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Michael Torre
· January 22, 2018
Went here last December 31. 2017 for my Mother's animal bite vaccine. It was covered by a HMO provider but to my surprise, when I checked my SOA online, this hospital charged us with an out-patient bi...ll (4,991.20) where it fact was an ER transaction. The charge for ER maybe reasonable at 7470.25 pesos but the other charge is surely not. Ni wala man lang description kung para saan yung amount na yun and to think na out-patient transaction yung nag appear sa SOA, dapat may corresponding na physician name ang lalabas pero wala, so sa multo nag pa check up yung Mother ko? Really? Ganun kayo kagahaman na porket HMO yung sasagot is aabusuhin niyo? FYI hindi lahat ng HMO covered patients are getting it for free dahil lang sa company na pinag ttrabahuhan nila. It was a salary deduction on my part for may dependents so ayusin niyo yung billing niyo. May this serve as a warning to your future patients na i-check yung bini-bill nitong hospital na to with their HMO, baka magulat kayo nag bill pala ang 50k tong hospital na to for a "ghost consultation" See More
Evelyn Mendoza-Marzan
· October 12, 2017
My daughter is currently confined here since last Sunday night (first time), Oct 8 in a private room. For 2500 room, i'm okay with the space 'coz it's bigger talaga, the room was clean as well as the Good thing you have rug, soap and tissue for welcoming. However, I think the ref is too old for this room, remember we store our food here and it should be really clean. and you should have bottled water for welcoming. 3 star for this.

We've went to ER first, after checked up and so on. The doctor informed us that our baby should be admitted, and I have to go to admitting room to check if you have available room, then the guard (currently on duty near admitting room) informed me that if im using healthcard, I should swipe it first and asked if it's covered. I salute to this guard on duty, since he knew the processed. Unlike the doctor who assisted us, she should informed us next what to do and where to go. Also, yung time ng room in, masyadong matagal, we've waited for almost two hours and I should follow up pa. The room is already available naman. 3 stars for this.

I can give 5 stars with their superb services as of this moment to the Nurse at 3A. They really came to me as soon as I phone called, which was they've treated as an urgent and that's good. They handled my daughter very well. Alam nila if need pang utuin since 1 yr old lang daughter ko. Their nice and friendly at very accommodating. I must say that they gave extra effort to assist us better. However, dapat hindi intern mag re insert ng swero ni baby ko, if it was their training ground, sana wag sa pasyente, then pinalabas pa nila ko ng room. This should be the doctor and I should be beside of my daughter all the time.

I can give 5 stars for the food, 'coz it's yummy naman. They knew na dapat may soup lagi since 1 yr old ang pasyente sa room. The plating and presentation was okay. However, would like to asked if the hot water was mineral, since may after taste sya.

For the housekeeping staff, 11am yesterday wala pang naglinis ng room and cr (oct 12) and I should asked for it pa, also on our first day monday (oct 9) walang naglinis ng cr even though nagsabi ako. You have to clean the room everyday or twice (morning and afternoon). 3 stars for this.

For my daughter's pedia, I can give 5 stars for morning visit to my baby and asking for her conditions.

To the student trainee, 4 stars. You have to get the kiliti first before doing anything for my baby, and while sleeping naman make sure na di magigising.

Additional, you have to give me the time if when mag nebulize si baby para alam kong di pakainin.

