The Portucel Soporcel group is now The Navigator Company.

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Inacopia wishes you 12 month of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days success, 8760 hours good health, 52600 minutes of joy and 3153600 seconds to fulfill all your dreams!



Evolution also applies to paper. Discover how!

Traditional recycled paper is often regarded as having poor quality, being too dark and not adding any value to communication. Following extensive product and consumer research, Inacopia Fusion was developed, creating a new vision for office papers.

If you are wondering why should you choose this paper and not any other, we will make this decision easy for you.


By using Inacópia Office Paper 75 g/m2 you are:










Make the smart choice! :-)


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Why is it a Smart Approach for me to choose Inacopia Office 75 g/m2?


We will give you 4 reasons for that:



Because Inacopia Office 75 g/m2 assures me a high level of quality while contributing to the sustainability of the European forestry, which in its turn, has a stabilizing effect on the climate storing CO2 and releasing Oxygen.


Because 80% of energy used to produce Inacopia 75 g/m2 comes from renewable energy sources.


Because the raw materials and the technology used in the production of Inacopia 75 g/m2 result in more reams compared to a standard 80 g/m2 office paper, using fewer natural resources, promoting a sustainable consumption.


Because it is a PEFC certified product, an international certification that aims to assure that the world’s forests are managed sustainably and that their functions are protected for present and future generations.


Currently, the Portucel Soporcel Group manages its forests in a sustainable way and takes care of both their conservation and biodiversity through a partnership with WWF (WorlWide Fund for Nature).


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Inacopia has rewarded its loyal users with great trips. In February we had the first French winner with a trip for 2 to the Greek Islands, a collaborator of the current biggest Inacopia customer: the SNCF, the French railroad company, and it was with great joy that he received the news.


In March we had a Portuguese winner that won a trip for 2 to C...osta Rica. Curiously, this winner works in a company also linked to the railway industry. The winners of April and May were also Portuguese, making Portugal the country with the higher number of winners during all the promotion period.


France and Portugal contributed with more than 60% of the total participations.Inacopia Paper has more offers for you.


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To reach perfection in printing quality and colour definition, Inacopia Elite Colour Extreme is the right choice.To be used in the most demanding applications, such as business cards, leaflets or even mailings, this paper has unmatched whiteness and thickness.

Inacopia Elite Colour Extreme will give your communication a new impact.


Visite our websi...te at

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Inacopia paper shared their note.

The best quality paper was developed to exceed all requirements in print quality. With Inacopia Elite Colour Extreme you will obtain the best results in terms of colour sharpness and contrast. With the highest whiteness and opacity, colours never looked so good as when printed on this paper.

If you want true and vivid colours in your high quality documents, then Inacopia Elite Colour Plus is your paper.

With outstanding whiteness and opacity levels, this paper will allow you to obtain optimal colour contrast and sharp images, maximizing the impact of your documents.

Inacopia Colour paper is suitable for all documents that require high level of quality. With excellent whiteness and opacity, Inacopia Elite Colour gives you excellent quality prints, especially when colour is used.

So, if you want to obtain even better results, guaranteeing an effective communication with the reader, Inacopia Elite Colour is the right choise for you.

With an option adequate to your different needs, Inacopia has several products. Inacopia Elite is ideal for demanding office document applications. With this paper you will get perfect results.
Whichever equipment you use, Inacopia Elite gives you total freedom to print, copy en fax any kind of document.

It’s high opacity and thickness make it ideal for double side use with no show-through. Visit our website at

The winner of March edition of Inacopia Colourful World campaign was the portuguese participant João Vieira.
João Vieira will enjoy a delightful trip to the exotic Costa Rica.

Costa Rica majestically extends its territory from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. It’s an attractive destination, with a great variety of landscapes: rainforests, volcanoes, rivers traveling through the mountains, beaches and natural national parks and forest reserves. All the vivid colors you can imagine!

You want to win a trip to a colorful exotic place? Get a valid ream code and participate in Inacopia Colourful World campaign. Visit our website and learn more about this promotion Today is your last opportunity to participate in this campaign!

The Maldives was largely unknown for tourists until the early 1970s, but the magnificence of nature of this country couldn’t be unknown for so long. The beauty unfolds before your eyes.

Sunshine embracing the green little patches enclosed by pure white and surrounded by glistening blues, viewed from above truly takes your breath away. A vision so un...ique that you can't help but wonder if it is real.

Visit this paradise with Inacopia paper. Visit our web site, participate in Inacopia Colourful World campaign.

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White sandy beaches sparkling in the sun alongside crystal clear lagoons would be an idyllic place to spend a perfect holiday. Although this is true in most aspects, the fragility of this environment is gaining much attention within national and international levels. The fragile marine and terrestrial environment including the reefs and bio-diversi...ty would be greatly affected unless careful management of the environment is done.

You may acknowledge this careful management of the environment. Inacopia Elite paper will take there!

Just get a valid ream code and participate in Inacopia Colourful World campaign. Visit our website and learn more about this promotion

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A string of pearls scattered over the deep blue Indian Ocean. This is the first glimpse you get of Maldives. This fascinating atoll has the most beautiful tropical islands. With over a thousand islands spread for more than 26 atolls, ringlike coral formations enclosing a lagoon, the Maldives have a unique paradise-like appearance.

Until the end of M...ay, Inacopia Elite paper offers you the chance to travel to this paradise. Visit our website, take part in the Inacopia's Colourful World campaign.

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