DYING. My workouts are not pretty... no point in wearing makeup, it will be all over my face. And yes my kicks need work, these legs are HEAVY. But there is no better feeling than giving it all you’ve got until there is no more gas in the tank. Thanks @jrod84s for pushing me harder every damn day. #keepgoing #keeplearning #workharder #bettertogether #therapy #fitcouple
Hi loves! Late post but Kathy is still putting in work before her 50th bday!! I wanted to share her #workoutwednesday !!! It was a little shorter than usual bc we were squeezing it in between appts. 20 Deep squats 15 single leg RDLs 12-15 hip thrusts (heavy) 20 hip abduction (not in video) 15 Bulgarian split squats 1 min plank hold If you have extra time, throw in another 20 Single leg hip thrust 30-40 Lateral band walks