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Jen Fontejon
· November 7, 2017
Before when mom was confined and later for her check up/s i can give a 4 out of 5 stars. But now hmmm i dont know because of the Parking incident last Nov. 7, 2017. Before my moms Senior Id were b...eing honored so we can have a free Parking. But the other day the hospital gate guard told us it must be written that my moms id should be from/written Quezon City (her Seniors ID was taken/issued in Pasay City) Eh Should you let the Senior citizen go to the Quezon Cty hall to bother herself of the trouble going there full of people, endless lines, people everywhere, the heat etc. Hindi ba ang Seniors ID eh is a privilage regardless kung saan ka man sa Pilipinas. Kahit kinuha mo pa yan sa Mindanao pde gamitin anywhere else in this case kahit sa Parking pa. Mayroong City ordinance daw na Seniors ID issued from a different City cannot be honored in their hospital. Thats a silly absurd crazy ordinance. Seniors should have many privileges in many/most cases regarldess kung saan pa issued ang ID at kung para saan. See More
Don John
· February 12, 2018
Do NOT use this death trap hospital! Horrible Conditions! The doctors are mostly students and the care for patients is non existent! My father in law died here and in over a week They did many many te...sts and never found a cause. Test results took DAYS to get, even simple blood work and CT scans. This hospital is negligent and trusting them to the care of your loved ones is condemning them to a long painful death! See More
Ned Kelly
· January 24, 2018
1. Most doctors here are coming late with their scheduled clinic service

2. The rate is expensive being a private hospital but the service and the facilities are just the same quality of a public hos...pital

3. My mother (a senior citizen that can't barely walk) who has been patronizing almost all their service due to her sickness is one of the victim of their poor service. Her very recent treatment was with Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Dept. First, Dr Yu, her doctor is always late that we always spent almost 4 hours in the hospital also sold her supplemental med which is according to her is not available in most drugstore (true but there's a new thing called "online shopping" , Amazon, eBay etc) without receipt (to be safe she prescribed it). When the doctor found out about my complaint, she then spoke with my mom and somewhat "scolded" her. Got worried of my mom's care under her could be compromised, I immediately looked for another PT & Rehabilitation Clinic which luckily covered by her HMO and a better service. Better service which was obvious as they uses machine as an alternative for hand massage compared with FEU's regular session that uses regular bike machine, stretching etc which can be done at home but with expensive price every sessions. This hospital and its employee are more focused on profits more than social & professional services.
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Tyrell Joseph Saenz
· January 7, 2018
I just had the worse experience with the following doctors who are on duty today, January 7th, 4PM at the E.R.,specifically the resident neurologist, Radiology Department and Diagnostic Imaging Depart...ment. This is for all 4 of you! ���� You don't deserve to be called doctors if you give your patients the run around and refuse to read a CT Scan!!! UP YOURS Bitches!!! ����
I will never come back to your shitty hospital again!
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Rohn Ponce Nepomuceno Jr.
· January 2, 2018
One of your nurses in Ambulatory Care Section said that I need to get a number and wait, she let me wait for 45 mins. I picked up a number with PWD label on it because I'm a PWD. While I'm waiting, th...ere are new patients came in and just bypass of getting any number and that nurse let those patients to register and I was there left and she still not calling my number after few moments she called me asked me "ikaw ba yung pasyente" and when I presented my number she said with sarcastic tone "bakit pwd kinuha mo? Pwd ka ba." then I presented my pwd ID and then she asked if I already have a record there, I said yes and after she told me that the clinic for gastro is at 11am and I came in at 8am. Bloody hell! You have a rude nurse and you guys wasted our time. Why they did not tell the info to me right away or even ask when I came in. Is that nurse not cathering people who look like gusgusin because I was wearing slippers and shorts and a simple shirt that time. See More
Win Ed Lym
· March 5, 2018
The building is like a maze and the people on its information booth and even the security guards were not trained at all some of them don't even know where the eye center is or where to get the lab re...sults of the eye exam. I went here with my mother refered by medicard and we're so tired going up and down asking all sorts of people just to get directions. If I will get sick I wish not to be confined here. See More
Pamela Langford
· February 8, 2018
FEU NRMF. Don't ever bring your love ones here! It is a trap! They overcharge, they will make you pay for every little thing they use on their patients, their medicines are 3x more expensive and most ...of the stuff (nurses and resident Drs) are interns or students, they know nothing! It is a learning hospital, meaning to say they will do unnecessary tests to the patients like a guinea pig just to practice and make you pay for it. My father spent a week in semi-private room, getting many tests and they never found out what was wrong. Nurses at the day time at nursing station 3C were rude, we called for help when my father needed urgent care but it took them 30 mins to respond and now my father is gone! They won't release the death Certificate unless you paid their overly charged bill! Stay away from FEU death trap!!! Worst Private Hospital! See More
Tierrauoella Einel
· September 28, 2017
currently confined here. could have been good with superb service of nurses though they seems like still intern but still they able to give really good service and really nice doctors. I could have it 5star if only not because of the noise. it's so noisy, the construction or whatever it is keeps on going even at middle of the night. you can hear the hammer and drill that I pity those who have really bad condition and have to endure this kind of noise. I'm in the third floor near parking building. just too noisy, super noisy I wonder why they are allowed to work at this hour of night...just so loud. for a hospital, I'm not sure why they letting this happen. really bad. See More
Josh Gumayagay
· October 11, 2017
I was supposed to be on a Direct Admission as I have already a referral from Pulmonologists. I went directly from the admitting office but the admitting office directed me still to the ER stating they... need a DX but the DX was already on the referral. Funny but I followed the instruction. To my surprise 99% of the people in the ER was interns. They took my details, vitals everything. I already told them I am for admission. It seems likw they did not understand my situation. They asked me to wait at the waiting area. After waiting for so long someone approached me I thought she was a licenced Dr. "Sir bakit po ano po nangyari (while holding the referral from my pulmonologist). I replied "For Admission nako. Nahihirapan nako huminga kasi (trying to be patient)" and the lady asked again "bakit daw po?" That was the time that I almost freaked out. I was expecting a more sensible questions but considering that I know she can read and write and she should have read what was noted on the refferal that she is holding. I then ask if she was a licenced dr or she is an intern and she said she is. Then I ask fir a legit Dr. The Dr then did the necessary thing to do. Tests was requested to my dismay another med tech intern was assigned to me and I was shouting in pain because he doesnt know what he is doing when my blood was extracred. Ginawang dart board ang braso ko!! Come this HMO people tried to swipe my card and cancelled the trx. Pati card ko pinagpraktisan! Why? Because my card is microchipped protected and any trx made, i will have access through sms. Now come this DR INTERN who approached me unethically again while I am being nebulized and asked ang i quote " Sir nakita nanamin yung result ng XRay nyo ampanget, wilking ba kayo mag pa admit?" It really pissed me off considering that I was supposed to be on a direct admission and I was asked like that. 10pm 10-10 when I entered the hosp, 4am 10-11 when I finnaly got a room! What an experienced!!! Not a good experience for some one who is sick!

