Second Annual conference on Integrative Medicine. Speakers from all over the World will talk on mitochondrial function and its impact on chronic degenerative diseases. #iaim2018 #mitochondria #StemCells

May 2 - May 3Pan Pacific ManilaManila, Philippines
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Checkout my latest post: Vitamin C against cancer stem cells…/vitamin-c-against-cancer-…/

Ascorbate selectively damages DNA of cancer stem cells
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Vitamin C are effective in suppressing cancer stem cells

I am convinced that it is being downplayed, or even kept quiet, just how many mass murders are committed by the pharmaceutically medicated. Ralph Campbell, MD, ...says that nutrition can reduce violence. Controlled studies, in prisons, have verified this. It is time to try it.

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(OMNS, April 30, 2016) We are witnessing an increasing number of random murders. What motive could there be for a young adult, with or without a police record, to suddenly go berserk and commit multiple murders? Many perpetrators are found to have psychiatric problems, sometimes, ironically, fueled....
Apr 30 - May 196 Green Meadows Ave, White Plains Quezon City
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My mother had grand mal epilepsy. I want you to know about this important nutritional treatment sooner than she learned of it. The real kicker is that this research has been ignored since 1959, nearly 60 years ago! Now all can see it at

Epilepsy has a nutrition component too important to overlook. This common mineral is a big part of the story.
On our Second Annual conference, we have come up with the topic that’s relevant to Integrative Medicine today. Reversing diseases by using stem cells and improving mitochondrial functions are the main topics of discussions even in conventional medicine. We have invited back Dr. Thomas Levy, as per...

Depression can be lifted significantly or even entirely with natural, nutritional measures. This free article summarizes several Much more on this important subject in "The Vitamin Cure for Depression," the book I co-wrote with nutritional psychiatrist Bo Jonsson, MD, PhD of Stockholm, Sweden. I do not sell my books, but Amazon sure does and has this one cheap right now, about $11.30.

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Depression is the most frequently searched-for topic at And no wonder. Those of us that have experienced the depths of clinical depression know just how awful it really is. When you are in the bag, it is hard to think out of the bag. But there is a way out.

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Arthritis is NOT something that "you just have to learn to live with." I have seen cures close at hand (grin) and here are three of them:

Drugless cures for arthritis do exist. Read these case histories of people who successfully cleaned up da joint.

SNEEZE OR SNIFFLE? COLD OR FLU? The trick to really sensational results with vitamin C is to use enough, and use it immediately. At the very first sniffle, coug...h or sneeze, I head straight for the kitchen and take a teaspoon of C powder (about 5,000 milligrams). This is called a "loading dose." The intention is to promptly ingest as much vitamin C as you can but NOT so much as to cause loose bowels. Everyone, even kids, can learn what their particular "level" is. It really works. Learn more here directly from one of my heroes: Robert Cathcart, MD:

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International Scientific Workshop On Integrative Medical Therapies
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Reminder: Pre Conference workshop on April 30 to May 1, 2018. IV laser therapy (LLLT) certification by Dr Moskvin, inventor of IV laser therapy.

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Vaccinations or not? I raised my children all the way into college without vaccinations. They never even MET their pediatricians. I realize this topic is controversial, but this is my personal Facebook page and I will continue to try to tell it like it is. Dr. Suzanne Humphries does a better job than I do, though. Search YouTube for her (it's easy) and sit back and learn. She's an MD and a board-certified nephrologist. I am neither. Here is my take, from a few years back, and in considerable detail:

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"The function of a civil resister is to provoke response. And we will continue to provoke until they respond. They are not in control. We are." (Mahatma Gandhi)