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RT @dannysullivan: Wow. This map makes it clear how crazy home prices are in Silicon Valley. SoCal is better but still more expensive than the rest of the nation:

RT @glenngabe: When position 0 becomes position 6. This is what happened when the new immersive mobile SERPs hit the scene last week. On dtop, Amazon has the featured snippet in position 0. On mobile, it's WAY down the page under the new knowledge panel unit. Big difference. Wow.


RT @Ibrahim_M_: One cool thing about being a freelancer that works from home is that everyone in your personal life really respects your time and they definitely don’t think you can just do whatever you want, whenever you want.


RT @PicardTips: Picard management tip: Communicate to the crew what frontier you are exploring together.

RT @nxbil: Overheard a grown ass man refer to syrup as pancake sauce and I’m shook

RT @lilnativeboy: Just a reminder last year on Thanksgiving that Natives were being tortured with dogs, illegal scare tactics, being run over by angry white ppl all to protect our water and this year on Thanksgiving they are now cleaning up 200,000 gallon oil spill on a South Dakota reservation

Interesting that financial sector is one where the least amount of human input/editing is needed. Give the AI data and off it goes. More story still = more human (thank goodness). Fascinating that quake updates are bots. Being in CA, I read those all the time. Never noticed.

RT @franifio: I can't wait for women's reign of terror to begin. Our Misogynist Reeducation Camps will employ enhanced emotional coping techniques complete with mandatory viewings of Beaches and Waiting to Exhale. If you act up we'll waterboard you with rosé.

Wow! Thanks for the t-shirt, @freshbooks! I will wear it whenever an invoice is paid!

Where was this sore-ass throat when I had to go through a 110-page audit with a client at 930pm in Vegas?

RT @BritneyMuller: You can't make this stuff up: Google Dev (at the Chrome Dev Summit) provides an example of how to easily scrape Go…

Vegas throat has arrived in full force. Enjoying a nice glass of rubbing alcohol on the rocks. #pubcon

RT @malonebarry: This should be the biggest story in the world right now.

One last thank you to #pubcon, @deepcrawl, and #USSearchAwards for a great time filled with learning and new friend…

RT @wef: How can we ensure the energy transition leaves no worker behind? #gfc17