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Frank Edward Taylor
· October 6, 2017
The workshop @stationhouston was a productive exercise in how to better do what I do.
Humans at Heart Translating Tech Workshop
Humans at Heart is with Meghan Zarate and 3 others.

New improv game!🚨This one is soo funny. I've played it with groups of strangers and plumbers and IT professionals, and it works like magic every time. Great for building synergy + connection + laughter. It's very easy to talk about business after you've moved a little bit. Give it a try before your next team meeting!

Learn more here:

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New podcast! Michelle Lenzen spoke with Danny Bauer from Better Leaders Better Schools about Humans at Heart. If you're interested in teaching, improv, or human-centered design, give it a listen!…/better-leaders-better-schoo…

I spoke with Danny Bauer from Better Leaders, Better Schools on my journey to the classroom, why I started Humans at Heart, and how I'm using human-centered design in the education and business...

Sharing the benefits of applied improv, one game at a time! Check out this name game--it's a fast-paced, low stakes way for a group to learn everyone's names. Works great in small workshops and focus groups!

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☝️ huddle up team! I’m sharing a sneak peek at something F-U-N tomorrow! 💌 sign up here:…

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Hanging out with these lovely #humansatheart in the Houston sunset! Fun things coming soon 😉

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An inside look at Circular Summit 2018! Met so many lovely people...foodie girls, finance women, startup sisters, fashionistas, health care ladies, and even future outer space travelers. Thanks for the opportunity to join the fun, Alice, the intelligent business advisor! #CircularSummit #RoleBreakers

"Wait...what do you do?"
It's pretty simple! Humans at Heart connects builders with users. It's listening, talking, qualitative research, and connecting. It's collecting human insights, and then showing builders how to translate them into their product development and marketing.…

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On a small stage in a tiny dark theater, a group of people came together to do improv. They showed up, they jumped in. Ready to play, to feel, to build something great. Something funny. ​

Each one had a unique presence and a calculated premise in their minds. They swam fast in their lanes and did what they knew best.

Yet something was missing. Nothing was coming together. ...
Things felt off....
Read the rest-->

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🌻 don’t think too much because you might not start, or you might not share. You may miss something. It might be important.

If you have one million projects and things you want to do but you don’t know where to start, you might be thinking too much. In your head making plans and plots and grand schemes. The big ones are the absolute worst because they are heavy and speaking them out loud feels like quiet terror. You don’t want people to squash a big juicy dream because that w...ould crush you. Don’t speak too much or think too much. Begin.

In a small corner on a small page. Maybe you come as you are—welp, a yellow blob. But once you begin you see something new and with a little bit of coaxing you turn it into something neat, not like million bucks neat but “oh that’s nice” neat. And then you get new little sprits of ideas for another space and another space and pretty soon, you’ve got a whole field of blobs sprouting and smiling and standing for you.

And none of them, not one, would be here if you spent too much time thinking.

Don’t think too much. Begin as you are. It doesn’t take much to turn a blob into a flower.…

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Las dos Fridas by @freedoes_art, and a little story...
These two lovely sisters came up to me after my last workshop and I couldn’t believe their warmth and excitement and smiles. Sometimes you connect at the soul with complete strangers and it feels like magic. So delicate and genuine that you bring it in for a group hug because, are we all sisters or what? 😂💘 and it’s perfect and funny and fills your heart with a little sunshine ☀️ that lasts the whole day through.
These sisters I met were from Colombia and started this cute design agency called @vacadesigncollective (their last name is Vaca and it means 🐄 in Espanol) and we were talking about how we could collaborate yadda yadda business. But then they casually mentioned one of the sisters, Angie, makes these little Frida dolls...and pulled up the link. And I said OH MY GOSH 💘 R U KIDDING ME THESE ARE A DREAM
When I looked at all the dolls, this frame struck me. Two sister Fridas, attached at the heart. This feels like everything. A sister bond that reminds me of my own. A simple statement, profound and be attached at the heart to another human being.
It got me thinking about human connection. How the most impactful, significant bonds of a human life lead to the heart.
An affirmation of why I named my business @humans_at_heart. I don’t know where I will take it (so many ideas! directions! connections!) but I am so grateful for these little moments and lovely people reminding me why I am on this path. 💘
As the holiday season approaches, I hope you find a way to connect at the heart with the ones you love and complete & total strangers 💞

XO Michelle

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This month's H@H newsletter is out! 💌 A pocketful of wisdom on lessons learned from Harvey, the Stros, and more! Check it out ->

Did you know the Houston Astros were officially named The Colt .45s until 1964? Although I love the wild west, I'm happy Houston went with a more family friendly, Space Jammy route inspired by their Astrodome. Read Up on the Stros

Here's a glimpse of a Humans at Heart communications and messaging workshop! Entrepreneurs are the best students 💯 eager to learn, to fail, to try.

If you missed this one, don't worry! There are more H@H workshops on the horizon.

Also, special shout out to my videographer 📹Kelvin Kataria! This quarter I am teaming up with so many creative, inspired people. Collaborating with other creatives makes my heart so hashtag grateful 🙌. When it comes to building a vision, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

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I'm leading a FREE improv & communications workshop this Thursday at Station Houston's #THIS17! I ran this workshop earlier this month and here's what some of those attendees had to say:

"Trying my pitch on someone and realizing, whoa, I need to start someplace else completely. That was valuable."

"The intro game and role playing were really helpful. I noticed apart from myself everyone else enjoyed it. It's one of those things that's a little awkward because people don't d...o it anymore, but you make it fun and comfortable for everyone."

"I was intrigued to see the approaches that you are combining (marketing, improvisation, conversational techniques)"

"I enjoyed the interactive improv games and applying each lesson to my own unique situation, right then and there."

The event is FREE, RSVP here:…

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Check out the events next week at Station! Stop by Thursday @ 1 pm for our improv/communications/marketing workshop! 💕

  • The Houston Innovation Summit
    An event for innovators to connect, ideate, create and celebrate together.
  • Day 1 | Civic Tech & Community
    Join Houston's civic tech and service-based community for a day of discovery, discussion, ideation and development.
  • Day 2 | Energy & Health
    Rethink perspectives and imagine new approaches to modern challenges.
  • Day 3 | Diversity & Inclusion
    How might we move forward from just talking about diversity to actively practicing inclusion and integration?
  • Day 4 | Creatives & Coders
    A time to spotlight Houston's creative community.
  • Day 5 | State of Houston Innovation
    Learn how public-private financing can foster social innovation and how local groups are accelerating social ventures.
  • The Houston Innovation Summit | Oct. 23 - 27
    Igniting the problem-solving potential of Houstonians for long-term recovery.

The thing I love MOST about doing research interviews is writing thank you cards. I love writing, especially when I can thank someone for being open and sharing all their thoughts and worries and insight with me. I can't get over how many lovely people are here in this world. Feeling thankful to share parts of my day with strangers who pull at my heart strings.
"People don't talk to me like you are," my Uber driver said. He moved from Ethiopia, and then lived in Georgia a...nd started his own business and lost everything. "I moved to Houston to start over. That's the good thing about America. You can lose everything, and you still have a chance to get something back."
I hope you have a nice conversation with a stranger today. There is a whole lot of hope and positivity out there, you just have to open your heart a little bit to feel it.
#💖 #humansatheart #spreadlove

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2 Likes, 1 Comments - Humans at Heart (@humans_at_heart) on Instagram: “The thing I love MOST about doing research interviews is writing thank you cards. I love writing,…”