Narrative Therapy Workshop opp in NYC

May 19, 2017 - May 20, 201740 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002-5208, United States

Join the editors of In Context Journal and the Columbia Oral History Student Association for a night of brainstorming, collaborating, snacks, and libations. Bring your ideas in the form of a “pitch.” What’s the big picture? What’s your medium? What makes your idea special? In Context Journal will help you hone your idea and possibly prepare it for submission to a future issue.

Passion projects, field notes, photos, or academic papers–––all mediums welcome.

Early-stage pitches... welcome too!

For an idea of what we’ve published, check out our first issue, QUESTIONS.
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One of our co-founders wrote about #OralHistory #Intergenerational #Exchange at the 2016 Oral History Association Meeting for the Columbia University Oral History Masters Program blog. Check it out!

In this post, OHMA alumna Cindy Choung (2009), recipient of our first OHMA Alumni Conference Travel Grant, writes on dialogue and difference among oral history practitioners at the 2016 Oral History Association Meeting. She offers thoughts on creating space for connection and reflection between oral...

A gift of an interview. A barter within a community. A shift in power. “Exchange”—the theme of In Context Journal’s second issue—can mean many things. We want to know what it means to you. How do you exchange? Why do you exchange? What types of exchange do you engage in or witness in your work? What exchanges have had meaning for you? What exchanges have you found unjust? How do you protest exchange? We encourage our contributors to not only think outside the box, but its dimensions, shape, and boundaries. We invite you to submit any type of visual, audio, and textual works that resonate with the mission of In Context Journal.

Submissions Guidelines
Submissions can be of any medium, length, and/or file size; however, if you plan to send us a file larger than 25MB, please email us with a project description first. In Context Journal particularly encourages the exploration of innovative angles of consideration and reflection. We also accept submissions that have been published previously, as well as compelling works in progress. In acknowledgment of the best ethical practices in oral history, please submit content only if appropriate permissions for your sources have been obtained. Currently, we do not offer compensation for publication. Send submissions to by December 1, 2016.

Have an idea for a piece you’d like to submit that’s outside our current theme?
Send us your pitch. Please share your idea in a paragraph or two, explaining the content, medium (text, image, video, sound, etc), and oral historical themes you aim to touch on in the final work. If your piece requires access to a particular person, archive, or event, please explain how such access will be possible. Estimations of word count and/or duration of media greatly assist us in our planning.

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Nov 18, 2016 - Dec 1, 2016
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Our hearts are heavy but our vision is clear: listening is a critically important act. In Leyla Vural's exploration of Jill Stauffer's "Ethical Loneliness," we identify and face our limits:

"If a narrator is to be able to tell her story on her own terms, the interviewer has to 'make an effort to create a setting where people can draw their own lines and make their own decisions about it. If we don’t begin at a minimum with this, the project of what Stauffer calls 'just hearing' is doomed. Stauffer means 'just' in both senses: simply listening and giving a fair hearing to. But as she illustrates, there’s nothing simple about the act of listening."

Read more:

Reading in Berlin: Thoughts on Jill Stauffer’s Ethical Loneliness by Leyla Vural Issue #1 Stumbling stones remembering five homeless men who were sent to their death at Sachsenhausen were installed near Berlin’s World Clock in April. Image provided by author The TV Tower at Alexanderplatz dominates…

Some listening for your Friday!

"There are some challenges faced by everyday people who live in New Orleans that were not addressed...." The latest episode of The Listening Post, hosted by In Context Journal contributor Jesse Hardman, airs on WWNO, and brings in voices of New Orleans community members on development projects around the city - listen here:…/lpdevelopment110216

The Listening Post is "a project that creates an expansive c...onversation around New Orleans about what’s happening in the city, and how that news impacts citizens. The project focuses on marginalized communities that are often spoken for by the media, without an opportunity to represent themselves."

Read Jesse's piece, "Planting Questions in New Orleans," at the link.…/

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Planting Questions in New Orleans by Jesse Hardman Issue #1 Image provided by author Three years ago I moved to New Orleans because of a question. I was sitting having a beer with a local news director who had just been tasked with creating a new news department, but didn’t have funding for any staf...

Happy Friday from ICJ! Here's some viewing for your weekend - an experimental film from Jacob J. Podber, whom we had the great pleasure of meeting at the Oral History Association annual meeting last week.

"Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland, is grounded in the oral history testimony of a Holocaust survivor and has been deconstructed by the interviewee’s son. Unlike most oral histories that focus on the words of the interviewee, Vishneva uses silent images from the interview superimposed with typed memories that describe the unspoken pain borne by father and son through more than half a century."…/

Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland by Jacob J. Podber Issue #1 Still from Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland Statement from the artist Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland, is grounded in the oral history testimony of a Holocaust survivor and has been deconstructed by the interviewee’s son. U...
In Context Journal is with Nicki Pombier Berger at Renaissance Long Beach Hotel.

We're all here! Repping ICJ at OHA!

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Michael Frisch ("Sharing authority since 1966") visits us at OHA and shares ideas for future collaborations. 😍

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The Liz / Elizabeth contributors to Issue 1 meet at OHA!

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"Our origin story starts with a gripe ...."

Letter from the Editors: Questions by Editors Image from The Boston Cooking School magazine of culinary science and domestic economics, 1896 Dear Readers, Typically, the Editor’s Letter of a publication’s inaugural issue tells how the publication came to be. An idea sparked lying awake late at night...

Hey oral history folks! If you'll be at the OHA in Long Beach this week, come toast the launch of In Context Journal on Friday evening at a happy hour with Columbia University Oral History Masters Program and Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change! We'll see you there!

Fri 7:00 PM PDTRock Bottom Brewery Long BeachCosta Mesa, CA
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Come celebrate the launch of In Context Journal! We'll be joining the Columbia University Oral History Master of Arts (OHMA) and Groundswell happy hour at Rock Bottom Brewery. Come raise a glass with us!

Fri 7:00 PM PDTRock Bottom Brewery Long BeachCosta Mesa, CA
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Our first issue is here! Issue 1, Questions, has something for everyone: a short experimental film, a song, a painted portrait, an audio documentary, an excerpt from a graphic memoir, and thoughtful essays and reviews. United by our inaugural theme, each contribution explores how openness and experimentation propel and shape our work as documentarians, journalists, activists, oral historians, scholars, and artists. Thank you to our thoughtful, creative and intrepid contributors for their work, and to you, our audience, for reading, listening, watching, and sharing.

Dear Readers, Typically, the Editor’s Letter of a publication’s inaugural issue tells how the publication came to be.