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  • TeacherOctober 26, 1999 to present
  • PostGraduate Resident.October 1996 to September 1997London, United Kingdom
    It was a life on wheels. The studies were lots of fun though the cost of living was quite high.
    I enjoyed the training: the clinical and research, especially the research.
    I did necopsies on dolphins and porpoises and tested some of my hypotheses on bio-sonar and the PCBs.
  • Research AssociateAugust 25, 1991 to August 15, 1994New Orleans, Louisiana
    Conducting studies in toxicological pathology on the Japanese medaka in Dr. Hartley's laboratory was extremely fascinating.
    The fish room was always quiet and it was there I went to study, instead of the Med School Library.
  • Chemistry Teacher and Weston Research Mentor
  • Oct 6, 1996 to Sep 1997Wild Animal Health/Zoological MedicineLondon, United Kingdom
    I was always the last to leave the computer room at the RVC. Some times it was a sprint and/or a walk to the Camden Road Tube station at 11:00 PM or later to catch the last train over or under the bridge to Wimbledon. I always got that late train and never had to take the after-midnight bus over the Bridge!
    I did take it once. It was an early Sunday morning. I was visiting the West End to celebrate my birthday!
    After seven years the security remembered me as the last postgrad who would leave the building. I must thank my sister for allowing me to board and lodge in her flat during my studies in the UK.
  • Class of 1984DVMAnimal and Poultry SciencePre-Veerinaey StudiesVeterinary medicineTuskegee, Alabama
  • Class of 1975Georgetown, Guyana
    It was the late fall in 1973 and a group of experts from the Ministry of Agriculture were visiting the 6 th form to tell us about careers in agriculture. One expert was Dr. Peter Fernandes, senior veterinary officer. Some of my class mates, whose parents were doctors, judges and professors were not that interested. I took notes and asked many questions. The seeds to become a toxicologist and veterinarian were already implanted at Central. Two and a half years later I was undergoing an interview for the Guyana Scholarship to pursue veterinary studies. One of the members of the interviewing panel was Dr. Peter Fernandes!
  • Class of 1973
    It was my transformation from zero to super-hero, with the help of many. It was the intellectual fire of transformation. One of my class mates summarized part of my character in a drawing on the board in Form 3A on the blackboard. It was the facial image of a deep thinker, whose head was on fire! I was nicked named the Bunsen Burner!
    My greatest mentor, outside my family was Mr. J.R.S (Rudy) Luck, Principal of C.H.S., educator, lawyer and politician.
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