Hail HRH Big Fat Blues Alert... Thank you for your amazing support, it has quite literally been off the scale. We have now officially 36 pairs of tickets left and 2 rooms ! Everything should be sold out within the next week If you still want to come to Europes biggest Residential Blues Rock Festival then you'll need to move quickly. Last few passes are available at or by ringing Sam on 0207 193 1307 HRH HQ
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Off Yer Rocka Recordings

HRH Launch a New One Stop Emporium of Label and Management Services for Rock n Metal Bands.

Torpedo Recordings is a management and consultancy service aimed at ...the up and coming talent in the music community with the sole purpose of raising band profiles and giving them that step up the ladder in a tailor made format that suits the band and their immediate goals.

Torpedo Recordings is part of the HRH Empire. Torpedo will be able to offer new, breaking & exciting bands the chance to get management and consultancy as well as a whole host of services to suit their needs and budget.

With bespoke packages on offer from label to distribution, sponsorship to endorsements, marketing, pr, website development, radio and tv placement services Torpedo has bands covered from every angle.

Torpedo Recordings will be headed up by Hard Rock Hell Radio's Station Manager Jason McGuire who has already had many years experience in band management, tours, labels and media. Jason said "this is an extremely exciting opportunity for bands to get that lift up to the next level. It’s every bands dream to perform in front of bigger audiences and get themselves, seen, heard and talked about in as many territories as possible. This is now a reality and we can certainly help at Torpedo. With Distribution & marketing available in over 200 countries worldwide, future Torpedo Talent will certainly be broadening their horizons."

Jonni Davis CEO of Chic Festivals added, when your doors are getting kicked in with young and exciting bands daily, you have to react, we think this one stop vertically integrated music solution could really help in a positive way. Our mother label, Off Yer Rocka Recordings will now concentrate more on its portfolio of more established and International acts.

Any bands interested in what Torpedo has to offer should check out the website and get in touch via the contact page with the assets required.

Jay, Station Manager
Hard Rock Hell Radio
0845 288 2802 / 0740 365 7519

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Sci-Fi Weekender

Brace yourselves! Following the acclaimed success which was SCIFI IN THE CITY 2017, October 2018 sees the premiere convention party team returning to the O2 Aca...demy in Sheffield for another full weekend of fun and frolics guaranteed to warm the hearts of all like minded folk!

Another two day event, with guests and panels and talks during the daytime, and a full evening of entertainment for Saturday night – so come early to take part in the build-up on Friday, and remember to come back for Saturday evening ... and then leave some energy for another day of events on Sunday! No other event packs as much into the schedules as the Science Fiction Fantasy Weekender! So while you’re eagerly waiting for SFW10 in March 2019 ... why not come and enjoy the fun in Sheffield!

Among the guests headlining at the October 2018 event are:

Tim Rose is best known for playing the role of Admiral Ackbar in the 3rd Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, a role which he played again in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In addition, Rose also puppeteered the characters of Sy Snootles and Salacious Crumb in that film, and has been involved with other Lucasfilm and Jim Henson Studios movies, including The Dark Crystal and Howard the Duck. He also helped in puppeteering the character of Tik-Tok in Disney's Return to Oz. Tim also made the puppets Cosmo and Dibs for the BBC children's series You and Me. They debuted on that show in 1983.

Garrick Hagon appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope as Biggs and on the 2011 Blu-ray release of the Star Wars films, Biggs’s establishing can be seen in full. Hagon’s many films include: Tim Burton’s Batman, Mustapha Akkad's The Message, Tony Scott's Spy Game, Richard Linklater's Me and Orson Welles, Xie Jin's The Opium War, Philip Stolzl's The Expatriate, Richard Attenborough's A Bridge Too Far, Paul Verhoeven's Black Book, Charlton Heston’s Antony and Cleopatra, and Olivier Dahan's La Vie en rose. He has made two appearances in Doctor Who, as the rebel Ky in 1972’s ‘The Mutants’ and as Abraham in 2012’s ‘A Town Called Mercy’. As a voice actor he has been heard in many films and TV series including the UK dub of Star Fleet/X-Bomber, the Manga titles The Secret of Mamo and Goodbye Lady Liberty and Akira Kurosawa’s Ran. His voice is featured in the video game, Divinity II: Ego Draconis and he has recorded over 150 audiobooks for major UK publishers. He has also directed over 100 audiobook recordings including Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother read by Ian McKellen and the Audie Award-winning, full cast, unabridged His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.

