Hygge isn't a thing & can't be bought. It's a moment, a feeling, and requires being present to recognize it. Anyone who tells you different either doesn't understand or is trying to sell you something.

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Hygge House updated their cover photo.
January 13
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Late to the holiday game in posting this but here's a peek into how I'm celebrating Christmas/Jul this season. And since this will probably be my last post of the year, glædelig jul!!

How I create a hygge winter and christmas based on traditional Danish Christmases with my own twists and decor since moving to America. God Jul!|By Hygge House

I've had a whirlwind of guests over the past year and finally think I've got the guest-routine down. Here's what I do:

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or turning a corner in your studio into one, here are some tried + true tips to creating a hygge space for guests.|By Hygge House

I'm asked a lot about my favourite things for my home so I've pinned them all! They range from useful (like glass jars) to fun (like whale book ends) and from lots of shops like Ikea, Anthropologie, Etsy, Amazon, Shabby Chic.

These are all truly things I love + use (and have purchased myself).

These are all the things I've bought and loved for my homes over the years. They're things I truly do use and recommend. Nothing is given or a paid ad. All bought with my own money :)

Hygge isn't what's shown in glossy magazines or top 10 lists and it's not what's sold in stores. This is what real hygge is and looks like.

When I began this blog back in 2004, no one outside of Denmark really used the word ‘hygge’ and there definitely wasn’t blogs, articles, books and twitter handles dedicated to…|By Hygge House

With a crazy work schedule, lots of commitments, & now a major injury, I have a real need for time to recovery. So I'm going to try for #SundaysOff.

As a workaholic, I'm trying to learn how to have more of a work/life balance by taking at least Sunday's off.|By Hygge House

If you're in the UK or visiting London, highly recommend a day trip out to Petersham Nurseries including a meal in their cafe. Rustic charm at its best.

Petersham Nurseries is one of those must visit magical places but seems to be a secret. I’ve taken someone who lived in Richmond, UK to it and didn’t know it was there. But if you live in the UK or find yourself in London, I highly recommend a half day trip out to the countryside to visit this charm...|By Hygge House

I recently visited the home (and now museum), of one of my favourite Danes, Karen Blixen, author of Out of Africa. I post a little about her life and photos of her very charming, creative, Danish home.

A visit to the life-long home of one of my favourite authors and inspirations, Karen Blixen. Her charming, cosy home in Denmark from which she wrote Out Of Africa is beautiful both inside & out. Read more about her and see her home.|By Hygge House

Wrote this awhile ago but it feels timely given that it's New Years. It was a personal manifesto that just poured out one day.

Please go out there and do. Live. Don’t be the same as yesterday. Don’t live vicariously online. Don’t use language that has no meaning or talk ideas you don’t really live. Don’t hide. Don’t copy others or live their ideas or life. Don’t fear doing your thing. Don’t fear doing. Instead of reading an...|By Hygge House

I've been updating my links so that you can discover some really wonderful blogs (including some Danish ones) & some of my new favourite shop discoveries (like Doen & Rennes!). Have a favourite blog? Please share it below - I'd love to discover more.

Looking for Hygge ideas and inspiration? Here are recommended sites celebrating & sharing the Hygge concept!

Sharing some photos of my home with (non-sponsored/affiliate) links to some of the goods If you have a favourite winter or holiday scent, I'd love to know it!

How I create a hygge winter and christmas based on traditional Danish Christmases with my own twists and decor since moving to America. God Jul!
Hygge House updated their cover photo.
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'Tis the season! I'm heading back to London this week & downloading Christmas movies to watch on the flight to get into the spirit. Which ones did I miss?

My favourite holidays films from the tried and true to the not so obvious. See my picks and share yours.|By Hygge House

All little towns and communities in Denmark have a village grocery which is often a good little walk to get to if you live out in the country. So if you have to get some milk, you end up taking your dog along for exercise which is why you see these 'hunde parkering' (dog parking) spots on the side of many of the grocers. Brilliant!

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After struggling with being present for the past couple of years, I'm slowly working my way back and finding more hygge moments that I hope to share. What are your tricks for slowing down if you've been go, go, go?

Hygge isn't something that can be bought - it's something that you feel. So if you don't feel hygge, you probably aren't using the word right. Here's how one out of touch hygge girl got back into it.…|By Hygge House

Finally an updated post of my favourite suitcases, organizes and general gear. I'd love to know yours!

I’ve written before on what I’ve packed for winter and summer travels to Europe but the focus was more on what I wore. And although I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to my favourite gear, I realised I hadn’t ever written a post about it. So after 2 years of… View Post|By Hygge House

I took the plunge and had Hygge & West removable wallpaper installed. I share some tips I learned with the removable part and the before + after. The question now is - what else can I wallpaper?

My childhood homes all had wallpaper but my adult homes? Never. It’s not because I had a bad 80’s experience with floral print but because I either moved a lot or rented and found that painted walls were just easier and more cost effective. But I’ve always loved the drama of wallpaper and have a sli...|By Hygge House