Here's one we haven't heard before but still, sadly, are not shocked at all.

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Marisa Gianna to I Hate The Brick

How is this company still around? Beyond disbelief. Just got our floor model delivered. The delivery guy asked if i knew it was used. Ummm, NO! Found hair, soap... scum, black ring of dirt and a bit from a screwdriver in the rubber seal of my "floor model" washer and dŕyer. When i called the manager, she argued it wasn't sold as used and insisted it wasnt. I finally raised my voice and said I had pictures and she said "it is a final sale not returnable and you already got the best price". I am not done with this yet!

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More warranty nightmares from the Brick.

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Daniel Bean is at The Brick.

The Brick has called me to explain the reason for why they called to decline the claim after visiting my parents house on accident... --- The actually went into my parents house (my dad invited him in) and snapped photos of their couch, which was confusing to my parents at the time, but at the time they were also in the process of re-stuffing their own couch cushions! (what are the chances right?) So they thought the other had booked this appointment etc, and let it happen... So the tech reported on my parents couch.

The Brick has also let me know that they will reinstate the warranty on the couch that had the previous rip from delivery, and will allow me to return my couch and matching set for the entirety of the purchase amount. (*less the credit amount I accepted for the rip)

The negative; I bought the couch set for $1,130 and minus $250 credit I already used is $880, so if I am to return everything, I'll be paying out of pocket to upgrade/replace - and stuck with their quality of product. We will be more diligent if and when we pick a replacement product.

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WOOPS! The Brick gets caught declining warranty claim prematurely with preloaded response.

*Please Share! - The manager smugly laughed when I said I was going to share this with every person I could. They did end up declining the warranty in the end. You've got to hear this shit out, video and story attached.

The tech hadn't even come out to see my broken couch yet, but they magically received a report from him which stated "50% depreciation has not happened to the cushions so we (The Brick) are declining your claim." WAIT WHAT?! Your tech went to the wrong address and we rescheduled for later that week... This video is perfect evidence of how The Brick will weasel their way out warranty claims with preloaded bull shit responses to said claims. Backstory; My couch which is less then a year old is broken. It sags terribly in the middle and creeks badly when getting in and out of it (which trust me, is a struggle). I need to stuff the cushions with towels to keep the firmness. It's toast! and it's still under the first year manufacture warranty. The Brick sent their tech to my parents house to investigate the claim, which is wrong. I used my parents account and address when I purchased the couch; however that's not where the couch is, so I rescheduled with the tech for later in the week. However, the tech still showed up at my parents... knowing it was the wrong address, weird? Well, it gets weirder; the day before our new appointment The Brick calls and says they are declining my claim from their reported findings.... Huh? Reported findings? You bastards haven't found anything because you haven't even seen anything yet! How the hell?... Well! I was hesitant to post this video until the claim was completed and of course.... They just declined it yesterday (April 23rd) and guess why? Yup... You guessed it; the same bullshit preloaded reason I was given accidentally the day before they even came. Here's the super aggravating part; the tech came out that Thursday appointment and ps; the "tech" was 2 Russian dudes sporting leather jackets looking serious mafia style (nicest dudes ever though!) - anyway's, they come in with a small point and shoot camera, they take a quick couple random pics of the couch and don't even touch it. When I showed them the couch's issues by sitting on it for them, he watched me try and get out of it like a beached whale. The "tech" told me it was for sure broken, and said he was going to say that in his report. Sweet!! How can they deny that? The tech is going to say it's completely broken. Well, a week passes and they finally call me. Surprisingly *sarcasm* The Brick still manages to weasel its way out of the claim. *sigh* all hope is lost. See, they really dug deep this time, when I bought this couch they delivered it with a rip in the back of it, I wanted that rip fixed, they said it was irreparable and gave me a in store credit. I used that in store credit to buy a kitchen table set. So last night when they called me; they said because I accepted that credit for not fixing the rip... That doing so, it voided my entire couches warranty. AND even if it were not voided, the cushions were still 50% resiliency. (Oh snap, before she used the word depreciation, now it's resiliency! Same shit) What...the...#%$... Here's something even crazier! The kitchen set I bought with the store credit... The bench seat to that set; the buttons are falling off, and when the tech was here for the couch I had the tech take photos of that too, and opened a claim for it at the same time, and guess what? You guessed it! DECLINED! It's discontinued; how about another $100 store credit. Really? It's a easy fix. In fact i'll now be getting my friend who repairs furniture to come out and fix it on my dollar, (while its still "under warranty") and as for the couch, looks like ill be buying a board to put under the cushions to help the broken springs and i'll be getting the cushions re-stuffed with firmer material, again on my $ while still "under warranty". I have never told a manager to shove something up their ass before but the girl I spoke with about this didn't care how bad it looks, and laughed when I said I was going to share this. Anyway's, to cut this short and save you from more reading; long story short: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE BRICK, and screw you Sylvia @ the Regent location.