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Abbet Soriano
· November 2, 2017
Went to ER yesterday for an acute tonsilitis at about 8pm... it was ok. I asked the guard at ER entrance and directed me to the right place.. it was quite chaotic with alot of med personnel going to a...nd fro (maybe its an ER thing)... i sat at a table with printed note: ER Fee - P800. (Its ok coz if it bothers me i should have gone to East Avenue or anywhere public ���) then the very first lady who spoke to me said: May ER fee po na P800.. Me: i dont mind. So i was given a paper for my personal infos but somebody helped since i left my specs at home.Then, i was directed to another young lady (probably a young doctor) who brought me to a room with curtains and directed me to sit on a bed (too short for a bed and it is also too high! ���) shes very pleasant and polite and continue on with her questions and had me open my mouth to have it checked... since the bed was too high she stood in a small elevated thing attached to the bed.. (ofcourse to reach the patient but it was quite uncomfortable for me and her.) She nearly fell down since the thing attached to the bed doesnt pull all the way out (kaya very limited movement si ate parang doll na nkapatong sa dalawang dangkal na stage. I tried helping her out with dillemna by pulling the thing out but unfortunately it was really attached to the bed�) i also asked her to move the direction of the aircontioning unit on a blower mode away from me coz im quite feverish.. (pero parang sira yata kya she turned it off nlang.) Then i was asked to move again to a normal chair and she said shell call the resident doctor... a young man came who is also pleasant asked me the same question like the first lady checking the same things (its stilll ok) � then, a chubby lady doctor probly their senior came also asking the same questions and checking the same things ( a thought came to my mind arent they supposed to read initial questions i answered awhile ago? Parang paulit ulit lang.. Wla lang its just a thought ���) Anyways , the ER experience with EENT peeps are quite pleasant. THANK YOU'S! ����� See More
Geoff Fernando
· December 14, 2017
This hospital is kinda expensive but the services are worth it :) i love the nurses and staff who really take care of my grandpa even i left my patient. they will take care of him.
Eunice Factor
· December 11, 2017
However, how come patient with disability (PWD) who is a wheelchair not allowèd to use PWD PARKING SPACE just bècause we are riding à tricycle. It's an accessible tricycle not a for public use?! Sècur...ity Guard wont allow us to park èven it's empty?!!! Twice yesteŕday and today. We have to wheel all the way at back of your motorcycle parking space and pass walking pushing me up again to the hospital entrance. Isnt it the Law says near the entrance for PARKING SLOT OF PWDs? Batas Pambansa bilang 344. ������� I hope next time i visit this hospital i will not experience the same apathetic situation. See More
Maricar Miralles
· September 15, 2017
Discharged order of my son was received by the billing personnel at 9:38am and as of the moment I am still waiting to settle whatever it is that I need pay. Their excuse was "madami nakapila" and for ...computation pa ng Philhealth, I know that the Philhealth deduction is NOT manually computed and a system is in place to expedite the process. The required Philhealth documents were submitted few days ago. I don't know why would it take more than an hour just to compute when everything is already computerized. See More
Nagar Shaktu
· October 6, 2017
This is good hospital especially our doctors. They are some actually in different field

