It's weird that we can spend large amount of time making large works of art - and then have no active memory of anything about it until we scroll past a photo of the thing on a harddrive.

The Ox. c.2014? Approx 6ft x 40in Watercolor and other media on 140lb paper.

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Here's a musty ol' dusty ol' painting of mine, forgotten for many a year. Called it "the thinking tree" or something like that. Found in a stack of works on paper stored in a closet somewhere.

300lb Arches, full sheet (30x40? I forget). Watercolor and acrylic, I believe.

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Close to complete. Commissioned short series (1/4) from the Meditations series (5,6,7 & 8 of 30).

Watercolor with dry media finishes on 140lb cold pressed block sheet

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A few more additions to Meditation 3.

Starting on the next group of five this weekend.

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Number four of thirty in the Meditations series nearing completion.

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Meditation 3 - in progress. Close to completion.

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The "free" production music I was using for the background sound of my videos... not as free as was promised.

So - I replaced the original soundtrack for this with sound owned 100% by ME.

Sorry if this is a repost.

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Official Post from Jason Hutto: A short video of the final phase of Meditation 2, an image from my current series of watercolor / mixed media pieces.This series will contain 30 images created according to the same process, which is an improvisational method I will detail in future posts. Patrons who...

I'm dusting this page off, in order to get down to bidness.

You may have noticed a sudden increase in artistic activity over here in Huttoland. (Huttonia? Huttsylvania.) I've done the DuChamp thing long enough, I figure.

It's well past time to stop thinking about making art, and just make it. Naturally, I'm interested in selling paintings. Whether or not I WILL sell paintings?


That's something that used to keep me from working. The approval or disapproval of unnamed imaginary others. I figured I couldn't sell the work, because it wasn't what people were looking for, so there was no real point.

That's not a good place for a painter to be, but it's where I hung my hat for many years.

As I've gotten older, I've started to realize a few things.

1. I'm not getting younger.
2. What people think doesn't matter. At least not to whether or not I should make the marks I'm moved to make. If a person doesn't care for my work, what's that got to do with me or my work? Why should I prevent myself from working because of potential non-sales, potential dis-approval, when I could be working and earning my OWN approval. (And I must say - since I've returned to active status, I feel more alive, more together, more mentally present, more observant, more ME than I have in YEARS. So - not going to stop. It's better than a drug.)

I was born to make art. It's part of my calling. I have a mountain of art supplies that was sitting quietly in wait of this moment.

It is time to move that mountain.

I'd appreciate your participation in this endeavor. You don't have to buy any work - though if you do, GREAT! All you really have to do is interact with my posts. Like and share images that appeal to you. Let me know what you think about them. Link people to my page. I'll also be active on Instagram, YouTube, Patreon and other places.

My thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Recent drawing. Ink + Gouache on BFK.

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Art is not an object. The object is the byproduct. Art is a snapshot of a culture's soul. Ask yourself: Where is our art? Have you seen it?

A few questions for people who buy or would like to buy art:

What are some things that motivate you to purchase art for gifts or for your home or office?

What "type" of art do you prefer? Any particular mediums or subjects? Figures, Landscapes, Still Life, Scenery, Abstraction?


Do you buy original art works, or do you prefer reproductions and books/exhibition catalogs?

If you buy original works, what media do you find most adaptable to your decor? Most easily "portable" as a gift item?

Would you purchase a digitally-produced non-photographic print, also known as a 'digital painting' ?

Many people consider digitally-produced works to be UN-original and likely mass-produced. Do you think this stigma is still attached to digital-source prints?

I guarantee the uniqueness of any digital painting I produce. I provide an affidavit certifying that the image has been printed for proofing, with the proofs either remaining in my possession or destroyed, and otherwise in an edition of one, hand numbered and signed. I certify that the image file has been overwritten and deleted, and that no variations on the work have been produced. Would such a practice change your opinion of the value of a digital-source print?

What's a reasonable price range for original works?

Would you prefer to be able to purchase artworks casually, for less than $50, or would you rather art works to be "big ticket" items (ranges around $350 to $750) or should art be more of a luxury purchase, with prices over $1000, over $5000, over $10,000 or any extreme beyond?

Do you like to know about the artists you buy from and the story behind their work, or are you mostly concerned with image?

Do you like the idea of collecting art, or collecting the works of a particular artist?

Would you ever "trade" works, or resell items in your collection in order to "upgrade" either the value of your collection or the content of your portfolio?

Would you trade tangible goods, or services, for original works of art?

Answer any of these you wish! I'd like to hear your views.

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Gouache - is it the RHSC of watermedia, or the mysterious domain of the hydrodemiurge? I also wonder if it's the back stairs to egg tempera.

Composition in a coffee house. Painting later today.

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Debating investing in some sable brushes. I've been using synthetics my entire career mainly because I'm rough on brushes.