Learn what Informix can do for you in this web exclusive.

When most people hear that an IBM database is being evaluated, they naturally think of Db2. While that may be a natural reflex of sorts, IBM has expanded its database offerings over the years with Informix, Netezza and Cloudant—the first of which will be discussed in this article.

Learn more about the tech specs of the POWER9 S series servers in this post by Jaqui Lynch.

On February 13, 2018, IBM announced the scale-out POWER9 servers: the H922, H924, L922, S914, S922 and S924, along with some associated software. In this article, we’ll focus on the S series servers, along with the prerequisites that need to be in place in order to install and use them.

Learn how Lynell Constantine was introduced to RPG in this iTalk with Paul Tuohy.

Lynell Constantine discusses RPG on this episode of iTalk With Tuohy.

Rob McNelly has tips for dealing with an HMC upgrade problem. Learn more here.

During a recent HMC upgrade, a buddy of mine had a problem. While you're unlikely to find yourself in this situation, if you ever do, you'll be glad you read this.

Hear about the 30th anniversary of IBM i from Alison Butterill in the latest iTalk episode hosted by Paul Tuohy.

Alison Butterill discusses the latest IBM i TR, the upcoming IBM i 30th anniversary and more in this episode of iTalk With Tuohy.

Learn how the IBM framework helps clients prepare for GDPR.

Use IBM's framework to come into compliance with GDPR before May 25.

Help mark 30 years of IBM i by sending in your photos. Learn more in this post from Steve Will.

Do you have some photos you’d be willing to share? OK, that sounds a little weird. Let me give you some context.

Learn about this handy feature that allows you to save customizations to your 5250 configurations and use them as your default settings in this post by Dawn May.

There’s a handy (but somewhat hidden) feature that allows you to save customizations made to your 5250 session configurations. It also allows you to have those customizations be the default settings for any new sessions.

Picking the right cloud MSP is an important way to ensure data is protected. Get more information on this topic here.

Data security is an important part of a comprehensive risk management plan, and organizations must factor in where data is stored.

Read about five real-life examples of organizations that chose to invest in IBM Power Systems over x86-based systems and the benefits that followed.

Organizations must consider overall cost of ownership when considering whether to migrate from the Power Systems platform to x86-based infrastructure.

Rob McNelly's latest post acknowledges this year’s IBM Champions.

This came out about a month ago, but I want to acknowledge this year's IBM Champions.

Did you know that regardless of a company’s location, GDPR may affect it? Get tips and information on compliance.

Use GDPR to transform your business.

Read about the danger of SUID, and using FLRTVC to identify vulnerabilities in this post by Michael A.M. Felt.

Earlier this week, IBM Security released a notification about “an unspecified vulnerability that would allow a locally authenticated user to obtain root. Reading deeper, it seems the programs listed (bellmail, caccelstat, iostat, lquerypv, restbyinode, and vmstat) all use “suid” to root, and a...

Get introduced to a doc that covers AIX migration prep in this post from Rob McNelly.

Here's an oldie but a goody: a document covering AIX migration preparation.

Get introduced to DATA-INTO, the latest addition to the RPG language, in this web exclusive by Susan Gantner and Jon Paris.

This article is to introduce you to the latest addition to the RPG language: DATA-INTO. As we hinted in the title, perhaps the best way to think of DATA-INTO is as a combination of Open Access and XML-INTO.

Learn about a hardware maintenance EOS extension for clients with unsupported legacy systems. Included: Rob McNelly's warning about the importance of taking action.

Back in November IBM announced a hardware maintenance end of service (EOS) extension for customers with unsupported legacy systems. This offering is expected to be available in the spring.

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