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Homebrew Website Club is a meetup for anyone interested in personal websites and an open, distributed web.

Whether you're an artist, writer, designer, coder, or just someone who wants to improve their presence on the web, this meetup is for you.

Want to own your digital identity? First steps: Domains, Home pages and hosting. This month we'll have intros, we'll have some time to talk about the first steps of the IndieWeb: getting domains, creating a home page for your identit...y and where you can host your content. After that we'll have a time of general discussion.

6:30-7:30 PM - Optional quiet writing hour
* Finish that blog post you’ve been working on, add features to your website, and more!

7:30-8:30 PM - Official IndieWeb Meetup
* Demos of personal websites and technology breakthroughs
* Discussion around the independent web

Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site!

Any questions? Ask in Slack or IRC:

You don't have to be a programmer or developer to be involved in the Homebrew Website Club. It's a place for anyone interested in making the internet work for them, rather than living within the confines and limitations set by Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

We'll be meeting in the UR Small Conference Room of the Urbana Regional Library

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Eddie Hinkle

HWC Frederick 2017-08-23 Wrap-Up

Frederick’s August 2017 meetup for Homebrew Website Club met at the Urbana Regional Library on August 23rd. This is the first official meetup for Frederick!

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