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Notice on your Google Searches that Mobile Search has changed, Infinite scroll etc... So what can you do to stay up front or better catch those who are well complacent about their web presence! #ilovewhatido #mobile -via @Catswhocode

For the first time in internet history, 2016 saw mobile traffic surpass desktop traffic for the first time. Following this, Google announced its intent to implement a mobile-first index which would dictate their search results. Doing so, they argued, would better cater to the overwhelming levels of....

SPAM SCORE, as a marketer we just HATE spam and so does Google. A meaty article by Rand Fishkin over at Moz

Moz's Spam Score metric helps quantify the relative risk of penalization/banning by search engines using a series of correlated flags. This post helps explain where you can find Spam Score, how to use it, and the R&D behind its development.