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Ron Blanco
· April 21, 2018
This shop and michael being the owner refuses to give me my deposit back. It has been over 3+ months and refuses to give me my money back. He is a thief and will ignore your calls and block you on any... social media. Stay away fron this shop especially if its for insurance reasons. See More
Kevin Go
· September 24, 2017
The owner, Michael Pelagio, of this business is absolutely amazing!

I requested for a quote in Yelp and he responded fast. I asked for an estimate to see how much it would cost to fix my car due to ...the damages it received. Mike advised me that my vehicle is totaled and it makes sense but I was just being hopeful. He said that it would cost more than what my car is worth to fix. He showed great understanding of the situation and responded in a professional and rational manner. Today he consulted me today about the possibilities and the expectations about my situation. What I love about this dude is that he's flexible because his time management is on point. He gave precise diligent information I needed for my situation. Today he made time for me to explain the process and it's a weekend when his shop is closed.

I absolutely would recommend this business owner! Very honest dude and professional!

If y'all have time, check out the images in his business. The craftsmanship is A++ and I enjoy looking at all the work for iDesigns.
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Eduardo Quintanar
· October 21, 2017
Great shop and the work was done beautifully too. Mike helped me every step of that way from our conversation on Instagram to keeping me updated when my carbon fiber hood and bumper lip were in the sh...op. Thanks again guys for the great service. See More
Rezianne Ramirez
· September 9, 2017
I want to take my time to write this review on this shop. Mike has been accountable and communicative to me from the very start. I sent him pictures of what my car looked like and gave me an estimate ...through Yelp message. A few days later, I went to drive to their shop and I met with Mike's partner, Lloyd. Lloyd was honest with his estimate and the things he can do for my car-- how long it will take, the price and the process. From the day I signed the invoice and left my car in their shop, I have been texting Mike (who at this point is the main person to contact) to ask questions about what their team has accomplished so far. It takes hours for Mike to respond (I'm assuming he's working on my car too :)) but he does give you updates which makes me feel reassured.

FYI, I read the bad reviews on this shop before I decided to choose them. I have also consulted 4 other shops around the area, and all of their estimates say that 5 years worth of damage on my car will cost me about 4k or more. No matter how much I loved my Honda, at that point I was honestly considering to get a brand new car instead of getting it fixed. Driving my beat up car doesn't make me feel excited to take it to work or anywhere. I felt like i was driving an ugly one. However, Mike and Lloyd gave it to me for WAY LESS than half the price, which makes me feel I chose the right place. All I can say is communicate to these guys, ask questions, gauge your expectations and check in with them. I texted Mike for updates almost everyday and he had stayed accountable. It's my car after all and I'm paying for their service. I'm pretty sure that if they can't do something about your car, or if it will take a few more days to finish their job, they will tell you. The good thing is they will give you a refund.

They've been honest with me through and through. At no point did I feel like I was being fooled or ripped off. I knew what I wanted done, and with the price they gave me, I was ready for a reasonable bargain. When I picked up my car, I was so impressed! Their team more than met my expectations. All the scratches are gone, the dents are unnoticeable, my mirrors were fixed, and it was overall aesthetically what I envisioned my car to be. Lloyd explained how each damage can be prevented so that I won't have the same issues again. They worked on my car non-stop everyday and I feel like I should've paid more because that's how satisfied I am. It was worth waiting for almost 2 weeks to make my car look brand new again. With that said, nothing beats an honest and solid service, a cheaper than usual price, a one year warranty, and overall satisfaction. I will drive this Honda again for the next 5 or more years. I am one very happy woman!

I appreciate all the hard work, Mike and Lloyd and your whole team! I am very happy with the outcome, thank you for all your hard work and your passion for what you do. I cannot thank you guys enough ����

