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Dorman Baltazar
· August 19, 2013
Steve Ilg's High Performance Yoga has helped to change my life in a profound way! I am in each moment, grateful for words that I share with student at start of each class, "it's not what the pose look...s like on the outside, but more so what is happening on the inside".
Head bowed.
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Elena L'Annunziata
· July 29, 2016
Touches you to the core. Body and soul humming and vibrating. A must for all athletes!
Anthony Kunkel
· September 5, 2016
Great poses and amazing yogic lessons built in. No better class anywhere!
Silverton Chocolates
November 15, 2011
Sacred and Sincere
Loving and mindful -- Awesome
Empower yourself
Steve Ilg
November 2, 2011
Precious Stacy! thank you! see you in the "Cave" soon!
To honor our Spring Equinox an exclusive Gift for my students and friends: my "Vira Vinyasa" (Hero Sequence) - an exquisite and decades-proven ilg original for opening the contracted regions inherent to all endurance athletes..please do not Share or Reproduce without my consent...May it be of lifelong Benefit to your Practice...

yeah...dat's right...a new ilg vid on my oft-neglected YouTube Channel! Subscribe! in so doing?
waaaay more Coach Ilg vids c(om)ing your way toward Wholness through Sacred Sweat and Stillness!
let ilg know what you TAF (Think And Feel)!

so, what EXACTLY are - after 3.5 decades of unmatched healing and outdoor performance results - coach ilg's MUST HAVE regenerative, whole-food Herbs? there a...

Waaaaay too much fun and too many pies! wait, what!?!?! there can NEVER be too much pie!!!! stoked to see HP Yogi's Lee Rosenthal, Sean Meissner, Stephanie Anne Parham, and the new Ladies Champion of my Winter Warrior 10k, Martha Schoppe!

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Steve Ilg is at Durango Running Company.

Pi in the sky! Totally awes(om)e 2nd Annual Pi Day Run with a whole c(om)munity of Fitness Warrior/ess’s! #durangorunningcompany #sacredsweat #piday2018 #getoutside #outdooryogis


Be There! we missed you tonight! a HUGE double whammy! an HP YOGA Prop Workout® into an exquisite Meditation/Dharma Talk re; Yogic Equanimity and the tools and Practice to heighten it...

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Steve Ilg is feeling blessed.

The preliminary training of ilg's 3.5 decade proven and Lineage Blessed meditation practice lies in the purification to ripen and open the student’s heart and m...ind to the direct understanding of relative truth.... each Monday evening fr(om) 6:45-7:30p at the Durango Rec Center; no additional fee... world-class mind/body/spirit training each week at Rec Center prices cuz? feeble ilg CARES for the C(om)mon Warrior/ess!

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This week’s public offering of Sacred Sweat and Stillness:
Monday: HP PROP WORKOUT, 5:30p @ Rec Center
Monday: HP Meditation, 6:45p @ Rec Center

Hope to see YOU in the Warrior/ess Cave!


Pic: Dewachen ilg (front) and friend Annette, throwing up some “Ommmm’s” atop ol’ Moldy yesterday

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You won’t want to miss this! Dewa and her friends in fairytale characters on stage at DAC! It’s just another form of vinyasa! Get your tickets today !

San Juan Ballet School provides students ages 3 to adult the opportunity to study ballet in a relaxed, professional environment at the Durango Arts Center.

This Precious Warrioress Kathryn ? Who earned tonight’s Tuesday Night Indoor Cycling World’s Grand Finale?! Is a City Employee High Performance Yogi!

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Steve Ilg is celebrating victory with Kathryn Phillips at Durango Parks and Recreation.

pic of Coach Ilg's Tuesday Night Indoor Cycling World's (TNICW's) Grand Finale Champion Kathryn Phillips with Coach Ilg. pic by TNICW's former champion and al...l-round great guy plus a renown ultra-trail runner; Sean Meissner. Kathryn Phillips earned an overall prize package from Bodyhealth/Dr.David Minkoff and Steve Ilg's Wholistic Fitness® of over $100!

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It's just another vinyasa...

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Steve Ilg is feeling pumped.

feeble ilg's Deities seem at work to play t(om)morrows Fat Tire Bike Race race toward ilg's side; FULL ON BLIZZARD CONDITIONS at 10,000' ? Ha! back i...n feeble ilg's mountaineering days? that's considered a Green Circle Day; GO FOR IT! hec, ilg reckon's you best place your $ on this ol' stallion, cuz? when Race Day Conditions deteriorates? feeble ilg ELEVATES! bring it! this ol' Stallion is racing h(om)e tomorrow no matter how cold, how tough the conditions! Stoked! Awes(om)e Bardo Training opportunity...just gotta get my Single Daddy response-abilities taken care of before toeing the Start Line! Send your Chi toward Wolf Creek Ski!!!