Frazer Hines came to prominence as a child actor, appearing in several films, including Hammer’s X The Unknown (1956) and Charlie Chaplin’s A King in New York (1957). In 1957 he played Napoleon in the six part BBC serial Huntingtower and followed this with the role of Jan in the seven part BBC serial The Silver Sword (1957-8). Other television roles in the sixties include the characters of Tim Birch in Emergency Ward 10 (1963-4), and Roger Wain in Coronation Street (1965). His film roles include The Weapon (1957) with Lizabeth Scott, Witness in the Dark (1959) with Richard O’Sullivan, The Young Jacobites (1960) with Francesca Annis and Jeremy Bulloch, Go Cart Go (1964) with Dennis Waterman, The Last Valley (1971) with Michael Caine and Omar Sharif, and Zeppelin (1971) with Michael York and Elke Sommer. His big break came when he was cast to play the part of Jamie McCrimmon in the BBC series Doctor Who, a companion of the second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton. Frazer appeared in the series regularly from 1966 to 1969, earning himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running companion of the Doctor. He returned to the show twice, as a cameo in the 30th anniversary show ‘The Five Doctors’ (1983), and alongside Patrick Troughton (second Doctor) and Colin Baker (sixth Doctor) in ‘The Two Doctors’ (1985). Other television work includes Duty Free, Dalziel and Pascoe, Expert Witness and Outlander. In 1972, Frazer was cast in the soap opera Emmerdale Farm as Joe Sugden, a role he played regularly until 1994. Frazer’s most recent theatre tours were in Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (2015), and Seriously Dead (2015/16) with Chrissy Rock.

Ryan Gage is best known for his roles as King Louis XIII in the BBC series The Musketeers and Ted Bundy in the TV film Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay. In the cinema, he played the Master of Laketown's deputy Alfrid Lickspittle in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, and Ted Bundy again in the film Angel of Decay, which earned him a Best Actor Award at the British Independent Film Festival in 2016. In video games, Gage has portrayed Charibert in the Final Fantasy XIV expansion pack Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. In theatre, he has worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company on plays such as Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Macbeth.

Adam Brown trained in Performing Arts at Middlesex University, London, where he met Clare Plested and helped co-found the British comedy theatre troupe Plested and Brown. He wrote and performed in all seven of their shows: Carol Smillie Trashed my Room, The Reconditioned Wife Show, Flamingo Flamingo Flamingo, Hot Pursuit, Minor Spectacular, Health & Stacey and The Perfect Wife Roadshow. A regular at the Edinburgh Festival he toured with his company across the UK as well as performances in Armenia, South Korea and New Zealand. With the rest of the Plested and Brown team (Amanda Wilsher and Clare Plested) he has worked with David Sant (Peepolykus), Phelim McDermott (Improbable), Cal McCrystal (The Mighty Boosh) and Toby Wilsher (ex-Trestle). Brown plays the dwarf Ori in the film series based on J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. The films marked his first film appearance.

Nick Moran’s first hit film appearance was in 1990 alongside Roger Daltrey and Chesney Hawkes, in Buddy's Song (1990). In Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), he appeared with Sting, who played the role of his father. He co-starred with John Hurt in New Blood (1999), and also starred in Rancid Aluminium (2000). In 2001, he played the role of Aramis in The Musketeer. He appeared as Scabior, a snatcher in Fenrir Greyback's gang, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2.

Adrian Rawlins has appeared in several films including Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself, and also has a minor role in the Harry Potter film series as Harry Potter's father James Potter. Onstage, he has appeared in Her Naked Skin (2008, National Theatre). He played Richard Collingsworth in the 1989 TV serial version of The Ginger Tree, opposite Samantha Bond. He also starred in The Woman in Black which was made for television and aired at Christmas 1989.