But now, we're currently confined for my kid's treatment to SVI- systemic viral illness and dehydratiion. Her p...edia Dra. Aguinaldo is one of great doctor here. Nurses and other staff are kind and accomodating.

Only. I would ti call the attention in your utility services... we're at third day now and only once have clean the CR. Also, the one whose cleaning our room is just mopibg the flior and not using broom. So ome dust and dirts still retian on the floor. We're at room 348 admitted Oct 4 up to now. Hope this will be address soon.

Thanks and more power
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Paolo Galeon
· September 23, 2017
Thank you FEU-NRMF Medicine! Thank you to the faculty teachers in Anatomy, Biochem, Physiology, Microbiology and Parasitology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physical Diagnosis, Family Medicine, Pediatrics,... OBGyne, Medicine, Surgery. Thank you for teaching us the values of determination, perseverance, self-reliance, and camaraderie.

I believe that our training here in FEU-NRMF has not only equipped us sufficiently for the board exam but also in being a well-rounded, compassionate, hard-working and humble licensed physicians beyond passing the board exam.

Thank you for bringing out the best in us. More power! Ad astra per aspera!
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Angelie Tan
· September 3, 2017
I was there yesterday with my son Rafael for his check- up It's not my first time but First time to try Pedia service, Staff are very friendly and approachable Specialy Doc.Christian Caligagan Thank y...ou for taking good care of my son his totally well now Kudos to your good customer service keep it up God bless. See More
Claudette Lucasan-Canta
· January 11, 2018
For the second time around, I experienced again the poor ER service of this hospital! Worst private hospital ever! At first, akala ko nagkataon lang, pero this time, wala talaga! #WasteofTime
Eddie Bartolata
· July 26, 2017
Although facilities like old however renovation it seems on going. Thank you for taking care my wife who underwent surgery yesterday thanks esp Dr. Ruth de Jesus your kindness and well-explained condi...tion of my wife very much appreciated, likewise thanks to OR staff very accommodating, nurses and staff at 6th floor wherein my wife is confined (room 607) are also appreciated your care.
Admitting staff and your security guards are so nice and very very accommodating too. Room is clean

We may stay til sunday July 30 and we are hoping you continue your best in serving people who requires health care. Maraming salamat po!
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