri…

We're handling the event sound and live recording for this talented young lady at Sugar's Ribs. I promise it won't be too loud for dinner conversation, but #JocelynArndt and her band might leave you speechless anyway.


Free festival in Ringgold GA today! We're running sound at the Mountain View stage. Come on out, eat some fried pickles and a 1 pound hamburger, and enjoy some good music! Don't forget to say hi!

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We CANNOT WAIT for The Deep Fried Five show at The High Watt in Nashville on the 28th! This band brings some serious Funk and Soul to the stage, and we're recording audio for their live video shoot! You won't want to miss this one!

There's possibly no better time to record a live rock album, than on Halloween with a venue full costumed music lovers ready to party! Yep, we'll be there! Will you?