As well as all our Media guests, we’re delighted to again showcase the work of the artists who create the amazing imagery which inspires, and this year we’re delighted to welcome along Jeff Cummins! An artist whose work you are probably familiar with from Radio Times as well as many album covers from the seventies.

Jeff Cummins’ fascination for all things ‘media’ began as a schoolboy whilst entering an art competition, (one of 30,000 entrants) staged by UK TV show Magpie in 1969. He has worked with Paul McCartney on the Thrillington album sleeve and with Storm, Po and Pete at Hipgnosis visualising and illustrating for such luminaries as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues and Peter Gabriel. In 1979, Paul and Linda McCartney commissioned the painting for Wings Over America which propelled Jeff into the international arena. An involvement with Doctor Who came along in 1978 when Jeff was commissioned to provide cover images for several of the novelisations published by Target books. Covers for The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Mutants, The Three Doctors, The Doomsday Weapon, The Giant Robot, The Face of Evil, The Talons of Weng-Chiang and The Horror of Fang Rock followed. He also provided covers for a range of factual books called Doctor Who Discovers, and in the 1990, covers for several original Doctor Who novels: Blood Heat, The Dimension Riders, Theatre of War and Sky Pirates! Today, Jeff’s work is diverse. He develops characters for corporate identities, packaging, childrenswear, and TV. Occasionally illustrating and paper engineering children’s books (including the design and engineering of Sindy’s Carousal-Doll’s House for Hasbro). He was invited to paint a portrait of Linda McCartney for Linda McCartney Foods. Currently Jeff is working on concepts for children’s television, still designing CD covers and continues to crave the creative challenge!

We still have more guests, artists, authors and other folks to announce ... so keep watching the website for details as they are released.

As well as all the panels, discussions and signings with our guests, we also have a packed weekend of other activities for people to partake of. Here’s just some of the things which have been confirmed ...

EZXP is a video game band making their debut at SFW IN THE CITY this year: taking the old 8 bit tunes of our childhood and turning them into rock classics to dance the night away to. From Pokémon to Zelda, Mega Man to Star Fox, gamers are guaranteed to know these classic tunes turned into something modern and rocking.

Pandemic Live: Four players battle ‘the spirit of disease’. Played by guests and audience alike and lead by comedian James Cook, this is a live version of the wildly popular board game Pandemic. After many attempts, the extirpated group of epidemiologists have yet to triumph over the virulent illness. Maybe this time we can hold the tide of plague. This time we can all hold back the Pandemic!

Pop Up Puppet Cinema: We welcome back the crazy puppets from the popular Puppet Cinema. Hugely successful, last year the main complaint was that people could not get in the room! So arrive early to ensure your place! This time with a new show: JAWS!

Blues Harvest: Blues Harvest have built up a cult following through their diverse song choices from the world of movies, TV and a few guilty pleasures along the way. With set highlights including music from Star Wars, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more, Blues Harvest is the perfect Star Wars cantina band to celebrate the sci-fi, comics and fantasy genres.

Level up Leroy: Welcoming back our resident Sci-Fi nerd DJ. Really going from strength to strength this year with his growing popularity taking him around the country. Always pushing the boundaries for nerd Djing. His newest mix he proudly admits ‘This one’s all nerd’ ... And that’s why everyone loves it!

Jedi Training: Back with the Battle Bot. After gathering data the Bot is back and badder then ever. Will you pick up the Light Sabre and face the challenge or just watch as the Bot defeats your friends one by one (insert evil laugh here!)

As usual Saturday evening will play host to the spectacle and carnival of the SFW Posse doing what they do best ... with costumes and music and dancing, as well as speciality acts ... there is nowhere ... NOWHERE ... in Sheffield offering such entertainment on a Saturday night ... and what’s more, it’s all included in the price of your ticket! All you have to do is turn up, buy food and drinks, settle down ... or gear up ... and ENJOY!

Have we tempted you? ... Lock and Load for the 6th and 7th of October 2018, with a pre-party on the night of the 5th October, at the O2 Academy, Sheffield.

And get in quick for a special launch deal for the weekend:


£25 (no booking fee) Standard pass for the full weekend.

£45 (no booking fee) VIP pass. Includes the full weekend, with Signing Pass* included.