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We're still here, but more active on Twitter than Facebook because it's easy to find people screwed over by the Brick. Thanks for continuing to post your experiences here!

Another great example of what happens when you shop at the Brick.

Angele Mutombo Mpatemba to I Hate The Brick

Please DONT EVER NEVER go shop for furnitures at The Brick store located at 1607 Dundas St East Mississauga.

ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE COMMISSION.... I bought a couch and love seat on April 11th, the delivery date was set for April 19th.
The delivers only showed up with 1 item and told me to call customer service to find out when the other item will be delivered, In big surprise, they told me that the couch is out of stock and it will be available May 23rd. Basically, in ONE MONTH. Really? In the meantime, where do we seat? I AM SURE THEY KNEW THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT but THEY LIED. ONCE YOU SWIPE YOUR CARD, THEY DON'T CARE about what happens next.
- Supervisor VICKY LOISY is ARROGANT and RUDE, Never returned my calls, all she told me was that there is nothing she can do period.
- They are all Liars.


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Here's another example of what could when you shop at The Brick!

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Julie Brewer

Everyone Beware of The Brick store at Woodstock.

We bought this sofa at The Brick last week, it was on special and we really liked it. They told us that it was ...a floor model and it was discontinued so it would be sold as is. We looked it over and asked if it was a returned or something and they assured us it was brand new (just a floor model). Everything looked fine but we forgot to do one thing (Smell it).

As we unwrapped it at home a smoke smell came strong. We though maybe they smoke in the loading bay. Just to find out yesterday after several conversations and a visit to the store that the manager finally admitted that it was a return. It was in a lady's house for 2 weeks (heavy smoker)...

They are now refusing to pick it up and are saying that its not their problem. Will never shop at that store again!

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Thanks for continuing to share your experiences with The Brick here on this page! We've been focusing lots on Twitter recently, but still check in often and encourage you to continue to share your stories here so others don't fall for the same horrible service like we have.

More complaints about the Brick.

No surprise here.

Angel Manos to I Hate The Brick

The brick is a scam!!!! I signed up for 2 years no payments and no interest! At the end of the 2 years I paid my full original debt of 7 thousand dollars only t...o find out that I owed an extra 3200 do to an insurance that they signed me up for when I signed the original contract! BE VERY CAREFUL PEOPLE THE BRICK IS A HUGE SCAM!
I wrote complaints and I never did get any solution they just blame things on different departments and all I got was to deal with the huge waiting times on their customer service lines and more interest on my on going and made up debt that I had with them. I myself will definitely never purchase anything from the brick again and I hope you guys think about it twice before you do.

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Here's some great advice if you're looking to make a complaint against a business. Juts follow these 3 steps:

(this is for Ontario, but other provinces will have similar routes for you to make a formal complaint)

Read about how to file a consumer complaint with the Ministry of Consumer Services and write an effective complaint letter.

There truly is no shortage of complaints about The Brick. Makes you wonder how they are still in business.…/the-brick-customer-service…

Check out this great review to see just another reason why The Brick Sucks.

Twitter is full of love for the Brick:

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If you live in Alberta, and have had horrible service from The Brick (especially warranty related issues), PLEASE send us a message with all relevant information. IE: What you bought, how it was defective, what you tried doing/who you contacted, and the run around/BS excuses they gave to not honor the warranty, etc etc.

And, if you know someone else affected by crap products and customer service at the Brick, please tag them below!


We're going National with this & have a surprise coming up!

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Never surprises me to see stuff like this.

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Zina Di Franco to I Hate The Brick

Looks like our concerns are being heard! The Brick appears to be in trouble ! I found this on the Better Business Bureau website.

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We're still not even surprised.

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Glad to see we aren't the only ones who Hate the Brick.

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