Everyone, check them out!
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Garry Sanon Jr.
· September 21, 2017
IDesigns is the only shop that was willing to work on my car while every other shop was saying my car was a total loss..with the price Michael thru at me I couldn't miss that up..i appreciate him for ...working with me on my budget and the guys doing the work they love for me and my car..i don't know wat everybody else talking bout..dont have the money for wat you need done then don't complain bout nothing..him and the guys he has love what they do and the quality of the work they take they've done been in car shows and they winning haters gonna hate but IDesigns is my new bodyshop..i recommended EVERYBODY to go over there..they got big things coming 2018..thanks Mike for hookin me up and lookin out for me bro See More
Sean Bentley
· January 14, 2018
This company is a scam and terribly unprofessional. I brought my car in to have a wide body kit installed and painted on 8/30/17. From there up until about 12/13/17 my car was never worked on. All of parts were still completely wrapped up in the original wrapping untouched. During this time I was also lied to on multiple occasions that they were actually working on my car or have it completed by this or that date. I even tried following up every 2 days to make sure some sort of work was being done, but again I was lied to. One time when I went down there to grab some things out of my car I saw them working on cars that came in way after mine even though I paid them in full to have the “front of the line treatment.” Of course I became frustrated, so when they gave me the option to either have them finish my car by the 12/31/17 or get my full refund, I obviously took the refund. I had them sign a contract stating they would refund my $3,050 with a 30 day period which is 1/13/17. There has been absolutely no communication from them and they are avoiding me completely so they don’t have to pay me out. Now, I have to waste my time and resources into taking them to court to get a refund I already have a signed contract for. DO NOT TRUST THIS SHOP OR FALL FOR THEIR LIES. They performed absolutely no services within the 3-4 months of having my car and stole $3,050 from me. See More
Jeremy Popp
· September 26, 2017
Love this shop took very good care of my when I got rear ended in my 2001 is300 also took care of me and repainted my whole front end while it was at the shop I highly recommend them
Anthony Bun
· July 25, 2016
You get what you pay for! This place is a sorry excuse for a bodyshop, they had my S2000 for 3 MONTHS! The owner here Michael Pelagio picks & chooses the cars they work on. (they mostly do insurance ..."vandalism" claims by the looks of it) I was given a time frame of 1 month total for a color change. I dropped my car off on 4/12/16, (cash paying customer) They stop ALL communication once you put down a $100 deposit. I was finally updated on 5/18/16 that my car has been dismantled to be "prepped" for paint. (1 month later) this is after I was constantly being ignored via text, phone calls, emails & facebook message. 6/13/16 1 month later I receive a message my car will be ready to be picked up in 1 week on a saturday, on the day of pickup I get all my call/messages ignored again. At this point I already know my car has not yet been worked on, I see pictures on facebook of the shop working on other cars while my car is still in the background unpainted. The owner tells me he lost some employess and is bottlenecked & requested a bit more time. I originally asked if he would be able to widen my front fenders and install some rear flares. They are so incompetent they did not know how to work the rear flares. I finally just told them no to do any additional custom work & just get the car painted & get it out of there. They rushed my car & painted it within 3 days, I finally picked up the car on 7/15/16 (3 months) nothing was aligned properly like I was promised & they even lost my front license plate! I am not satisfied at all, the shop owner of course was not there & did not show his face the day I picked up the car, it looks like he had his friend release the car to me. In the future I would just go to a real shop and avoid these ghetto small businesses. Never again. I should have read up this guy on yelp and see that all the reviews are just friends that have not done any real work here at this establishment. Unbelievable this guy must not know how a business works, as a business owner myself I would never ignore my money paying customers. Without the customer there is no business. I am sure the owner will read this, keep screwing people over and you will face the consequences. I will make sure I let everyone know about how I truly felt about this transaction even at all car meets/ events/ social media & how crappy my paint job came out to be. They used to be called "Import image" at some point, now I know why its been changed to "Idesign". They will probably change their name again at some point. I will soon update with pictures of work. See More
Keanu E. Velazco
· March 3, 2017