£55 (no booking fee) Royalty Pass. Includes the full weekend, PLUS an exclusive personal Meet n Greet with the guests on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

VIP and Royalty attendees also have access to the balcony area and a private bar.

*The Signing Pass entitles the holder to one autograph from each of the Media guests who are signing during the arranged signing sessions. Please note that this will include as many Media guests as can be accommodated, but might not be all of them. Information will be available closer to the event. Signing passes can also be purchased separately prior to the event.


We have also negotiated a stonking 30% off rooms at the Royalty Hotel. This includes 2 nights at the Hotel, breakfast included. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, then please discuss with the Chic Team – a private link will be emailed to you if you choose to take the offer.

All the deals include the Friday Night Pre-Party (accommodation add-on available).

These prices will only be available for SIX DAYS and go on sale Tuesday 6th February at 12.00 GMT!

Contact Dan NOW on 0207 193 0490 or email to find out more and to book your tickets.

Booking is also available at

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Off Yer Rocka Recordings

We've got an updated to the highly anticipated 'White Trash Blues' tour!!! Joining The Quireboys - This Is Rock And Roll for the entire uk tour will the amazin...g Aussies, Black Aces (Official)

Australia's own Black Aces return to the UK for they're third tour in 18 months. After a storming set on the main stage of Hard Rock Hell festival the boys are pumped to return to British stages, this time with the honour of supporting rock n roll heroes The Quireboys on their White Trash Blues tour. "We are stoked to get the chance to head back to the UK so soon." Says frontman Tyler Kinder. "After the rip snorting time we had on the November tour last year we have all been itching to tear up some stages again, and to be doing it alongside The Quireboys legends no less! Can't wait for a few pints with Spike!"

Pick up a ticket from the venue's website and grab a copy of "White Trash Blues" and "Anywhere But Here" below:


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Off Yer Rocka Recordings

The guys from Bonafide are heading out on a uk tour! Check out the dates below and grab yourself a ticket!

11.5 The Underworld Camden London
12.5 Yardbirds Rock... Grimsby
13.5 Rebellion Manchester
15.5 Fibbers: Live Music Venue York
16.5 The Live Rooms Chester
17.5 Audio Glasgow
18.5 The Assembly Aberdeen
19.5 Church Dundee
20.5 Bannermans Bar Edinburgh
22.5 Think Tank? Underground Newcastle
23.5 FUEL ROCK CLUB Cardiff
24.5 Corporation Sheffield
25.5 The Flapper Birmingham
26.5 The Brook

Grab yourself a ticket and show your support.


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HRH PROG Festival

Hawkwind, Pendragon, Strawbs & Arthur Brown start the HRH Prog VII campaign with a nice 20% off incentive

Hail all HRH Progress

Last year we staged two Sold Out... Prog events, this years adventure will be Live @ Camp HRH Pwhelli on 15th - 18th November for an Amazing 3 day, 2 Arena special. The press release attached will be going out in 2hrs time, you should hear about it first.

You are all HRH Veterans and just to make it ultra special we are offering everyone who books from today until 2nd Feb a “HRH Vets Only Deal “ of 15% off all packages and a stomping 20% off if you pay in full.

It all goes on sale at 17.00 GMT today, so first in wins, as its all subject to availability, last of the VIP and Royalty are now released so if you like the luxuries, jump on board quick.

To claim your 15% discount online, log onto , use coupon code HRHPROG7EBD ( if your paying a deposit only) and grab your room, If your taking advantage of this one off incredible 20% off, (for Full Payments only ), use coupon code 20HRHPROG7

Any issues, ring Dan on 0207 193 0490 or email

If you fancy a look at a couple of our headliners performances and the feel of the venue, click below

to see Hawkwind click here (
to see Pendragon click here (

Looking forward to adventure 7 Progress

See you in Gwynedd



Heads up, Prog Rockers! HRH Prog VII (15th-18th November, 2018) is revving up and has announced a super-strong line-up of headliners and acts, including pioneers and giants of the genre.

“We’re proud to deliver what’s got to be the biggest, best, residential prog festival on Planet Earth,” says HRH’s Progster-in-Chief Jonni Davis, “There will be 27 bands in total, including acts that shaped prog and much more.”

