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About Howard
  • I am an inventor, I hold patent # 06-650,075 as registered at PTO.
    This relates to the "Automated Commode Fixture" Aka; The Toilet that remembers to flush it's self after it has been used. I put the brains behind the drains years ago. The Foreign Filing license number is; 06/60-650,075.

    I am a Renaissance man, a model of versatility, I love everyone, enjoythe majority of all the things of this world which are mine to be had, and only want the best out of life for others and my self to enjoy. I am an idealist, and a bit of a realist at heart. I try to be practical, but strive to accomplish what I would like things to be always in all that I do. I want to do things that really make a difference in the real world we live in, everyday of my life. I am not always understood very well by others, but my intentions are honorable. I like to help others when possible, and see everyone around me excel in life in all the good they do. I want to be an instrument of what God would have me be, and help to enrich the lives of others, and myself. I am an Inventor, I hold Patent # 06-650,075 . This relates to "The Rollins Smart Bowl", AKA; "The Automated Commode Fixture, AKA; "The Automatic Self Flushing Toilet Control System. I was instrumental in putting the brains behind the drains so to speak. Others now take all the credit for my invention, however I remain optimistic, and believe that one day I will have enough capitol of my own to go forward with my many other great and practical inventions, which should prove to be far more beneficial than even my self flushing toilet systems. I automated my entire bathroom area back in the 70's. My automatic hands drier would dry my hands without having to touch anything. My water fixtures would turn on water as needed when my hands were in close proximity of the faucet. My shower would come on when I walked into it, with a preset temperature I could dial up. My original Smart bowl would flush my toilet after it had been used, and control lights and other A/C controlled devices when I would enter or leave my bathroom. My 8 track tape player or my radio would play when I entered the restroom, and turn off automatically when I departed the area. Many of my devices are being produced by others today. I just wish I had the finances and the right people to help me get the proper legal protection I needed to become a success with my Inventions.
Favorite Quotes
  • Once a task has begun, stick with it until it's done,
    be the labor great or small, do it well, or not at all.

    Always expect the unexpected, and you will often times, be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.