Happy Birthday to Bridget! Thanks for all you do at Ignite and the babies that toddle in! Your patience, love and cleanliness make our childcare unbeatable! Happy Birthday from your Ignite Family! And especially from me! Your friendship is a blessing! I love you and hope you have a beautiful day! Sincerely, Amy
Booty Camp Mondays @530pm Wednesdays @10am 😜😜😜

We are removing our Tuesday morning 8:30am class from the schedule effective nowwww!

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Real Life Community Church

You’re not alone.
You drive into the parking lot on Sunday, sit there, try to work up whatever it takes for you to walk inside...but for some reason you just’t that week.

For you, just you, we want you to hear three messages:
You’re not alone.
Don’t give up.
God is for you and so are we.

Maybe this Easter (This Sunday, April 1) is your day, and here are three things that WON’T happen if it is.

#1 You won’t be publicly called out in any way. In fact, Easter is the busiest day of the year, so blending in is easy.
#2 The roof won’t fall in. Every one of us has a past. Every one. You’ll find out that instead, God holds things up when people are falling down.
#3 You won’t sit there forever. The service is short, just at an hour. Some songs, a short, relevant talk about the message of Jesus, and we’re done.

We’d be honored by your presence at 8, 9:30 or 11AM.

All the details are at

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