Hawkwind will be a headline act. First formed in 1969, the band has gone through more incarnations and evolution than Doctor Who and Charles Darwin combined, with founder Dave Brock remaining a constant presence throughout. Famed for their psychedelic, spacey sound (and of course landmark tracks like Silver Machine), Hawkwind will bring solid prog to the party.

Pendragon hail from 1978 and played a major part in the progressive rock revival of the 80s (along with bands like Marillion, with whom they often performed, both on tours and at the Marquee). If you’re a lover of great neo-prog, be sure to catch their set.

The Strawbs have long been a favourite flavour among the HRH Faithful. HRH Prog VII will give fans a great chance to see this excellent band.

Martin Turner, meanwhile, was a founder member of Wishbone Ash and will be performing under the banner of Martin Turner Ex Wishbone Ash, performing classic Wishbone Ash music and more. Again: a set not to be missed.

There’s also a great chance to see The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Fire became one of the Sixties’ greatest one-hit wonders whilst Arthur’s fiery antics onstage made for spectacular shows, notoriety (and reportedly got him kicked off Jimi Hendrix’s tour!). He has, however, influenced countless musicians and performers (like Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Kiss, and Alice Cooper) thanks to due to his madcap look, persona and flamboyant performance, not to mention his operatic vocal style, which influenced prog and heavy metal. See this prog pioneer, live and first-hand, at HRH Prog VII.

Also announced are: Panic Room, Gandalf’s Fist, The Attack (Featuring Davy O’List), Tír na nÓg, Goldray, Jump, The Amber Herd, I Am The Manic Whale, The Winter Machine, Final Conflict, and Gryflet.

HRH will also be announcing another wave of bands to fill up the second arena, taking it to an impressive 27 acts over the festival’s long weekend.

HRH Prog VII will take place between Thursday 15th-18th November 2018 at HRH’s favourite habitat: Camp HRH, at the Hafan y Môr holiday park, near the seaside village of Pwllheli, in North Wales. Just minutes from the coast and set against the beautiful backdrop of the Snowdonian mountains, the site offers a choice of high-quality chalets, apartments and mobile homes, providing HRH’s trademark onsite quality accommodation, including self-catering facilities, cosy furnishings, and all mod cons. There’s also a great choice of places to eat and three supermarkets (exclusively for HRH customers’ use), all within walking distance of the live arenas.

In 2018, HRH Prog VII will be once more be taking over the whole site and adding in the ever-popular second arena. All arenas will be kitted out with state-of-the-art sound and lighting production, comfortable seating in warm, welcoming rooms, with plenty of food stations and well-stocked, round-the-clock bars.

All accommodation features two or three bedrooms: the more people you bring the cheaper it gets. N.B. VIP & Royalty tickets are almost sold out, so to find out more and book your tickets, check out or contact our ticket hotline on 0207 193 0490.

Bring on the Prog!


The Strawbs
Martin Turner ex Wishbone Ash
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Gandalf's Fist
The Attack (Featuring Davy O'List)
Tír na nÓg
JUMP - The British Rock Band
The Amber Herd
I Am The Manic Whale
This Winter Machine
Final Conflict


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HRH Blues 2018...

Click here to subscribe: HRH BLUES presents Blues IV 2018 - 15th & 16th April Welcome to HRH TV, bringing you the very best from HRH...
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Off Yer Rocka Recordings is with Kalle Johansson and Pontus Snibb.

Pontus Snibb's Wreck Of Blues are going to be playing some shows around the UK! Head out and catch them at one of the following dates:

11.04 The Underworld Camd...en, London
12.04 The Cluny, Newcastle
13.04 Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
14.04 The Musician Pub, Leicester
15.04 HRH Blues @ O2 Academy Sheffield, Sheffield

Check out a taster of "Too Late to Die Young" below:

And pick up a copy of the album on:…/pontussnibb-toolatetodieyoung…


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Hail HRH

It’s new, it’s multi genre, multi arena and 2 days of HRH shenanigans in Sheffield.

HRH C.R.O.W.S. is quite literally a Country Rock, Outlaw, Western and Southern Rock rollercoaster of fun and here is your chance to nab a set of some of the last weekend passes available to kick start the New Year with something positive and a reason 2B cheerful.


