Horrorfind weekend is by no means gone. The last few years have been very hard for convention business and any small business for that matter as I am sure everyone knows, the economy has been down for several years and as with most small businesses it has been challenging, additionally our president (my father) has had some health issues that consumed lots of time in doctors appointments, treatments and recuperation, time that was needed for the business adding to the challe...nges we face.
We feel that our fans deserve the best and we always try to offer that. With that being said we have made the difficult but right choice to take a hiatus and focus on planning for 2014.

Though we could work out a show for this year we feel that we can not offer the quality you expect. You guys deserve the best and that's what we intend to offer. So stick with us, continue to offer your support and be ready for the spookiest show on earth to return with a vengeance in 2014.

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Sadly the Horrorfind Weekend will not be scheduled for 2013 but instead will be working on plans for a great 2014 convention instead.

We appreciate the patience, consideration and dedication you the great people who make Horrorfind Weekend a great event have shown in waiting for an announcement.

The last few years have been very hard, as everyone knows, the economy has been down for several years and as with most small businesses it has been challenging for us. Our expenses h...ave increased astronomically the last few years while market demand and saturation has limited ability to raise revenue so we really have to limit risk and make sure everything is the best it can be more than ever before. That being said We simply have not been able to get the golden combination of location, good available dates and workable price point to mesh this year. We have been working very hard to try to put together a workable solution but at this point time becomes another critical element that is quickly running out for planning and putting on a well done great event so we've had to make the tough decision to skip 2013 and work on plans for doing a great Horrorfind Weekend in 2014 event instead.

I and many of the people that work with me have been in this business since 1999 and although we are saddened to have to wait before putting on the next event we are all determined to continue on and make the next Horrorfind Weekend a Great one.

Thanks to you all who support and love the Horrorfind Weekend

Mike, Bob and Horrorfind Weekend crew

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To all of our friends, fans and family. We love you and need you. Things have been more then difficult this year(without going into personal details). We are working on it and promise to give you the info as soon as we possibly can. We are sorry that we have not been able to stick to the time frames we have given. Thank you all so much for your support, patience and understanding when we need it most.

What better way to thank our staff for their hard work than w/ steamed crabs & ice cold beer! Annual Staff crab feast this evening. Thank you staff for helping us put on the spookiest show on earth!

Grant Cramer talked with Fangoria about a Killer Klowns Sequel while at Horrorfind Weekend 14!…/7749-killer-klowns-star-talks-the…

Fangoria is America's Horror Magazine for horror movies, horror movie news, horror movie reviews, horror comics, horror previews, horror interviews, horror reviews, horror forums and more.

Film Festival Winners for those that have asked about it...

The Horrorfind Weekend Film Festival

Award Winners For the Film Festival are as follows:
Best Film - "Nailbiter"
Best Cinematography - "Hellfire"
Best Special Effects - "Hellfire"
Best Actor - Fre...derick Cowie - "Dead Love"
Best Actress - Tracy Teague - "The Haunting of Pierson Place"
Best Screenplay - "The Serpent's Tongue" - John Shade
Fan Favorite - "The Darkness and Tom Markos"
Best Director - Michael Merino, "The Haunting of Pierson Place"

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Hope everyone had a great time! Share your photos with us! We love to see them:)

Keep those pictures coming! They look great!!

Met your favorite star this weekend? Share your pics on our wall! Still need to meet your favorite star? It's not too late! Show starts at 11 today!

Don't miss the costume contest at 8:30pm Hosted by Dee Wallace & Ken Foree. Our panel of celebrity judges will be Tyler Mane, Denise Crosby, Miko Hughes, Lisa Marie & Brad Greenquist!

"The Employer" Starring Malcolm McDowell, Paige Howard, and Billy Zane. Special Showing today with an introduction by Malcolm McDowell himself! 5:15PM today!!

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September 1, 2012

Available at the Horrorfind Weekend Store on site at the convention.

Get your Official Horrorfind Playing Cards at the Horrorfind Store here at the con before we sell out! Other merchandise available, books, skulls, and more! (Photos to follow!)

We're officially sold out of tshirts! Hope you got yours!

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Here we go! And the bar is almost open!

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If you're not here, you should be! Doors open at 10 AM today!! We're at the Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel! Events running throughout the day!