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Bernard Messing
· March 11, 2018
i have been part of IAHPC great and wonderful vision for the past years .Impacting and improving lives are key words.Many are suffering with long term illnesses .let; s do something.right i am a training organize by IAHPC/WHO on
to write a PC country policy brief
In this proceess , am serving my fellow participants( from chili,UK, Sudan ,India,Nigeria , Cameroon, Ukraine,Irak,Lebanon ) as whatsaap group admin.We encourage one another ,join us
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Mohammad Shafiq
· January 15, 2017
Human Life is sacred and very valuable in Islam; as sanctity of human life is a basic concept in Islam. One of the basic beliefs in Islam is that GOD (ALLAH) is the Creator of all of mankind and the ...Real Owner of all lives. He created Adam from mud and He gave him life and He is the One who started our lives from conception. Therefore, He is the only One who will end it through natural death at a predetermined time. The moment of death of every creature on this earth is predetermined only by the Creator and only He knows when this time will come. There are many verses in the holy Quran and Sunnah [words and actions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)] that emphasize these core believes of Islam (Katme, 2013). See More
Marvin Mutch
· October 15, 2016
When speaking on end of life care, no one should be excluded. Dying with dignity is an essential component of our humanity, and needs to be extended even into the shadows of our society where far too ...often there are those who will die alone. See More
Manisha Singh
· August 30, 2017
No deed is greater than helping a needy human being....such a soul satisfying and spiritual act
Clint Cupido
· August 19, 2016
I want to thank this wonderful association for their financial support to attend APCA in Kampala. They're making a difference!
Paola Diaz
· July 31, 2015
In my opinion the IAHPC makes an outstanding humanitary and academic job
Minjung Kim
· September 8, 2016
For long time I
María Restrepo Betancourt
· January 8, 2014
Es una labor tan linda y humana sólo equiparable a traer niños a la vida. Es tan importante recibir como despedir con amor a nuestros seres queridos!
Monica Osio
· June 9, 2015
Excelente difusión de los avances a nivel mundial y un medio de comunicación para quienes nos dedicamos a esta área. Ojalá nos integramos mas latinoamericanos en este esfuerzo.
Gracias por compartir
François-xavier Kapepula
· May 17, 2017
la joie d accompagnè dans la dignuté ni stress ni douleurs nos avc grabataires à kinshasa et dans le monde
à domicile
Luz María Villafuerte
· July 8, 2015
Gracias por compartir y difundir esta encomiable labor , los cuidados paliativos , es un derecho para todos.
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