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A new policy brief from the ICSDP and the Munk School of Global Affairs, released during the HR17: 25th Harm Reduction International Conference, provides guidance to national governments seeking to align domestic legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis markets with their international legal obligations. #HR17

Four scenarios are identified to explore how states party to international drug treaties could respond to questions of compliance while pursuing domestic cannabis policies that appear in breach of those treaties.

Read the article on the inspirational work that nurses and other harm reduction workers do at Insite.

“...[S]erving as a non-judgmental listening ear and supportive shoulder for people to lean on is just as important as preventing disease and being on hand in case of #overdose” says one Insite nurse. #harmreduction

As debate continues throughout the Eastside, Vancouver’s Insite sheds light on the real impact of giving people a place to safely take drugs.