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Week One: Durango City Employee Backbend/Inversion Workshop... honored to Serve those who SERVE ilg's h(om)etown...

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Steve Ilg is feeling blessed at Durango Parks and Recreation.

Today: Week 1 of 4 in my City Employee Backbend/Inversion Workshop… HONORED to be presenting by FAR the most cost-effective Yoga Workshop on this Plane(t) fo...r
ilg's h(om)etown City Servers! This 4-week immersion would be worth thousands of dollars if ilg caved into the current yoga scene...yet? feeble ilg's teachings still hiding waaay up high; far away from the current Kali Yuga scene! you want genuine yoga teaching that helped pioneer Turtle Island's embrace of yoga back in 1980? you're gonna have to find The Source. no advertising money ever spent by ilg to teach yoga since 1980. more podiums than any other yogic path by far. ilg is here. now. waiting for you. Step Higher, Noble Warrior/ess!

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K, maybe tonight’s tri-set of Froggie/Hanumanasana/Froggie was hard as ice, however, if you were one of the students who stayed for Meditation? Our Mula Bandha inner fireworks melted the ice right off any frozen hip joints! Well done tonight in the Warrior/ess Cave! Need my Mula Bandha Meditation? LMK!

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Workouts ain't worth a spiritual nuthin' without a Blessed Training Mala!

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Steve Ilg added 3 new photosfeeling blessed.

Student Quote Of The Week:
Coach, I am hardly worthy to bow to your wisdom, knowledge and energy, but I do so. Decades ago, I was a member of your Tribe and wo...uld join again, if permitted to do so.

I remember reading your first book and it totally blew me away. I was never a rock jock, but I read Climbing and Rock&Ice Magazine and not long after your first book was out, the AAC had their annual meeting in Atlanta and I drove down from Kentucky for the conference. I was stoked to see you there. As I recall, Stacy Allison spoke after her first American female summit of Everest.

I am going to your store and order your Blessed Mala Beads. I hope you can bless the beads. I am almost 71 and need to reinvent myself health-wise this year or give up. I have just reread The Outdoor Athlete (my second copy) and will now start to reread Total Body Transformation and the Winter Athlete. When you are ready, I will be ready. Student John Prather

Seeking the Power of the Pattern

John Prather

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gotta say, LOVE how many Warrior/ess's are showing up and doing Sacred Duty in our humble, low-priced Warrior/ess Cave for both HP Yoga and HP Meditation! will update y'all as usual on Monday, right now? gotta put ilg's own Yoga Practice to the highest (literally) of all yogic tests; see? got s(om)e nordic ultra-marathon business to c(om)plete again at the Leadville Loppet on Saturday! join ilg, if you can!

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Steve Ilg is feeling blessed.

Skis are waxed (gonna run waaaay faster then ilg, i reckon!), bags are packed, Sandra Lee is stoked, and Dewa? Beyond shivering with excitement to hit up the L...eadville Loppet this Saturday! can't say with only 4 hours of nordic track skiing under my planks this season due to Durango's winterless winter (until 3 days ago) that i'll be defending my AG title or anywhere close to my OA Title a couple years ago, instead? just looking forward to a Sacred Sweat Pilgrimage during this crazy beautiful and brutalful Nordic Ultra Marathlon (Loppet)....

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Reminder; no City Employee today or next Wednesday ! Namah!

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Steve Ilg is at St. Columba Church - Durango.

Sometimes we build walls from others instead of creating bridges...feeble ilg working on forgiveness of self and others this Lent... let me know if you’d like to help Dewa, and her school raise funds for Guatemalan kids who need our help...

8th Annual Winter Warrior Race!!!

8th Annual Winter Warrior Race!!!

See you on my Start Line in Silverton this Saturday morning! Registration 9a!

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Winter Warrior 10k added 2 new photosfeeling pumped at Sage Hen Cafe.

Hanging out with Caleb and his posse at what will be our Race Headquarters this Saturday! Awes(om)e baked goodies and killer coffee! Support them! And NO SPIK...ES/S’SHOES inside! 🤪. Bout ready to run the Course! Will update afterward as to conditions and gear suggestions....current temp; 12 degrees!

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