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RT @lucyleid: Thoughts and prayers work right?


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RT @PFJacin: I'll just leave this right here.... #GunReformNow

RT @fighto: Crawling & Indexing: Technical SEO Basics That Drive Revenue (Case Study) by @RobinRozhon

Oh look another reason I would never put my child in one of this country’s schools.

RT @avinash: Offering only thoughts and prayers instead of action. Why? Taking cash from the NRA on the other hand. Complete list: #FloridaShooting #deathsforcash

More from Sequoia National Park. Breathtaking surroundings and good IPA. @SequoiaKingsNPS

3 glorious days with zero internet. Mind blowing. @SequoiaKingsNPS

Taking the kids up to see @SequoiaKingsNPS and @YosemiteNPS for their first time. SUPER excited. Recalling memories of hiking to the top of Half Dome 10 years ago and telling my wife I loved her for the first time while at the top. 💪👊👊

RT @botsbreeder: Based on our latest tests, @ahrefs now has a larger keywords index and shows more organic traffic data than any competitor. So we're thinking to loosen up the "top50 positions" limit for Standard accounts. Just 1k retweets and we'll open "top100 positions" on Standard

RT @_youhadonejob1: Another actor lost to drugs and alcohol.

Oh my God, what's next???

RT @acommonlawyer: In French, we don't say "snow day" we say "putain mais c'est bloqué de partout MAIS AVANCE CONNARD TU SAIS PAS CONDUIRE OU QUOI putain mais y en a qui bossent espèce de débile mais avance merde bah bravo c'est rouge maintenant t'es content connard" and I think that's beautiful

Keep ‘em coming @gsuite. You make my audit work so much easier.