The latest update, 2.2.4, was released this morning. It fixes a few bugs that affected chore charts and child chore settings. If you enjoy using iEarn please leave a review in iTunes. Thanks for your support.

Our new update 2.2 is live! It adds the ability to assign chores in the Morning, Afternoon and Evening, or Anytime. It also fixes some minor bug issues. Download it today!


There is a critical bug fix out today, version 2.1.01. If you had issues with the last update this should fix it. Download it today!

Our latest update, 2.1.0, is available for download. It includes Watch support and bug fixes. Download it today!

If you like iEarn please consider leaving a review on the App Store. Each review really helps!

2.0.8 is ready for downloading and fixes some minor bugs.
If you like iEarn please consider leaving a review on the App Store. Each review really helps!

2.0.7 is live today and fixes a non-US currency crash issue. Please download soon!

A new version (2.0.6) is out today and includes the ability to email yourself your history file in csv format. Update today!

Version 2.0.5 is out today. It adds syncing and additional device instructions as well as ability to keep your device logged in. Download it today!

Update 2.0.4 is live. It fixes a few bugs so please download it soon.

If you are experiencing a freezing issue check in Family Chore Settings to see if you have an "All or None" chore assigned to a child without any days selected. If so, either unassign this chore or select a day for completion. This should hopefully fix the issue until the next update is released.

There's a new update of iEarn on the App Store that fixes a Dropbox sync crash. Download it now!

There's a new update out today that fixes the missing reports bug. Please update your app so you can have access to these beautiful reports.
Another update was submitted for approval today that hopefully squashes the downloading from Dropbox bug in initial set-up once and for all.

The bug-fix update is live. Please upgrade to the latest version.

iEarn family - There's a pesky bug in the full upgraded version that causes the app to kick out when selecting "Download File" in the initial set-up.

If this prevents the app from relaunching, delete and reinstall on your device and make sure to select the "Initial Set-up" option when prompted. Setting up a Dropbox link can be done once the initial set-up is complete.

An update was submitted to Apple today.

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