I've been through a few body shops, but so far Michael and his crew have been the only ones that have been able and willing to take on my unique project. A majority of the work was custom, dealing wit...h parts that weren't made for the car and parts that didn't fit. I had my doubts letting any shop take care of my boxster due to the difficulty of the project but iDesigns made it work. Thankfully, Michael and Michelle were amazing with feed back. I was given bidaily updates and pictures which definitely put me at ease. Turn around time was much faster than i had anticipated. If you want quality, great communication, and need professional workers, iDesigns is the shop for for you. I just wanted to extend my thanks again to Michael and his crew for the outstanding work. I look foward to my next visit for the custom widebody. Sorry for the headaches!! See More
Matthew Livingston
· September 23, 2017
If you either are looking for a bargain and quick in and out paint job, or if you are looking to go all out custom this is the spot! Michael and his staff are very easy to work with, and deliver on th...eir work! Gotta give credit where credit is due!!! See More
Sunny Suravarapu
· November 11, 2017
I've worked and known Mike for more than 10 years. He worked on my last SEMA magazine car and always gives excellent work. A+++
Rob Smat
· April 1, 2018
Friend got ripped off by these people. Don’t trust em.
Erick Torres
· April 14, 2016
If i can give the 0 stars i would, this company is the most unprofessional place i have ever been to, it took them 4 1/2 months to fix my bumper and do some paint. they put on the wrong bumper and are gaps everywhere, it literally looks like my trunk is open, my bumper also pops out of place near the rear side markers, i have to continuously push it back into place,the paint job is horrible, leaving "fish eyes" and "orange peel" ever where. also the back up camera was put on wrong, i can literally see my license plate. this shop made my 2014 Chevy Camaro 1Le look like crap once i got it back, the only way i was ever able to get an update on my car was through facebook, so unprofessional. The quality of work done by this shop is horrible and I even told by one other the employees that the manager cherry picks the cars that they work on, doing the easier jobs first.
* Do Not bring your car here if you want quality for done by professionals*
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Fareed Backer
· March 18, 2017
My girl went to this shop and highly regrets it. The staff is rude and horrible at responding to questions. Their work isn't even worth the money. I've seen a much better job done at other places. The...y took forever to finish and when she went to pick it up, she was greeted with more bad attitude. Not sure how this guy still has customers. Save yourself the hassle and take your business to someone who deserves it. See More
Geo Josefina
· April 17, 2017
Worst shop ever very cheap work , glue things together when they lose the parts that hold it together on the car Later to fall while driving it( bike rack roof molding ) , break things on the car b...roke my window visors on removal . Lost parts to my car the the window sprayers , also the clips to the roof molding ) thats why they glued them, later to fall off , THEY Dont put thing back together the proper way , (rear window defrost tab conectors ). There paint job is bad , orange peel all over the paint didnt buff the paint at all . They set up appointments with you for exaple tuesday at 430. Your car will be ready so i find a ride to ontario. at 415 you get a call your cars not ready so now u have to find transportation back home. They did that like 2 times to me . Insurance purchased new intercooler and they installed a use one to rip you and insurance off, more money for there shop i guess . ( while they installed intercooler they damaged my ac condensor and was left with no ac. Bumper wasnt fixed or put back properly . Clips missing all over the bumper parts . Very poor work. I would not recommend anyone to go here. !! And the work took about 3 months to do some horrible work . Couldnt even get the job done right ! See More
Mark Dela Rosa
· October 21, 2017
mike, loyd and kiete are awesome , really nailed it!!! i took my 2017 hatchback civic to get spoiler installed , definately coming back for more upcoming project
Jose Alvarado
· March 18, 2017
My girlfriend took her car to this shop and in all honesty wouldn't recommend this shop to anyone. The owner was rude like if she didn't know anything about cars. Good thing she got the car out of before they could rip her off . What a joke See More
Kaan Bellek
· January 31, 2017
Best body shop in the area to being honest, they explain you everything point by point. I'm very picky about my car and the shops that I go but Mike (the owner) convinced me. They always follow up wit...h you and answer your questions. See More
Antonio Jackson
· September 12, 2016
Charge me 2400 for a car they barely did any work one over 8 months and pretended they were working it on while I was traveling. Then Mike got upset and in his feelings because I got tired of his bs'n... me and picked my car up. Now he won't return my money... See More
Mitchelle Ramirez
· October 11, 2016
I couldn't be happier! I finally got my car back!�Thank you to everyone at iDesign Automotive paint & Collison for all the hard work you guys did. My baby looks just like new. If you or anyone you kno...w need their car fixed,painted,wrapped...The guys at iDesign Automotive Paint & Collison are where you need toMichael Pelagioi has you are in great hands! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH...Thank you Lloyd for such great communication and excellent craftsmanship. You have a client for life! See More
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