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Thursday Marketing Tip:
Helene Svabø is the Digital Marketing Manager at SOS Barnebyer, and was previously Head of Performance Marketing at Empefire.

-Use data from content campaigns for retargeting - maximize branding to conversion!
As “every publisher” - like the big online newspapers - now provides advertisers content/native solutions, and many clients see a decrease in display conversion, the synergy here is more important than ever!


So to use native advertising as an example: Whenever I set up a campaign I always start with the content and challenge all the ways we can maximize the results from the ad spend and the data usage. One effective way is to ask the publisher (say, the online newspaper where your story is running) to set up and share Facebook custom audiences built upon visitors on the website where you content is placed. It's super easy to set up, and will help your native campaign go from branding to conversion, if that is a goal.

So when the native campaign comes to an end - retarget the audience that has visited the article with more sales-focused ads on Facebook. Show – tell – sell, but remember to exclude those who have already completed a purchase (or whatever the goal is). Nothing is more annoying than seeing ads for a product you already have bought…

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Thursday Marketing Tip:
Meri Sørgaard is the Product Marketing Manager at , which operates as an independent startup within the incubator environment of Telenor Digital.

-I want you to stop looking at the Marketing Department, person or Manager as a silo. Make it easy for your whole team to contribute to the content about your business by offering them the chance to share their views. For some, that may be by writing for the company blog on Medium, sharing images o...n Instagram under a common public hashtag, or letting them speak at conferences when offers turn up.

Letting everybody take part in the storytelling in the way they find it the most motivating will leave you with an internal marketing culture – and more content to curate in all channels from several different angles of your product.

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Thursday Marketing Tip:
Fredrik Østbye, of Fred, Ed & Heimly, has worked as a digital advisor and creative for more than a decade, and is an award winning copywriter.

-Don´t settle on one idea. Ever!
Whether you're brainstorming ideas for updates in social media or you're planning your next big campaign, don't ever settle on one idea. To fall in love with an idea is like falling in love in real life. You become irrational, stupid and you ignore the rest of the world. In the world of creativity, it's better to be a player. Dump your best idea and pretend it doesn't exist. Create at least one more, to quality check your first. I do this even with simple updates for a Facebook page. It is more work and it feels like shit. But it's always the right thing to do.

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Read guest blogger Mira Kahn of and Marketeers' 5 tips to becoming and Instagram superstar --> <--
Got other tips? We'd love to hear them!

5 great tips for conquering Instagram with your brand.

Thursday Marketing Tip:
Mira Kahn (at the left in the pic) is the founder of The Marketeers and Kreakid
-My best marketing tip is to build a strong tribe around your brand - get to know your loyal customers, listen to them and make them feel part of your brand and your journey. It will give you important user information and a lot of WOM (word of mouth) from proud and involved customers. Be honest, be open and don´t bullshit. People will find out and they will not like it.

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Thursday Marketing Tip:
Kristian Mehlum Lie is a senior advisor at digital agency OMG .
-My best content tip for engaging channels is to not look at what your competitors do, but rather at what the hungriest, most outrageous, over-the-top people do. BMW shouldn't look at what they do at Mercedes. They should learn from the people who make Tasty-videos (videos of delicious, mouth-watering cooking like on Tasty ). Don't look at the people who are best-in-class. Look at the best-in-school!

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Thursday Tip:
Victoria Foster heads TrendWatching's international trend spotter community.
-My tip is a collection of newsletters I receive daily which are a constant source of inspiration, motivation and give me a daily (or weekly) kick-up the butt.

First up is the community newsletter from This company is all about helping brands create meaningful and useful communities, and this has a very direct relevance to my everyday job. But beyond that, their newsletter ...contains links and advice that anyone needing to create a lasting relationship with consumers should pay attention to.

Co.Create for daily innovations, news and inspiration. Seth Godin’s daily wisdom - his emails give me a wake-up call nearly every morning. Buffer's newsletter are the perfect mix of marketing tips, topical posts and interesting tit-bits form their team. Finally a new newsletter discovery is Lenny - a newsletter from American comedian Lena Dunham and writer/producer Jenni Konner. Topical, funny, and not directly marketing related, but well worth a read.

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Thursday Tip:
Andrew Hubbard - digital marketing consultant and blogger at shares the following: -My tip would be the podcast “Perpetual Traffic” by It’s packed with actionable content to help businesses improve their digital marketing strategy, and they also make use of case studies and the occasional expert guest.

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Friday fun:
Best product video ever?
If you've got any better, we'd like to see it. Share it as a comment pretty please:)

Our Blades Are F***ing Great.
see video here

Thursday tip:
Geir Sand Nilsen - former Fanbooster colleague, and serial entrepreneur at 100x and EdTech Foundry recommends the following for your Mediamix: - Do the stuff you have the potential to be the best in. The rest will follow. Do it where you are best. Don't worry about trends. Don't listen to me; think for yourself.

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How to start growth hacking?
What does 'growth hacking' even mean?
Here's a nice introduction.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the problem is I don't know which half..

Case study:
In 2013 and 2014 Eiendomsspar used Facebook ads to sell out an apartment complex in central Oslo.
Here's the full case study.
With Fortress Reklamebyrå and Sem & Johnsen.

To sell out one of Norway’s most innovative apartment buildings, the real estate company Eiendomsspar turned to Facebook.

Friday fun:
Remember the car commercial that OK Go made a few years ago? If not, you're welcome, 'cause here it is:)

Chevy sonic commercial.
Watch the video here

Thursday tip:
Dennis Yu - Facebook expert, CTO at BlitzMetrics and guru at Adweek shares the following tip: spend a dollar a day to boost posts. That way the algorithm does the heavy lifting and learning for you. Also - spend $10 to test each organic post. Do it especially with video!

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5 Super Simple Ways to Boost Your Facebook Advertising Conversion Rates. By guest blogger Andrew Hubbard.

Looking to improve the conversion rate of your FB advertising campaigns? Here are 5 tips..