Documentary (Part One) of the proceedings of the HWH Conferenc...

HEALING THE WOUNDS OF HISTORY is working to create a committed community of change agents, field workers and practitioners who will be empowered to take and apply the approaches and the powerful content of HWH training into their respective practices within communities in Lebanon.

The objectives are to train teachers, Lebanese and Syrian trainers, NGO workers and school counsellors and individuals searching for ways to transform their own and other’s lives for the better. To r...eceive an additional facilitation training by assisting in the teaching of the following year.

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Contact for this event: Mirvat S. Bakkour. [ ]

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Join us for a workshop on the power of language by Alexandra Asseily on October 14th from 6:00 pm to 7 pm in beit beirut

Sacred Catastrophe : Healing Lebanon aims to transform Beirut into a “city of light” through an art exhibition, 40-day public performance, publications, lectures, concerts and workshops targeting art and peacemaking. The multi-disciplinary intervention is using one of Beirut’s most iconic war-torn b...

The HWH training program module 3, is the last part of 3 modules of training in Healing the Wounds of History.

The objective :
To create a community of change agents, field workers and practitioners, who, after appropriate training, are empowered to take and apply the approaches and the powerful content of HWH training into their respective practices within communities in Lebanon. This group will develop themselves individually first and then collectively through learning. This will be done through a mixture of formal training, self facilitated practice sessions and application in the field. To enable this to happen, participants from last year’s programme will receive an additional facilitation training by assisting in the
teaching of the following year. This principle can be extended over time, so that the community grows in number, competency and compassion.

The intention is to offer training to teachers, trainers and NGO workers. It is an opportunity to learn change processes by having a direct, personal experience. Beyond this it is hoped that the tools taught will be disseminated as widely as possible in the spirit of healing, reconciliation and forgiveness.
The material taught will be experiential and replicable. We shall share and teach tools from a wide range of wisdom traditions: including the world of personal development, the human potential movement and other sources. These tools help to take their users through an effective change process: from awareness to expression to forgiveness and finally to new behaviour.

The training package will also include written material designed to support the application of the tools and processes taught in the various contexts that attendants work in. As part of the training, participants will receive written step by step guidelines on how to apply the various tools.

The HWH training workshop will take place on Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of November 2017 from 09:00 AM (09:00AM – 09:30AM Registration and Coffee) to 5.00PM each day.

Punctuality and full attendance is pivotal for this workshop
The training will take place in the enchanted silk musuem in Bsous.

It is hoped that those who attend and learn from this training will also be those who take it further into the World and will be able to train and inspire others.
Your contribution

A contribution of $300, Concessions will be considered.
We look forward being together on this journey.

Alexandra Asseily
Centre for Lebanese Studies

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Honest, inspiring, moving 👇

At the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum in Iceland, Jim Paymer sat down with Alexandra Asseily to discuss conflict, bridging divides and her experiences in Lebanon JP: There aren’t many countries that have seen conflict as long lasting as the Lebanese. Tell me about the origins of the conflict… AA: I w...

In case you missed it, here's the full interview with Alexandra Asseily from this year's Spirit of Humanity Forum.....

Jim Paymer sat down with Alexandra Asseily to look at the conflict in Lebanon.
Image may contain: text, outdoor and nature to Treasure Hunt in Nature- A journey of self Discovery !

Art, nature and co-active coaching to discover your self treasures in a wonderful place! What are you waiting for?

Did you confirm your seat? We are leaving at 8:30 tomorrow morning! Yalla ! 😜

Published on 20 Jun 2013

Documentary (Part One) of the proceedings of the HWH Conference in Lebanon Nov 2011.

Under the High Patronage of His Excellency, the President of the Council of Ministers, Mr Najib Mikati, the Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS) and the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP), in partnership with the Institute of Diplomacy and Conflict Transformation, organised the International Conference on 'Healing the Wounds of History: Addressing the Roots of V...iolence'. The Conference was hosted by the Lebanese American University (LAU) on 11-13 November at its campus situated in the beautiful ancient city of Byblos, Lebanon.

The Conference explored the innovative psycho-social approaches to addressing the deeper roots of violence. The goal was to establish constructive relations between the people and communities in present-day Lebanon.

Part One of the documentary includes the keynote speeches given by Professor Vamik Volkan who highlighted the need to heal the wounds of history through forgiveness in order to avoid the transgenerational transmission of trauma. It also features other speakers who discusses the necessity of sharing narratives, of listening, of forgiveness and compassion in the process of healing and building solidarity after wars and violence in a society.

Featuring: Alexandra Asseily, George Asseily, Professor Vamik Volkan, Professor Antoine Messarra, Professor Leila Fawaz, Dr Eileen Boris, Reina Sarkis.

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Hello Dears, would you like to join me on a journey of self discovery in Nature ?

Sat 9:00 AM UTC+03Al Shouf Cedar Nature ReserveChouf, Lebanon
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Experiential journeys enabling people to become more aware of and heal unresolved past wounds, thus addressing the deeper causes of violence.

For more information about the training workshop, please see…/hwh-training-2017-mod…/

Mar 24, 2017 - Mar 26, 2017The Silk Museum - Bsous / Musée de la Soie - BsousBsoûs, Lebanon
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The National Center for Historical Memory’s (NCHM) purpose is to contribute to the comprehensive reparation and to the right to the truth for the victims of the Colombian armed conflict as well as society in general. The Center accomplishes this by reconstructing, through the testimony of victims ..

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The success of module 3 in year three of the Healing the Wounds of History workshops conducted by Alexandra Asseily, Mathew Pruen, and assisted by Mirvat Bakkour, is a sign that we have a firm foothold in the future of this exciting and transformative program.
We welcomed a great diversity of participants from different countries and backgrounds: self development, teaching, NGOs, and healing.
The module included once again a diversity of tools to work on relationships with ou...rselves and “The Other”, “What is my responsibility for peace in the world?”, “The power of language” and many other challenging procedures to bring peace and understanding.
In continuing this transformative journey, we bring to reality new possibilities for the future. As the HWH community continues to grow, it takes HWH further out into the public arena through families, schools, work and communities.

Healing the Wounds of History Training programme Module III, Year 3: Facilitated by Matthew Pruen and Alexandra Asseily took place 18th, 19th, 20th November 2016 at the Silk Musuem, Bsous.

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Nov 18, 2016 - Nov 20, 2016Bsous, silk musuem.
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