The Rotten Apple Series: Paul is Dead: 2007-2010

This guy, that we all know and love, he made the rotten apple series, TheWingedBeatle and TheRightAlbum. The thing is...after supporting the lowest energy candidate in history, that guy now dances with the Donalds.

That makes us sad really...

How can he support a President that; fully reinvigorated the economy, liberated nearly 100% of the territory held by ISIS, helped bring about the lowest Black/Hispanic unemployment rates ever recorded, is exposing both deep-state corruption and the mind-manipulating tactics of the mainstream media, recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and has made great progress in freeing the people of North Korea from oppression and in defusing tensions arising from the Korean conflict. So how can he support this!? We have no clue...

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Charlie moved onto the next level. Up from his heart he'll be singing through you. He might have spend the biggest part of his life in prison, but he didn't care much for freedom. He had freedom in his heart, and was able to use The 3rd Eye to transcend. We do not condone his past crimes, but he wen't back to where he once belonged and is now moving onto the next chapter.

The Sun Is Shining And The World Is Turning We Never Knew We Went So Far

A new clean version of the hidden Paul scat vocal at the end of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise).

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Et laudate, cum una voce
reclamamus, non nobis solum
sed toto mundo nati

NPR Music Premiere The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’, from the Anniversary Edition of Sgt Pepper.

“What you hear on this first attempt... is a version lacking the vocals from that famous chorus; John is singing lead and Paul McCartney is at a Lowrey organ, combining numerous presets, including harpsichord, vibraharp and music box, to make that infamous opening sound.”
“You hear, in the bits of backgrounded conversation, a true collaboration, a bit of magic unfolding. It's thrilling to hear.”

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On the cusp of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band's 50th birthday, hear the first take The Beatles recorded of a legendary song.

Any true Beatles fan will tell you that listening for the first time to these newly unearthed recordings from the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band gives you a feeling of pure joy. We hope you will enjoy the show.

The 50th anniversary edition of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band will be released on May 26th. They have just released two previews of what will be on the album, take nine of the title track, and take one of "With a Little Help From My Friends" Take a listen.

Listen to this beautiful song Sister by our friend Gert Magnus, from his new album currently in production:

Gert Magnus first single from his forthcoming album.

Edited: Someone from The0rg has informed us that this information is not correct!

For a brief period of time, there was a message on the Y0K00NO YouTube channel that stated: "Paul and Blll were brothers, they were seperated at birth, 1 to mom 1 to Dad, Dad was obsessed with Magick, They made Blll the secret God, Paul was killed oct 3 1966, Blll replaced him. simple as that!"

Phoney Clues: McCartney Mozambique Connection 1

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Phoney Clues: There is a secret code on the iamaphoney bandcamp website... Can you figure it out?

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30 track album