Best of luck and happy New Year.


If you Fancy Yer luck , click below to enter...

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Hail HRH

It’s only 5 sleeps to Xmas and we always need some reasons to be cheerful, so why not treat yourself to some Black Xmas GOGOF action... Wednesday 20th December is officially Grab one Get one free for:

HRH Vikings -
HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner -
HRH C.R.O.W.S. -

That’s it, for 24 hrs only, it’s a Xmas GOGOF on all weekend passes on these three fabulous events

Simply put in how many you want , apply Xmas coupon code BLACKGOGOF and it will half it down... Raaawwwkk

Just as a heads up, there isn’t a lot of stock left and it’s our intentions to wipe all three out in one day so Grab It while you can!

Happy Xmas HRH


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Image may contain: text
Image may contain: text
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Howdy HRH

12 hrs left until the Desert Bell rings loud and all weekend Offers n Hotel deals finish

Current stock stands at 2 Royalty Rooms and 66 Weekend passes... left at this incredible rate.

Don't be shy, it's gonna be a cool weekend. so saddle up n get involved

If you need any help ring me on 0207 193 1164 or grab it online @

Important note, we had a computer glitch the other day where it wasn't allowing people to book on a deposit basis, that should be fixed now, but if you want me to do it over the phone then feel free to give me call and I'll sort it out for you.

Merry Xmas!!!

Jesse Guns x

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HRH Vikings


All Hail!

HRH VIKINGS are proud to announce that the mighty Týr will be making a r...are appearance and headlining the Sunday night at the 2-day, 2-Arena Adventure, which will unfold at the O2 Academy in Sheffield on 1st & 2nd December 2018.

TYR are a metal band established back in 1998 A.D. Named after the Norse god of war, law and justice, the band hails from the Faroe Islands (one of the Nordic countries). Their music blends all the new heavy metal styles and weaves in old Nordic folklore, drawing on rich veins of history and myth as well as ancient texts and melodies. What sets TYR apart from most other bands of the Viking metal genre are the authentic roots of their music. Vocalist/guitarist Joenesen explains “Traditional music dating back to the Vikings (that is not preserved anywhere else in the world, not even in Iceland) is passed on in an oral tradition here and it is still alive and well. This is what we build our music on and draw great inspiration from.”

Also making the voyage to Sheffield will be heavy metal warriors Pythia. The band quickly established their own blend of thrash, power and gothic metal, with epic symphonic keys and soaring female soprano vocals. They believe that the art of music is a hallowed path, only to be undertaken by the strong-willed and the dedicated.

And that’s not all! Prepare yourselves for Atorc: the battle-hardened folk metal warriors of East Anglia! Their sound combines clean and harsh vocals, roaring guitar riffs, booming bass lines, harmonic keyboards, leg-slapping violins and fist-pounding drum beats. Atorc promise they’ll land in Sheffield, ready for battle and glory!

The Runes have been cast, the HRH Oathsworn have been summoned, so heed the call, brothers and sisters in rock! Grab your garb (and any chosen Hero or Valkyrie, if fortune so favours you) and make the voyage to Sheffield for what will surely live in legend as one of the rousing and raucous HRH events to date.


Ereb Altor
Old Corpse Road
Accursed Years

Already 91% sold so get your tickets quickly here or phone on 0207 193 9564

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Howdy HRH, Black Alert now

Yesterday was demolition Day with the rooms, Only 11 remaining and only 24hrs left to grab the 30 % off the Hotel Packages and the 25 Quid GBP No Booking Fee, Weekend Offer

Saddle up Cowboys & Cowgirls

... or ring Jess on 0207 193 1164

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Howdy HRH

Only 12 sleeps until Xmas guys and you’ve really done some serious damage to the HRH C.R.O.W.S. Launch...

Bit of a Sand Storm Alert here before the Ho...tels are Hung High n' Dry!

We’re officially down to the last 56 rooms now for the whole event.

Utterly incredible, thank you for the support. If you're in the saddle already n sorted, you Rock, if not, make sure you grab your Hotel before there’s no room @ the Inn so to speak!

Online @ or ring Jess on 0207 193 1164

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