But seriously though: if you're a player, you don't get to make up your weapons without DM's blessing.

You cannot afford this flaming sword, and even if you could DM has a patent.<br/><br/>Some players, though ... they just never learn.

So that's the episode that should have came up the last week, but didn't due to a technical issue — an update to my system made GIMP a bit crash-happy when using cage transform tool. The worst thing is that I have a very bad habbit of _not_ saving until I'm done, and I was almost done when the crash happened.

You can bet I've been happily mashing that Ctrl+S today.

And yes, by the way, i DO have a dragon plush. And no, you cannot see it. It's for my IRL party only — and even they have to demonstrate that their WIS & INT modifiers are within 2 of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. <a href='

If your players have never complained about rocks and dying before starting a recon (or if after completing said recon, the situation was not completely slated in their favor) ... consider yourself lucky.

Help, an ice-spitter destroyed my soapbox.<br/><br/>A person who played tabletop roleplays with a big enough number of groups has either DMed for or was a part of a group that started giving up as soon as the challenge wasn't blatantly slated in their favour. Of course, such behaviour has a potentia...

This week, a new HTTYDnD episode brings you another instance of me soapboxing about shit players.

PSA: Don't do things described in this episode. That's some major dick move.

Just like Facebook requiring you to download windows-only malware under the guise of "security." Because fuck you if you're using linux or mac. At least Firefox on android still works.

DM: Happy birthday to the ground. Before you ask: yes, the phone intermission is based on a true story. This has happened in my sessions. Three times in two consecutive sessions. In greater extent, with whole party ignoring everything. <a href='

That's the worst case of a writer's block I've had since I've started making this comic, stalling the new episode for a week and a day.

And let me reiterate:

"[S]ome players definitely have the misconception that roleplaying games are them them vs. the DM. Assuming DM is there voluntarily and out of free will and interest, this doesn't make any sense at all. Yes, the DM is there to throw monsters and stuff at you. At the same hand, DM is also the person who is, very often by... a very wide margin, the single person who's most invested in the story and most interested to see it continue."

That's one of the reasons my second group is much better than the first.

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That was quite an unannounced break. Unfortunately, I've encountered the worst case of a writer's block while writing this episode, stalling for over a week. This is probably single-handedly the one episode that took the most time to write (not including editing, at estimated 6-8 hours spent). Someh...
That's not the DM's job, but if you don't want silly stupid names in your campaign ... then sometimes being the killjoy is the only option.

I swear the idea for this episode was way better at the idea stage.

There's a lot of ways DMs can ‘incentivize’ players to do what they want and to not do what they don't want.<br/><br/>The bit Tim is singing there at the end is reference to this <a href='' target='_blank'>silly song</a> (not in English). Around where the comic author...

Surprise! Draconic is coming to this comic.

Not using draconic was the biggest regret of season 1. Amount of lost potential was only discovered by the time Stoick was well on his way to dragon island. Reminders were set to not forget about that when season 2 rolls around.<br/><br/>Special thanks to Xur from the HTTYD discord server for latini...

Knock knock, open up the door, it's real.

This is the last episode for 2017, enjoy.

If a group keeps their characters between adventures/campaigns, some DMs may encourage their players to tell what their characters have been up to during the ‘break’ (if there's any). Some people may, on some occasions, try to abuse this to sneak some overpowered items or items that DM doesn't b...

And here we go. Tina has officially joined Tim and Richard in the 'gg ez/gg/ez game, ez life' club.

Tina may not use a loaded d20, but this reaction is slightly suspect. Let's see if anything comes out of it.<br/><br/>As for the DMX bit: there's some people who like to sing. There's some people whose singing is so terrible exposing others to it is considered a warcrime according to the Geneva conv...

Technically speaking, 'immovable object' and 'unstoppable force' as presented by these kinds of trick questions you may have seen on the internet are logically the same thing — so it's kinda fitting that this point was used with the twins. After all, they do ride the same dragon.

Surprisingly enough, none of the characters actually picked up the ‘unstoppable force vs immovable object’ bit this time around. Admittedly though, Tina was busy planning Astrid's heist on the twins and Max was busy writing his note to the DM behind the scenes.<br/><br/>It's fitting though that ...

Oh boy, it's been a while since this comic last had a quality maths joke in it.

Two plus two is four, minus one that's three — <a href='' target='_blank'>quick maths</a>. It's been a while since we had a quality math joke in our comic. In mathematics, a <a href='' target='_blank'>base (or radix)</a>...

Pizza and snacks, the life blood of D&D sessions.

10/10 experienced roleplayers agree: you're (roleplaying) different when you're hungry, and tabletop RPGs can't exist without some snacks or pizza nearby.<br/><br/>I don't think Runescape has popped up in my references yet, so <a href='' target='_blank'>here we...

And the second movie is upon us.

‘‘Out with the old and in with the new, right?’’
‘‘The village is throwing a party to celebrate!’’


Technical notes: on that ocassion, the image quality was also slightly bumped (from A4@96 ppi to A4@160 ppi)

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So we're going ahead with the season 2 of our comic. <strike>We did it reddit!</strike><br/><br/>When some people are going to be late to a D&D session, there's two option. Option number one is the socially aceptable one: you <strike>burn</strike> eat all the food, snacks, rum! — so when the latecom...

I knew I said that this comic will continue mid-november, but I decided that there has to be at least one intermission episode (according to standard outlined by Darths&Droids, that's the DM notes).

I had plans to have this non-canon map up by Friday or Saturday. Instead I've only managed to finish up on Sunday and digitize (+ transcribe) it on Monday. Worth it tho.

<b>Click on image to zoom or <a href='/comic/img/110.jpg' target='_blank'>click here to open it in a new tab</a>.</b> Transcription is provided at the bottom.<br/><br/>(wun-tep the gif or touch it with your mouse to enable sound)<br/><center><video id='helps2haveamap' width='420' height='240' autopl...

Wew lads, this concludes the first movie for us.

In a good number of roleplaying games, there are some optional rules that deal with injuries of the more permanent kind. Under certain conditions, these rules may allow player to lose an eye, or an ear, or sometimes even a limb. This usually happens when a character drops under 0 HP (at DM's discret...

If you expect your D&D group to not do this, then you're going to be massively disappointed sooner or later.

Sometimes, you might get players that are invested and care about the story. More often than not, though, the story (and relationships between players' characters) goes out of the window the moment the players would profit by ignoring it. When a character dies (or is dangerously close to dying) and…

This week episode is coming up much bit later than usual — mostly because the last two episodes needed to be written as well (otherwise there would be a risk of having too much (or not enough) content for the last episode).

Contrary to the popular beliefs of some players (especially the fresh, new ones who think that 'Player's Handbook' is something that only DM needs to read), 0 (or less) hitpoints doesn't mean instant death. If the last blow didn't deal massive damage, you usually have some more rolls to make before…